The God Complex

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The God Complex

Post by MorbiusMonster on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:36 pm

I have often wondered, just how much do the Gods interfere with a hero's fate or their destiny? Do some characters in RuneScape gain the notoriety of the Gods such that their course is changed so for that God's purposes?

Take Zanik for example; she was chosen by Bandos to lead the goblins to victory over the world. Although she helped defeat the avatar, I still believe she led the goblins to victory; victory against a being that would rather see them dead and against a violent cult to prove they aren't the monsters.

Do you reckon others have this kind of "God Complex"? Where their paths have been shaped by some divine intervention?

As far as we know, here's who might be affected.

Zanik - path shaped by Bandos (see above)
The Wise Old Man - path shaped by Saradomin, how else could he wield such power in Saradomin's name?
Kara Mier - It is mentioned in Legacy of Blood that Guthix touched her with his hammer and that she is the stuff of legend, first prompting me to theories of a god complex.

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