Half written story entry...

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Half written story entry...

Post by 3mptylord on Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:14 am

So I had an outburst in the chatbox, and I improved like 200 words.

Anyone wanna finish it? I've already entered, not that I can think of anywhere to go with it.


Bob was a large, tomato of a man whose arms and legs were mere growths from his bulbous body. He was waddling awkwardly, like a crab attempting to master forward velocity, towards the humongous rock formations.

Mistaking them for giant mushrooms in the arid heat, the chubby man gawped his toothless mug around as much of the rock as he could - which amounted to about the same distance as someone trying to clench his gut with a single hand.

There was a dinny drone from the eddying sands in the distance, and two impossible creatures hummed towards him. Not impossible as in unbelievable - but to the same impossibility that could be an aero-technician’s report on the humble bumblebee.

Still gumming on the fossilized fungus, Bob tried to remain blissfully ignorant. But ignorance is a bliss only those who are truly ignorant can enjoy, and no matter how he might his aural and visual synapses were in overdrive relaying information to his fat-pickled brain.

The creatures settled in the dust behind him like a helicopter landing on sand, and two hardy figures clambered down from behind the megainsect’s thorax – further complying with their already unaerodynamic schematics.

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