Random spirits...

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Re: Random spirits...

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:38 am

First topic message reminder :

I know what would be fun. Being able to tame a Youkai and have it follow you around as a pet.

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Re: Random spirits...

Post by Ruy112 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:02 am

Everything is copied nowadays, that is what writer's do, they steal from each other and use it in new ways, that they find better than the original.

And Morb, you're wolves are not that original sorry, they are werewolves mixed with parts from other places, most of it has most likely been done before somehow. You've just added the same ingredients in a new way.


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Re: Random spirits...

Post by 3mptylord on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:43 am

Ruy112 wrote:You've just added the same ingredients in a new way.

That's what I was trying to say! Grin

If all good things come to an end then we're living in a world where evil wins. 

If there once was love then maybe something survived. If we find a single diamond in the rough then it's worth it. Through a thousand tears if there's one drop of love then it's worth it. 

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Re: Random spirits...

Post by Zectiox on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:30 pm

its great ideas though!

what about making some mythogies? like hydras from the greeks.. or should we find something NEW and not used before

in my project, Zamoraks "Dark Magicians" have to get some crystals from a crystal mine that are protected by spirits.. blue, red, green, dark and crystal spirits.

the spirits are mainly a human or monster top-body and head with floating nails surrounding the head. and on the buttom-body it would like blur shade and mist. So it would be like a ghost with armor, some flesh and blood.. if you know what I mean Tongue

A part from the Badges expansion!


The Mage Guild - Seated in Gielinor Valhalla. One HQ for every nation. And every nation's mage guild is focusing on different tasks, quests, missions.


The dark mage guild - Zamorakian Mage guild. Founded by one of the magicians of Zaros. The guild has one leading NPC, the Head master. Four senior mages, one on every element. Eight Senior mentors, two for every element. Including some apprentice npc's (so that the player will not feel alone as a apprentice). And of cource a NPC that works as a reqruiter. This is the one to talk to at the beginning!

To join the dark mage guild. A Zamorakian follower need to enter the guild and talk to the Reqruiter named Merius. He will tell you about the basic of the dark mage guild. To be able to join the dark mage guild you must do 4 tests. If succeeded you will be granted the Dark mage guild badge. And the new title as "Dark Magician Apprentice".

the first test is to gather 10 Dark Cold Crystals from the northeast mine in Mórthand. The crystals will be protected by a lvl 45 Dark spirit and a lvl 50 Crystal Spirit. Theese are formed like a ghost, only with flesh and cold blood. With spikes floating on their head and with either a axe or sword in their, more shadowlike, hands. The dark spirit are more darker than the other "spirits" and the Crystal spirit is as bright as the sunlight.
When completed gathered 10 Dark Cold Crystals return to Merius. And he will be suprised and ask if you want to begin the second task?

The second task is to get the Savage Necklace of Gore from the high templar Seraphim. A lvl 124 warlord that is warped in a mystical steem. Seraphim is located at the top of the mountain Orseranth in the shrine of Seraphim. Seraphim is a melee type so try to bring ranger or magic against him to try to defeat him. When he is defeated he will drop 'Seraphim' bones and the Savage Necklace of Gore. Bring the necklace to Merius and prepare to go for the third task.

The Third task is to find the lost dark magician Artan who disappear during the war between Saradomians and Zamorakians during the second age. Artan had a Warped Magic Pike, which was extremly effective during the war, but never used. Artan disappeared with it and on that moment the Pike was lost. The Dark Mage Guild as found a fragment of the Warped Magic Pike but that is only one out of eight. Merius wants you to find it for the Guild.
So the task is to find the seven fragments of the Warped Magic Pike. Legends says that the pike was destoryed by Artan and eight fragments of it was hidden on eight spots on in Mórthand. One fragment can be found on the mountain Orseranth, where you defeated Seraphim. The fragment will be found somewhere around the shrine. Another fragment can be found if digging near the northern coast, near the lighthouse. The third fragment can be found in a chest (locked) in Dolchim. The fourth can be found by mining the Samarskite ore in the southern mine of Dolchim (only during this task). The fifth can be found by killing the Dark Spirit (at the same place as during the first task). The sixt can be found by trying to trade with one of the merchants in Durvaethor for an amount of Orn Hrekim, The seventh and the last fragment can be found laying on the ground on the west coast.
NOTE! You dont need to take theese fragments in this row, you may take the sevent before the second and so on. When finished collecting fragments go back to talk to Merius, who is most pleased to see the seven fragments of the Warped Magic Pike.

For the fourth and the last task, Merius want you to find the remains of Artan, and bring back the robe of darkness. The robe of darkness is looking like the H.A.M outfit, only that instead of purple its Dark red and it has a white glowing light around the feet and arms when worn. (You will recieve a copy of the Robe of Darkness from Merius when finsihed the last task). Artan was last seen in the battlefield of Carcan [pronounced Cargan]. Carcan was a fortress which was under siege during the battle. Today nothing is left of Carcan than only a ruin of the northern tower. Also called "The tower of Carcan". Here you may find the remains of Artan or any clues of where you may find him elsewhere. In the are of the ruin of Carcan, is the dark Minion. A little bone warrior with sword and shield. It is said that theese Minions are the spirit of Carcan, and the remains of the fortress. There are three different minions. first there is Minions at level 24, wielding a sword and usually a shield. Then there are the Minion knights at level 67, wielding a armor of rusty steel, a steel sword and a mithril kitshield (yes usual runescape armory). The third minon is the Mage Minions at level 125. A minion which is having a red or green robe, a fire battlestaff and cast fire spells on you if you are to close.

The remains of Artan can be found in the tower of Carcan. Simple entering it and search for it by the ruins and you will find the robe of darkness. Get moving back to Merius and he will grant you with the badge of the Dark Mage Guild. And you are now titled as the "Dark Magician Apprentice". As a Apprentice of the Dark Mage Guild, you could be granted a special task each week, with diffrent rewards, such as small EXP lamps or rare Lanthan items. To rise in rank, you need to some more tasks, then you are titled as the Dark Magician. Then you may choose of two different ranks, The Dark Sorcerer or the Dark Warlock. It is a difference between theese two. The Dark Sorcerer will go on with mighty dark spells to sen destructive chaos to the opponent. While the Dark warlock will do both spelling and close combat. (YES this is difficult to understand, but it is wonderful to write down)

The names of the Dark Mage Guild NPCs and their special dark robes. Everyone has a dark robe, the head master is having a Orange stripes and orange Zamorakian symbol on the chest (Zsymbol). The Senior Mages have the Elemental color incl. the dark robe. The mentors have only dark robes but the elemental color on the hood

the head master - Achurne - Dark/Black Robe, With a orange Zamorakian symbol on the chest. and Orange stripes on the hood.

Four senior mages, one on every element.
Fire - Fechim, Dark Robe, red Zsymbol, red Stripes on the hood.
Air - Athran, Dark Robe, white Zsymbol, White stripes on the hood
Water - Waromith, Dark Robe, Blue Zsymbol, White stripes on the hood.
Earth - Echati, Dark Robe, Brown Zsymbol, Brown Stripes on the hood.

Eight Senior mentors, two for every element.
(Male = M, Female = F)

Fire - (M) Galed - red hood
Fire - (F) Macloda - red hood
Air - (M) Thic - white hood
Air - (F) Matur - white hood
Water - (F) Larina - blue hood
Water - (M) Pericus - blue hood
Earth - (F) Jillenn - brown hood
Earth - (M) Sernus - brown hood

apprentice npc's


I have a image of all these guild members that I may want to upload sooner or later Tongue

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Re: Random spirits...

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