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How should the "Nth Chance" levels be laid out? (see thread for details)

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Post by MorbiusMonster on Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:35 pm

Whilst coming up with ideas for levels, it came to my attention that the level arrangement is going to be the biggest decision that needs to be made. This time round, the crystals, gems and relics are reinstated as collectable items; because said items have the power to either repair the damage caused by the Nth Chancer machine or used by evil to increase its power.

Here are some of the ideas I came up with;

Warped Arrangement - In this arrangement, a selection of levels in a certain hub world can be accessed by choosing a certain button. The levels are all themed differently with some warp rooms featuring harder or easier counterparts of certain levels. Once all the levels offered in the warp room have been passed (in any order), the player will be prompted to fight a boss. Once defeated, the warp room will be restored to its original arrangement, with a sixth button if the player wishes to challenge the boss to a rematch.
  • Crystals are rewarded within level.
  • Clear Gems are rewarded by finding all of a certain item or taking an alternative route.
  • Rarer coloured gems are awarded by taking an alternate route that is unlocked through progress in the game or by not taking a certain amount of damage up to a certain point.
  • Relics are awarded by completing a time trial that is unlocked after the initial run. If the player completes the level in a certain time, they are awarded a different colour relic.

Titans Arrangement - In this design, the levels are designed similarly to that of Crash of the Titans. Levels are arranged as lengthy chapters which eventually lead to a boss after a certain point. In Crash of the Titans, players were awarded a coloured idol depending on the number of minions defeated, combos achieved and finding hidden objects, with bronze being the most basic to gold being the best. Completing a mojo room challenge would earn a player a blue voodoo doll, whilst a red one was hidden within the level. Levels could be returned to through the menu, but must be completed in order.
  • Crystals would be awarded by completing a level.
  • Clear gems would be awarded in the same way the idols were awarded, the gem being awarded for defeating a certain number of minions, reaching a certain combo and for destroying the hidden object. Other clear gems would be awarded through taking alternate routes that may be opened by coloured gems.
  • Coloured gems would be awarded like red voodoo dolls; they are hidden in a level and can be obtained by taking an alternative route in finding them.
  • Relics would replace the blue voodoo dolls by being prizes in bonus rooms. If a challenge is completed in the time limit, a sapphire relic is awarded. If the challenge is completed is lesser amounts of time, gold or platinum relics are awarded.

A New Beginning Arrangement - This arrangement is designed so that there is one themed level for every boss. The player solves puzzles across the journey till they reach the boss and defeat them. Items are scattered across the level randomly and have to be found.
  • Crystals are found after completing a level and defeating a boss.
  • Gems are scattered across levels found through puzzles. Clear gems would be easiest to find, coloured gems come with an additional bonus.
  • Relics are awarded for completing the level in a certain amount of time or completing puzzles in a certain amount of time. The colouration is dependent on the performance.

Unleashed arrangement - In this alternate arrangement of the game, the hub world is arranged slightly differently. In one section of the hub world, the player can interact with NPCs who may offer clues or help with the development of the story. In some cases, the NPCs may hold side missions that award currency, experience or concept art. In the other section of the hub world, players can choose which levels to play. Items are rewarded in different ways.
  • Crystals are standard rewards for passing a level.
  • Clear Gems are rewarded through meeting certain requirements, such as enemies defeated, objects collected etc. Other clear gems are rewarded through taking alternate routes opened by coloured gems.
  • Coloured gems are found by going off the beaten track. Some would be awarded through meeting a specific requirement in a level, some may be awarded by sustaining no damage to a set point and some may be awarded by completing specific side missions.
  • Relics would be awarded for completing main missions in a certain time. These become unlocked after completing the initial mission and can be earned in the replay.

So, I need a vote as to which idea to go for.

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