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Roavar’s Secret Recipe Empty Roavar’s Secret Recipe

Post by Dark Avorian on Wed May 27, 2009 9:26 pm

Basic Premise: Roavar is entertaining a vampyre and wants to prepare a special “delicacy” for them.

Reqs: Gnome Cooking tutorials, 42 cooking, ability to fight high leveled monsters. Access to one of the two breweries in RS. Evil Dave Subquest. Priest in Peril.

Speak to Roavar who will explain the situation and his recipe.

First you must make 4 different types of alchoholic blood. These must be made at the breweries using vials of the following types of blood; Dragon Blood, Jogre Blood, Chaos Dwarf Blood, and Paladin’s Blood. To get a blood vial just carry a vial while killing these monsters, and it will be filled when they die.

Next mix these in a cocktail shaker along with Jangerberry.

Then cook a piece of gianne dough once to makea gianne puff, Fill a bowl with the blood mixture and add three doses of each coloured spice. Add the puff and cook the Bloody Puff in a Bowl

You will receive a Bloodball. Give this to Roavar

Quest Complete

Reward: 7k cooking xp and 50 blood runes
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