Turner of the Heavens

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Turner of the Heavens

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:32 am

In the days long before the likes of man had set foot onto RuneScape, Guthix was in the process of distinguishing the world with the power of time. With a powerful object, identified by the name of Turner of the Heavens, Guthix had successfully set the world of Gielinor into motion, and created day and night, and set the moon into orbit in the heavens. On completion of this task, Guthix decided it was with the best intentions that the Turner of the Heavens was best to carefully dismantled, but not entirely destroyed.

The Turner was carefully seperated into two fragments, each exhibiting qualities of day and night respectively. Having invited creatures already to his thriving project, he decided to entrust two brothers with a special gift. The two brothers were of the same pack of wolves and fought continously over leadership of their pack when their father had long since departed of old age. It had come to a stage where they couldn't even stand the sight of one another, not without bringing about their wrath on the land.

Guthix then used this rivalry to his advantage. As each was as skilled as the other, equally as fast and equally and cunning, Guthix gave them both a half of the Turner, one would have the moon, the other would have the sun. He stated that whoever could catch the other and retrieve their piece of the turner, without theirs being taken as well would be the true leader. They agreed to this and the chase began.

Their conflict continues to this day, setting into motion the movement of the heavens as one tries to chase the other, but the other tries equally as hard to escape, keeping them in equilibrium. These two wolves, in this legend, are named. Their names are Hati and Skoll, the wolves who chased the moon and the sun respectively. To the best of our knowledge, Hati has been seen in Gielinor, wondering
the world as he searches for food in the midwinter, but his brother has
only been seen in the midsummer. Players are able to fight their flesh
forms and gain the better of them in hand-to-paw combat.

The Turner of the Heavens miniquest features a story that takes place over most of the year. Players can fight both Hati and Skoll and (should they be strong enough to overcome them) be able to acquire half of the Turner of the Heavens. The moon half is obtainable in the summer, whilst the sun half is obtainable only in winter. Once you have both, and player can use the Turner of the Heavens to shift time back and forth by twelve hours at a time, allowing a transition between night and day.

Controlling night and day and various effects. It affects almost everything, from the creatures wandering around, the spells that work best, the people you can meet and the puzzles you can complete.

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