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Post by MorbiusMonster on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:10 pm

Since the sound quality has improved so much on RuneScape, to an extent where characters can have voices, why don't players have voices when talking to certain NPCs?

This is where voice coaching comes in. The Voice Coaching becomes available either as a purchasable option from Loyalty Points or as a feature that can be bought with coins in-game (I haven't quite decided). To get yourself voice coaching, all you have to do is visit the Amateur Dramatics group, who can be found usually rehearsing near the standing stones slightly north of Falador.

The voice coach has been training actors to get their voices right, and will happily train players to practise working with their voices. Here are the options he offers;

  • Wise Old Man - A gentlemanly tone, spoken in ornate recieved pronunciation (otherwise known as Queen's English). Best suited for more prestigious players.
  • Imp - A higher pitch voice with a slight cockney accent.
  • Party Pete - A lively voice, fast paced with a typical United States accent (or at least a New York one).
  • Ghostly voice - A creepy, echoing variety of voice which sounds almost deathly.
  • Werewolf voice - A voice of a gruffer or deeper tone, with a slight sound of a growling when enraged.
  • Ogre voice - Thuggish, brutal and straight to the point. Ideal for those of few words.
  • Bob's voice - A soft and well spoken tone, with slight purring when pleased.
  • Young hero (exclusive to male players) - Slightly falsetto with a differing accent.
  • Gothic Hero (exclusive to male players) - Slightly deeper voice than a Young Hero, used commonly for heroes with a darker past.
  • Young madam voice (exclusive to female players) - For females who come across as plucky and lively.
  • Mature womanly voice (exclusive to female players) - For the more mature female speakers, each word is smoothly presented.
  • Juna's voice - A soft voice that drags with a lisp with a slight hissing under most circumstances.
  • Custom - This option allows you to choose what kind of voice you would prefer. You can choose the pitch, the accent and mannerism in which it is spoken.
The player voice is used in conversation with NPCs and can be used to speak out messages uttered by players, but only if the message is clicking in the dialogue box (we wouldn't want people's games being ruined by hearing everyone talking over others in popular places).

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