The Avian Seas

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The Avian Seas

Post by Amascut on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:32 am

First topic message reminder :

Hi guys; this is the thread for discussion and further planning of the Trilogy, The Avian Seas, currently under curatorship by Robo Hobo and myself. The original design came from a number of people, including initial idea by Lyzak, initial planning by myself and Robo Hobo, and contributions from many QSD writers, including Captain Lime, Voidknightsc, Djjulien, and Freolin. Many offered initial feedback as well.

Robo and I compiled and wrote the first quest, originally titled Watery Dreams, but later renamed to simply The Avian Seas. However, as our plans progress for quest 2: Darker Waters, and quest 3: Tears of Dessuneau, we decided to retract Quest 1, and run it through a large revamp to formulate the lore further. Honestly, the original was alright, but we felt we could do far better. Debate raged between us as to how further the series, and finally we got through a set of plans as to where we would lead the series, which I'll discuss a bit below. However, due to inherant lack of time, some IRL issues, and other problems, the overhaul has yet to see the light of day. As such, and while looking for motivation, I recalled this group, and decided to go ahead and put this up here, in hopes of keeping ideas flowing and the like.

The [WIP] thread can be found on the RSOF at this Quick-Find Code: 49-50-883-63222955

Now for the information!

~The Avian Sea Backstory~

In the age that the gods walked, the god Armadyl's influence spread over much of what is now known as Kandarin, during the 2nd Age. This much we know. Logically things didn't go by their names we know them as now, such as Kandarin. They were called by other names. The body of water north of Kandarin was named after the Aviansie, due to the ruling of Armadyl in the area, and named, the Avian Sea.

This is where the story takes place... Above and beneath, the Avian Sea.

Still during the 2nd age... Within this ocean there was an island of great sorcerers, known as Dessunaeu. The mages of this island were very advanced, and contributed quite a lot to the human factions of this time, through their experiments. The land was very prosperous. However, during the Rune Wars that ignited in the second age, due to the supply going low, this made them a target by raiders looking for runes which were like treasure due to their scarcity. When the raiders attacked the city, the mages were able to fend them off for awhile, but it soon became apparent of their fate, if they did not act rash, and if they did not act now. Together with the remaining mages they cast a powerful spell over the city, creating a barrier preventing anything from entering or leaving. They then shifted the land itself, bringing the island under the waves, submerging it beneath the Avian Sea... Where it was never seen again, lost to history

They escaped the wars of that time.. They were safe... Or were they? No one knows what happened to the inhabitants.

With the God Wars later, much of the city was lost to history, as was many other things that happened in the 2nd age. Only myth and legend keep the cities name still alive, and only the most foolhardy sailors or treasure hunters ever believed them and went looking for it, in search for the riches rumored to be there. None have found it, however.

The next mystery to this story takes place in the 3rd age, the God Wars.

With all sides in constant warefare there was a battle during the end, before the battle of the Godsword, beween Armadylian and Zamorakian factions. Two groups were transporting the Godsword, and when Zamorakians attacked, they split up.

The stronger group went without the godsword while the faster yet weaker took it and escaped. The Zamorakians went after the stronger ones thinking they had the sword, and chased them. They flew west, trying to evade them but they couldn't stay too far ahead of them. It ended up near the shore much west from were they were initially, and they decided to fight. Their flight gave them a significant advantage against their foes, however they were still outnumbered by the much more powerful Zamorakians. They had then discovered their ruse - they did not have the sword at all! In their anger their mages gave them a worse fate than death and defeat.

The Aviansies were cursed so that their wings would turn to fins, and their beaks to gills. They would not be able to breathe air, and any contact with the surface would further mutate them. They would no longer be able to fly in the sky proudly for Armadyl, but they were forced to abandon that and retreat to the ocean. Where they could only watch and do nothing for their Lord.

They were forgotten by Armadyl. Trapped under water, they went further west, to escape any more assaults the Zamorakians may launch. They discovered a settlement inhabited by strange, grey creatures. In their rage from their defeat on the surface, their torture of the curse, and their loss of faith in their lord, they attacked, taking over the settlement and forcing the inhabiting race to leave. They gave no mercy to them, for they did not care... The last they remember of those creatures was that they went above land. But for what?

The mutated Aviansie, now appropriatly calling themselves the Aviansea would have isolated from the rest of the world from then on, forever. Through the end of the god wars, the entire fourth age, and until this current day... They thought the wars destroyed all life above land, and they kept no contact with the outer world. As time had moved on, they grew used to their state of being, and built society under water with little struggle. The grey creatures, which they had called the Greybacks in their breif time together, had never returned or been seen by them again, and there was nothing else there to threaten them.

In the current day and age, with the adventurer helping the Fremmenik in their various conflicts, has once and for all defeated the Daggermouth, with the help of the nations nearby on islands. The Daggermouth have retreated to the ocean now with their Mother trapped and unable to command them any longer.

With that out of the way, things have been boring in the Fremmenik province lately, but Olaf seems to have found something interesting... Something about an old map from one of his ancestors, of a city beneath the waves...


Quest the First: The Avian Seas

The story begins when Olaf finds a strange creature beneath the waves. Believing it to be merely a figurehead of a sunken ship, he believes he will soon find riches in the wreck of a galleon. However, the player quickly realizes other and takes the body across the sea to Baba Yaga. By delving into the dreams of the strange creature, the player is able to work out a small bit of information, but travels to Reldo to seek more. The player must sneak into the library of Papelford to find the information they seek, but end up with nothing but a child's tale that reveals next to nothing. The player continues to press, finally learning the name Dessuneau, but nothing else. Returning to Baba Yaga, you are attacked by Me, a strange clone of yourself, first encountered in the Lunar Diplomacy quest. After Me escapes, you return to Baba Yaga and explain what you found. She informs you that the strange creature is ill, and you are asked to delve into its body to help it reover. After doing so and defeating the virus infecting the creature's system, you delve once again into its dreams, and in the end wake it up. After convincing the creature to trust you, it mutters the words "The lost city of Dessuneau, deep beneath the waves" and then falls silent.

The original draft of the quest can be found below


Quest the First: Watery Dreams

60 Summoning
76 Crafting
72 Construction
77 Thieving
73 Herblore
70 Ranged
70 Agility
73 Slayer
65 Magic
90 Combat

Recipe for Disaster : Freeing Pirate Pete
Blood Runs Deep
Troll Stronghold

Completion of the Falador Hard Tasks

Delivered the Letter from Sir Gerry to Sir Tiffy Cashien
Have access the Armadyl Fortress in the God Wars Dungeon

Monsters to Defeat:

Greyback Skirmisher (Lv. 403)
X4 Greyback Warriors (Lv. 113)
Me (Double your Combat level)
The Infection (Lv. 427)

Start Point: Olaf

Begin with a conversation with Olaf. He will be standing close to his fire, but there is a strange creature floating in the water next to him, seemingly dead. Olaf is sitting next to his fire, keeping an eye on the creature

P: Hello Olaf... What *is* that?
O: This? Just a figurehead of a ship! I'm gonna be rich I tell ya! There's a ship down around here somewhere, and I'm gonna find it!
P: Olaf, that’s not a figurehead...
O: It's not...? What do you mean?
P: That's a monster! One I've never seen before certainly, but a monster.
O: But, look at it!
P: Trust me, it was alive.
O: Prove it!
P: Fine.

You walk up to it, and move its arms. They bend easily, and the flesh rolls around.

P: Gods above, its like a fish, and a bird at the same time!
O: By Guthix, it was alive!
P: Let me take this to a friend. She might know what this is...
O: But the treasure...
P: I'll let you know if I find any... Now where did I put that Seal of Passage...

Trek into Relekka, with the creature sling over your shoulder. Go to Lokar Searunner, and speak with him about perhaps letting you take this body to Lunar Isle.

Lokar Searunner: What is that?
P: It's a... a...uh...
LS: Oh my god, is that a body?
P: Err...
LS: Ewww!
P: What?
LS: It's decomposing! Why did you do it, [[player]]?
P: It's not decomposing! And do what?
LS: Kill Reldo while he was on his fishing trip! Now how do I have fun by shooting at a wimp?
P: What? No! I didn't kill Reldo! This doesn’t even look like Reldo!
LS: Oh? Well, it does seem a bit fishy. I think Reldo is allergic to fish.
P: He is?
LS: I dunno.
P: Well he did seem a bit nervous when I...never mind! Back on topic! Can you help me out here? I need this transported!
LS: I don't know... I don't really want to be affiliated with this sort of stuff...
P: But you're a pirate.
LS: Well, that seems like a generalization that all pirates kill things.
P: So you're a saintly pirate.
LS: I didn't say that.
P: Then why did you bring it up?
LS: It's a long story, but yes, I will allow you to use my top quality boat.
P: It's a dinghy.
LS: You still want that delivery, right?
P: Fine! It's a magnificent galleon with a ballroom dance floor. Can I use it now?
LS: Just put the body in a bag. I don't want it stinking up my galleon.

Finally, you convince Lokar to transport the body of the creature to Pirate’s Cove. Once there however, you run into a new complication... The second ship, you realize, might not be so willing. Trying to enter the ship with the creature will cause the crew to throw you off.

You realize you might have to get a bit... Tricky.

For this, you need a Rune Crossbow, and a Mithril Grapple. Take them to the ship, and fire the grapple through a bottom floor window. Once it sticks, tie it off, and cross. Dump the body on the bottom floor of the ship, unhook the grapple, and exit the ship from above. Collect your grapple, and reenter the ship.

Travel to Lunar Isle, and repeat from the outside. Once you have the body, make your way to Baba Yaga’s house. Enter her home, and speak with her.

P: Hello
BY: Hello, [[Player]].
P: I have an unusual request for you today, it's-
BY: Hmm, I'm sorry but I don't know what that might be... It does look strange, though.
P: Right, I should just let you do the talking.
BY: Where did you find it?... Ah, washed up on the shore, did it? A lot of things seem to be doing that lately.
P: So you have no idea what it could be?
BY: I don't... But I sense that you might.
P: What do you mean? Hmm...

*Baba Yaga seems to focus*

BY: So, you've been in the dreaded God Wars Dungeon before.
P: That I have.
BY: Do you remember the winged-creatures that fight in a particular faction there?
P: Oh, the-
BY: Aviansie.
P: Well I guess they do look somewhat familiar... But the-
BY: Fins? And gills?
P: Yeah... I remember them as birds, not fish, though. And I thought they were extinct?
BY: *Sigh* Whatever could have happened to them?
P: I'm guessing you would know where I could find out?
BY: Ah! and I thought I was the mind reader! Yes, the one called Reldo in the town called Varrock might know. Show him a sketch of the creature on some papyrus.
P: Th-
BY: You're welcome. Leave the creature here while you're away, I'll see what I can do to tend to it.
P: Right.

Now, run the sketch to Reldo to ask his opinion on the matter.

P: Hello Reldo. Would you know anything about this strange creature that I found washed up on the shores of Relleka? *shows sketch of the creature*
R: Well, it looks like some type of species of large fish.
P: I'm not so sure, it seemed familiar.
R: How so?
P: Tell me, do you know about the winged-followers of Armadyl, the Aviansie?
R: Ah, yes. Quite right. I can see some similarities to them now, but...
P: What?
R: Surely if you'd know of the Aviansie you'd know they were extinct by the end of the God Wars?
P: That's what I thought as well, though, could there be an exception?
R: Perhaps... Just a moment, I think I have a book about them somewhere.

*wait a few seconds and then talk to Reldo again*

P: Did you find anything?
R: Not much, unfortunately. Though I did find one old tale, particularly of their demise. This dark tale describes of one tribe of Aviansie that were struck down by the forces of Zamorak, sometime before the end of the 3rd Age. As a form of torture, they trapped them in an underwater cavern, deep below the sea, and left to die the horribly ironic death, for their bird-like race, of drowning.
P: That sounds horrible!
R: Indeed. It must have been a nightmare for those poor things... Does that answer your questions, though?
P: Is it possible that they survived, somehow, and this is one of them?
R: Well, since you ask me, I think you're crazy to think that. Though you adventurer types never settle for the boring answers to things, do you? They'd have been trapped for over two milenia underwater! Now, isn't it a little much for them to hold their breath that long?
P: Its at least worth looking into.
R: But what else can you find to prove this? Its not like you can just go up and ask it if its one of the Aviansie.
P: Hmm, perhaps I can do better than that...
R: What?
P: Nothing, thanks for the history lesson. Would you mind if I borrowed that book, per chance?
R: I don't see why not. I have plenty of copies.

You then obtain the 'Broken Wings' book.

Reading it says "Much of this story doesn't interest you, as you can tell from the table of contents, but the chapter about the Curse of the Zamorakians sounds promising. You decide to read it"

"The Winged men flew from the altar of their lord.
They carried an ancient power, known as the Godsword.
Two groups they split into, the weak and the strong
Pursued by evil Zamorak, the wicked ones chose wring.
They followed the winged men with the better skills of war
And there the Zamorakians found they had no sword.
The weaker yet the faster winged men flew into the sky
And escaped the wicked demons as away they did fly.
But the stronger of the groups was faced with a fight
They battled with the demons until the middle of the night
Then the demons grew tired, and knew they soon would lose
Thus they all came together, and cast a deadly curse.
The Winged Men speedily attacked, pushing for one last strike
And the demons and the creatures were slaughtered that night.
But the curse worked its way deep unto their skin
And it changed the winged man's form, into fish, or some kin.
The Winged Men found themselves plummeted from the sky
And found themselves not flying anymore under the sky
Their Lord of Law abandoned them to a tortured fate
And thus the winged men fell, full of anguish and hate
Deep into the water, the scorned creatures fell
Pressed deep under the surface, their own kind of hell
No longer could they live and fly under the sun and sky
Cured to live their days under the water, until soon they did die.
Nevermore was word heard from the Winged Men of old
And the Lord of Law moved on, as his son's bodies grew cold"

Return to Baba Yaga, and speak with her.

BY: I see that the meeting with Reldo was successful!
P: Could you stop doing that?... Please? I'm not sure of all of what you can read from my mind but some things I'd like to keep secret!
BY: We've been over this before.
P: *Sigh* Anyways, yes. I think I may have found a possibility of where it came from and what it is. Though I'm not certain, I was wondering if I could enter its dreams to learn anything else about it.
BY: It looks pale... Could you, get me a bucket of water please?
P: ...Well?
BY: Its looking sicker than it was when you brought it here, I guess this fish has been out of its bowl for too long, its getting dehydrated.

*Go and get a bucket of water, and then return to Baba Yaga's house and use it on the creature, its skin's blue-ish color will return a bit*

BY: Much better! Now, what was that you were saying? ... Ah, so you want to enter its dreams, hmm? That could help us solve this mystery, I'm glad you thought of that!
P: Would there be any specific ingredients, or would it just be a regular dream potion?
BY: Not all minds are alike! I'd assume this one would require a mixture of a Suqah Tooth, Rune Essence, and an Ice Troll Horn. I assume you know where to find these things? When you collect them, return to me and we can begin.

*Go and gather the ingredients in any way you want. The Ice Troll horn is a common drop from any Ice Trolls during this quest, you'll find Baba Yaga in the center of the city near the Brazier, with the creature*

BY: Are you ready to enter the dream world? I hope you remember that if you meet your fate at anytime while in there, you will *really* die.
P: Hopefully this ex-bird brain doesn't have too many creative nightmares.
BY: I wouldn't prepare for anything less, if I were you. I'll stay out here and keep it hydrated. What may seem like a common cold could turn out to be a great foe, after all!
P: I'll keep that in mind.

Gather the three items (you can gather where they come from), and return to Baba Yaga. She will give you a Dream Mix. Add the three items, and carry the Aviansie-creature to the Brazier in the middle of the town.

Use the mix on the Brazier, and light it. The world slowly darkens, and you find yourself within the creature’s memories...

You find yourself in a small, darkened area. Before you, the creature, Aviansie or whatever it is; is lying on the ground before you. Approach it, and attempt to speak with it. It will ignore you, but will make small, strangled sobbing noises.

[[*In chatbox: This scene is better appreciated with your sound on. Speak with the creature to continue the scene*]]

P: Who are you?

The creature doesn't respond, and wraps its appendages around its legs, and rocks back and forth.

P: Are you okay?

It continues to ignore you. You place a hand on its shoulder. The screen suddenly flashes black, and you see the shadowy figure of the creature, and another that looks much like it, running through a city. large shadows rise around them, and slam to the ground. In the back you can only hear haunting music and footsteps.

The scene suddenly is back in the room, with the creature again.

P: What was that? What happened?

Again the creature ignores you, but the scene changes rapidly again. One of the shadows descends upon the two figures out of nowhere, and grabs the second one.

The creature stops, and you hear an echoing whisper... "Brother!!!"

The shadows carry the brother up and away, leaving the creature alone. It begins to run, and footsteps and heavy breathing are heard. A shadow slithers above it, and a great shadow lands before the creature. It lashes out with its claws, and grabs the creature. It turns, and begins to swim away.

The scene then flashes quickly between pictures. An open ocean, a cave mouth, a massive army of grey creatures, a long hallway, a cell, and then a bed.

After this, you hear a whisper. "My home... I want to go home..."

Your character sees the creature in the small shadowy room again....

P: What happened at your home? What took you?
A: I... I don’t remember.
P: Try and dig deeper. If you can remember, maybe I can help you.
A: I... I...

Suddenly, the scene explodes into action.

The Aviansie-like creature is running from a number of strange creatures, which look like oversized Dagganoth. Catch up to the Sea Aviansie, and speak with it as the two of you run.

P: What is this?
A: This is what I remember! They captured me! They’re going to find me, and kill me! I wasn’t supposed to escape!
P: But what *are* they?
A: Greybacks! They’re wicked creatures, born from the very blackest of waters. They have been attacking my home, but I have no idea why... But they will kill me! Help!

Out of nowhere, a massive Greyback, many times larger then the others, leaps from a tunnel onto the Aviansie. The Aviansie screams loudly, and thrashes about.

Your character sizes up the creature, and attacks it.

A: It’s a Skirmisher! Watch out! Its way too strong!

†‡†‡†BOSS FIGHT‡†‡†‡†‡

Greyback Skirmisher
Level 403
Hitpoints: 2350
Attack Styles: Ranged, Melee
Maximum Hits: Ranged: 311, Melee: 400
Weakness: Stab attacks, Ranged

The Greyback Skirmisher is a massive grey creature, with black streaks running down the center of its back. Its claws seem to be made of metal, and it slashes with them, with deadly force. It also has razor sharp spines on its back, which it will fling up into the air, to rain down upon its target – you.

It attacks with a mixture of Melee and Ranged. It can disable your prayer every 30 seconds, for 3 seconds, and when it does so, it will attempt to crush you with its massive feet. This attack can hit you for up to 500 damage.

He can also use a strange ranged attack to drain your stats for a short while, down to around level 50. This effect will last until you deal damage to it again.

Once it is defeated, it will scream and collapse. The Aviansie-creature will straighten, and appear more relaxed.

A: That was supposed to take me away! You stopped it! You saved me!

Suddenly, the dream changes, swirling into another scene.

You know have full life, prayer, and stats, boosted back to normal. You are in a strange stone cell, standing next to the Aviansie. The Aviansie is pacing the room, as you stand there.

A: I don’t recall how I got out... Help me! Please!

At the top of your screen, you will notice a “fear” meter. Try to keep this as low as possible as you progress through the next sequence.

You must search the room for tools to break open the stone door. It has a complicated looking lock that you cannot hope to break with your bare hands. After searching the room for a bit, you find a chisel, and a large chunk of stone.

Chisel away a good bit of the stone until you have created a Stone Lockpick. Work with the lock for a short while, and it will eventually pop open. Your lockpick may break while doing so. If this happens, simply make a new one.

Once you have opened the door, lead the Aviansie-creature into the hall, and begin to sneak down it. The Aviansie’s fear meter will begin to rise at this point.

Once it hits the middle, four Greyback Guards begin to approach down the hall. They spot you, and begin to launch attacks at you. The Aviansie darts away down the hallway, leaving you to battle the four Greybacks alone. They only use Ranged, so you may pray against them, but this will only block 80% of all damage.

Battle them until the final one falls, and then go in the direction the Aviansie-creature went. You find it poised at the edge of a cliff. It leaps over the edge and begins to... float?

Suddenly, the area around you becomes watery, and you realize you have been underwater the whole time. Swim after the creature, into the open water. It swims around, Fear meter slowly lowering, as it aims up.

Follow it along the way, and try to keep up. After a few minutes, the Aviansie-creature slows. As it does, a huge creature bursts from a massive hole on the side of the cliff, slamming into you and the Aviansie-creature. You barely get a glance at it however, before everything begins to fade into darkness. As it does however, you see something that looks oddly like you running off into the distance, away from where you are standing. Shortly after seeing this, you will find yourself back in the small room, which the Aviansie-creature curled up again on the floor.

P: What was that?
A: My home... And that prison of the Greybacks. I don’t know what happened to me! Where am I?
P: You are safe. But I must ask. What are you, and where do you come from?
A: I could say the same to you skin-creature. I am an Aviansea.
P: Aviansie?
A: No, AvianSEA. I live in the city of Dessuneau. What are you?
P: I am a human.
A: Human? What is that?
P: I live on the surface of the world. I’ve never seen anything quite like you before, but you look like, and your name sounds like a set of birds I know of, called Aviansie.
A: That is very odd... Hoomin.
P: Human. My name is [[player]]. What is yours?
A: I... I don’t think I should tell you.
P: Why not?
A: Because surface people don’t exist! Papa told me that everything up there died!
P: That’s not true.
A: I don’t care! You don’t exist! Now GET OUT OF MY MIND!

And with that, you find yourself lying before Baba Yaga and the unconscious Aviansea.

BY: What did you learn?
P: A lot more then I expected. Apparently, it belongs to a race called the Aviansea, S-E-A. They live in a city called Dessuneau, under the ocean. It was under attack by these creatures called Greybacks, that I would swear were Dagganoth.
BY: Interesting... Are you sure this is true?
P: I would say so, though it seemed very unsure of itself. I think I’ll-
BY: Perhaps you should visit that book man again, what was his name?
P: Re-
BY: Reldo, yes that would be it, thank you.
P: So what do-
BY: Tell him of the city, and pray that he has some information
P: So this is all-
BY: Hoping, yes. Now off you go.

Return to Reldo, in the Varrock library

P: Hey Reldo, you'll be glad to hear what I found out about our mystery creature!
R: Really, what did you find?

*You re-tell what you told to Baba Yaga to Reldo about the Aviansea*

R: How ever did you learn this?
P: Baba Yaga from the Moon Clan on Lunar Isle let me enter its dreams.
R: What an expansive list of contacts you must have, across all Gielinor. I'm flattered you came to tell me this, but I suspect you must have other reasons?
P.: We were hoping you might know something more about Dessuneau. Possibly even a way to get to it?
R: Dessuneau... Dess-un-eau... It sounds familiar. Yes, if I remember right, that was the name of the city inhabited by the mages of old during the 2nd age, in the northern seas. During those times there was a war over runes, and since Dessuneau had quite a lot of them, that made it quite the target by others for raiding. The city was thought to be destroyed over it. Though, in some texts, it says that it wasn't destroyed, but that the whole city itself sunk under the ocean! And that the wizards themselves were the ones to cause this. Apparently they were able to create a magical barrier around it to preserve the structure, and that any treasures they had would still be down there. Because of this, treasure hunters and pirates have tried to search for the city, in hopes to find something of value, but none were able to find it. Thus, it was considered merely a myth, thought to be something that was created as a story to provide some hope that those with family who suffered from that fate might still be alive down there.
P: So the Aviansea found this city during their descent, and were able to survive all these centuries living in it? R: If what you've said to me all this time is true, then yes, one could come to that conclusion.
P: Would you know of any way that we could find it?
R: Whatever magicks surround it has kept it secret all this time, from treasure hunters or anything. That’s why it’s considered a myth! So no, I do not know of how one would manage to get there. Perhaps your Aviansea friend might know the way.
P: Possibly... Though it doesn't help that he thinks we don't exist. Thank you again, Reldo.
R: You're quite welcome.
P: Oh, one more thing, before I go... Are you allergic to fish?
R: Well, now that you mention it -
P: Never mind, I don't really want to know.
R: Bu -
P: Shh!!!

After you're finished speaking with Reldo, head to Lunar Isle in any way you want, whether thats teleporting or using the boat. When you arrive, and walk anywhere near the bank, Bird's-Eye Jack will call out to you.

Bird's-Eye Jack: Hey, the captain of the ship wants to have a word with you.
P: Bentley?
BEJ: Captain Bentley.
P: Oh, I thought we were on a first name relationship.
BEJ: That’s his last name.
P: Right, so what'd he need me for?
BEJ: I dunno. He looked pretty mad to me.
P: Hmm... And I thought I did pretty well with sneaking the body here.

Walk over to the Lady Zay and talk to Captain Bentley.

CB: There you are, you-
P: This is about the body, isn't it?
CB: The body? Why-
P: Look, I'm sorry I snuck the body on the bottom deck, but I needed to get it to Lunar Isle so I could show it to Baba Yaga!
CB: What!
P: So...This *wasn't* about that...
CB: No!
P: Well I'm so-
CB: Ah, don't worry about it. No harm done, m'lad.
P: What were you going to say?
CB: I was just going to say thanks for the help back there!
P: Really? It's been quite awhile since I helped you with your jinx.
CB: Ahaha.. Not that, lad, I already thanked you for that.
P: I don't understand.
CB: When you saved 'Sticky' Sanders when he got stuck in that life ring and fell overboard. You ran off before I could give you a reward.
P: When did I- Alright, I'll go along with it. What do I get for getting Sticky Sanders out of a Sticky situation?
CB: ... Quiet down boy, you're ruin'n it..

*Captain Bentley gives you 100 coins*

P: Thanks... I guess.

Try and walk off the ship, or teleport anywhere, and you'll be stopped. A character called 'Me' will call out to you.

Me: Hey, what gives you the right to walk away with my reward!
P: What?

'Me' teleports next to you. He/she looks exactly like you in what you're wearing at this time.

P: Who are you?
M: Who am I? Who are you?
P: You look like me..
M: Or maybe *you* look like me!
P: Wait a second, I remember you... From my dream world. How, and why, did you escape?
CB: Arr, blasphemy! There be two of ye! Well, I'm not given both of ya a reward. Ye'll just have to fight over it.
P: What..? Why fight? What are you doing here?
M: I think this man/woman has gone delusional. Nothing unexpected though, I get that a lot, when people are in the presence of me - the almighty [[Player name]].
P: Hey, I wouldn't say that!
M: Well, you didn't, so there.
P: Hmph.

*'Me' does the NPC Contact spell and talks inside your mind*

M: Go away, I'm taking over as you now!
P.: Why would you want to be me?
M: It's boring being trapped in your mind for so long, I want to be free! I could do just as good as you at what you do, anyways. Only 10 minutes out and I've already saved one person.
P: You're in over your head. You don't know how hard it is being me.
M: Fine. If you won't listen, I'll prove I can do better than you!
P: And how will you do that?
M: Killing you would be a start...

*The NPC contact spell cuts off*

M: I guess I'll just need to show this doppelganger the true wrath of [[Player Name]]!

The battle with me is a confusing and rather un-monster like fight. In fact, this fight will test your skills with Player-Killing, rather then boss fighting. The fight takes place on the deck of the Lady Zay.

The way this battle works is that Me is a direct doppelganger of you. If you are wearing an item, so is Me. If you have an item in your inventory, Me does as well. Me will also do what you do after a few moments, in regards to attacks. Me will eat when needed, and change weapons and prayer based on your combat style. Be warned: If you bring prayer potions, Me will have them too, and can extend his prayer. He will, however, use prayer in combinations that drain prayer quickly, if it involves damaging you quickly.

In the end, this boils down to this: You are fighting yourself.

During the fight, Me will scamper up and down the sails and the rigging of the Lady Zay, which requires you to follow it.

Chase it around, and continue the battle. Eventually, you may defeat Me. If you die however, your gravestone will appear on the deck of the Lady Zay.

Once you defeat Me, it will leap into the air, and transform into its original form, which is essentially you wearing lightly colored Lunar Robes. It will perform the cry emote, and run towards to edge of the ship.

Me: I want life! All you want is death!

It then teleports away.

P: That was odd...
Captain Bentley: I would say so. Who was that?
P: Me
CB: But you are standing-
P: Not Me. *Me*
CB: I don’t follow.
P: It is called Me. It is a version of me from the Dream World
CB: Its name is Me?
P: Yes. It looks exactly like me as well.
CB: Me or ‘me’?
P: The second, I think...
CB: I see... So its you from your dreams?
P: I think so, yes.
CB: Odd... Well, thank you for saving ‘Sticky’ Sanders
P: That was Me
CB: Wait, Me, or you?
P: Me
CB: Arr, good lad/lassie then
P: No, the other one
CB: Arr... you be confusing me.
P: Lets just leave it.
CB: Aye, lets do that before me brain explodes.

Return to Lunar Isle, and continue to Baba Yaga.

BY: Great, [[Player]], you're here!
P: Is something wrong?
BY: Maybe. What did you learn from Reldo, if anything?

*You summarize the information about the myth of the city to Baba Yaga*

BY: *sigh* What wars can do to people... A great city lost to myth because of it.
P: Lost, until now, that is. How is the Aviansea feeling?
BY: It hasn't the slightest bit recovered, and I could almost say its gotten worse since you've left... You were gone quite a long time, actually.
P: Oh, that’s right. I ran into myself on the way back.
BY: You what...? Your dream self escaped?
P: Yeah it did, is that norm-
BY: No, its not... I'm not sure how it could have.
P: Is there any way to kill-
BY: I wouldn't know. That is strange...

*Baba Yaga turns to see the Aviansea, looking worse than ever now*

BY: Something has to be done. It will die from that cold if we don't.
P: Something - Like what?

*Baba Yaga picks up another bucket of water and drains it over the Aviansea, this time though nothing seems to change*

BY: We may have to go inside of it ourselves and defeat the cold.
P: Defeat it? How, its not like it’s a monster, is it?
BY: To you it may not, but to the immune system of the creature, you could really describe them as, well, warriors fighting off a wild beast.
P: Who would be the warriors?
BY: Us, in this case. Or, well in normal cases, the white blood cells. Its a last ditch effort, theres really nothing else we can do but wait, if we don't do this. And this creature may be our only hope to travel to Dessuneau.
P: I'll help, then. What do I need to do?
BY: Hmm... A potion would do, an enchanted one. I'll need you to gather some ingredients for 2 of them, as we'll both be going in.
P: Shouldn't you stay out to make sure everything's ok?
BY: Water seems to be beyond what can help it now, and I need to make sure you do everything right. You'll need someone with experience to guide you so that you don't accidently kill it.
P: All right. What do I need?
BY: A mix of a crushed blood rune, with the leaves of a white lily, imbued with the power of life. Remember you'll need two of them. Bring them to me and I'll prepare the potion's effect, and we can go on from there.

*Gather the items you need. You'll likely have to plant the flowers yourself unless you've already done so beforehand. Then return to Baba Yaga in her house. You'll see another moon clan member named 'Lunar Nurse', who will be floating aside the Aviansea*

P: I've made-
BY: Good, good, give them here.

*Baba Yaga takes the two potions and holds them. A glow appears over them and she hands one back to you*

P: So how will we get into the Aviansea?
BY: When you drink the potion, you'll shrink down to microscopic size, and my assistant will inject you into the Aviansea with a needle. I'll be right behind you when we get inside, so don't run off until I'm there. You can bring any equipment with you that you please, and I'd recommend that you prepare well for anything. When we are finished, I'll cast a spell to reverse the effects of the potion.
P: It doesn't sound so safe.
BY: Well what kind of adventurer are you, worrying if something is safe or not? This is necessary to save the Aviansea!
P: I guess so.
BY: Think of it as another trip to the dream world. So, are you ready?
P: Ye-
BY: Good. Let us begin.

*A cutscene plays of you and Baba Yaga drinking the potion. Immediately you both shrink so much that you disappear into mid-air. The Lunar nurse waves her hands and the cutscene follows over to a table where a needle floats and opens. The scene pans as if there were an invisible object its following, and follows it as if it went into the needle. The needle then closes itself, and the Lunar Nurse picks it up and floats over to the Aviansea. She injects the needle into the Aviansea's arm, and presses twice. The cutscene fades to black*

You will see a second cutscene of Baba Yaga and you swimming through a river of red. You will eventually be thrown onto the banks of a ‘river’, and at a large puzzle.


Name: The cure
Goal: Help fight off the virus!

How this all works: The virus has left "markers" on a cell in the only red marrow the Aviansea has, which is in the cervical vertebrae. This is essential to the body as it periodically renews its immune system, creating new blood cells. If the virus has control of these organs, not only will it return as a sickness later, but the body will also produce tainted blood cells which fight on the side of the virus.

Baba Yaga: Wait. I sense another viral presence in the body. I have had experience in these matters; some diseases leave seeds planted in their hosts, and even if the virus is destroyed, these seeds give existence to a new virus, plunging a seemingly cured patient back into the illness. You must find and destroy the seeds.

Baba Yaga hands you a papyrus and a scale that you will need later.

-Note: if you fight the virus before destroying the markers, it'll just be reborn and you have to fight it again, perhaps with some white blood cells on its side. This goes on forever until you detach the markers-

-You now must travel to the infected cells. You have to travel via the veins.-

BY: Now head up through the veins and good luck!

-Vein navigation: The current is too strong to swim against, so you can only go in one direction. The veins are lined with cells, which are all just small spaces with two entrances, one on a vein and the other (opposite side) on an artery. You can go in by "passing" the cell wall (has no requirements) and go through the cell just by walking on the ledge along the perimeter of the cell (the center is like a pond with mitochondria and other things swimming around). When you swim around in the veins, you'll often come to a three-way separation (about 20 of these until you get to the right cells). Only one of the paths is the right one, and you can find out by just heading down one. You'll get a message saying "the stench of the virus gets stronger/weaker"

-If you get the wrong path, just hop a cell go through to the artery, and head down again, then hop through to the vein. Sometimes, however, two or even all three of the paths will tell you "you can't smell any changes in the odor". When this happens, you just have to follow the vein. If it's a wrong path, you'll end up in a larger area blocked by macrophages. These travel in groups of three and regard you as an intruder, so they will try to eat you alive. They are level 240 and can deal considerable damage, but move slowly and can be avoided by running away. You finally get to the infected cells: "the stench seems to form a veil in front of you. This must be the place!-

-You now have to hop the "red marrow cell" wall. This is hardened by the virus and requires 70 agility to go through.

-Once inside, you find yourself in a cell larger than the ones along the veins and with no ledge or pool. Instead, you are at the beginning of an elaborate and tightly folded maze (you can look up what a cell looks like to get an idea ) with high red walls that you have to find your way through. Once you do, you get to a tract of plain ground and then to a ring of fluid with bridges leading across it. Cross them: congratulations you're at the nucleus! You see the leucocyte-producing organs (twelve of them) but no sign of "markers".-

P: Hmm, I don't see any markers here...

-Read the papyrus Baba Yaga gave you.-

Papyrus: Occasionally, a particularly nasty virus will leave "seeds" or "markers" in red marrow cells. In this case, the marker tends to be hidden inside one of the leucocyte-producing organs, which it hollows out. *Baba Yaga's handwriting*: _______, the organ could be lighter or heavier than the other ones, depending on how badly it was hollowed out. I gave you the scale so you could weigh them, but be careful, the marker could notice your efforts...

-You have to determine which organ the marker is hiding in and get it out in 3 moves (you can only use the scale three times). Upon the fourth move, you'll disturb the marker, which will infect you with disease and hide in another organ, whereupon you'll have to start the puzzle over.-

-If you fail at the puzzle, you'll get this message along with the yellow hitsplat:-

"The base of your skull begins to feel Itchy!"

-Once you get the puzzle right (luckily the organs were not damaged too heavily not to be able to regenerate), destroy the marker. Unfortunately, you see a new marker coming out of the corpse. You have to catch this.-

P: It looks like the marker is afraid of my movements...I think I'll be able to herd it into a corner.

-Once you get it trapped (just run around a bit until it gets to the far end of the cell (there's a bridge over the maze leading out of the cell for convenient blood cell production which was broken on the other side) between two marrow cells, you'll get a puzzle screen, yay! You see a series of cogs, levers, pullies, and ropes (cleverly disguised as bone cells and other things). You have to figure out which mechanisms to activate in order to squish the marker. Unfortunately, you'll have only 10 seconds to do it as the marker is charging its poisonous secretions to spray at you (which takes 10 seconds) and if you don't make it you'll have to restart the puzzle. You have to do this three times as the marker will manage to dodge two of the falling bone shards.-

-Yay, you've squished the marker!-

P: Phew! Finally. I bet he won't be able to run from that one--

*You see another marker scurrying away*

P: Grrrrr....

You will find yourself standing in a large, long room. Before you are numerous agility obstacles, as well as several rivers of liquid. You need to race the infection to the cluster of neurons that can be seen at the end, and stop it from taking them over. The walls beside you will turn green as the infection gets closer. Baba Yaga will make the same moves as you.

Move past the obstacles, and leap over the streams. At one point you also need to dodge poisonous acid falling from the roof.

When you arrive, Baba Yaga will cast a Cure spell on the Neurons, and the infection will be unable to take them over. The room will clear. You must repeat this two more times, in two other chambers that will open to you.

If you fail, the neurons will be taken over, and explode, poisoning AND diseasing you, alongside dealing a hefty amount of damage. You then must restart that section over again, with the poison and disease.

Once the third is complete, step through the passageway that will open up.

You find yourself standing in a strange chamber, full of pulsing walls, all colored off-salmon, and tubes of red goo.

Before you is a massive object, colored sickly green, shaped like a giant cloud. Before it are a large number of floating misty-white clouds, attacking it.

P: Is –
BY: Yes, that is the sickness. A mere cold. Poor creature.
P: Indeed. How –
BY: It must have gotten it while on land... Lets go help those blood cells, shall we?

She rushes forward, and throws a spell at it. Next, she casts Vengeance on you, and steps back.

†‡†‡†BOSS FIGHT‡†‡†‡†‡

The Infection
Level: 427
Hitpoints: 3200
Attack Styles: Ranged (Unblockable),Special
Maximum Hits: 50
Weakness: Magic

The Infection is a massive Cold Virus, which has rooted inside the Aviansea. This fight is about assisting the White Blood Cells in killing the virus.

The area is a large reddish circle, with four pools of white-ish liquid around the area. White Blood Cells (max 9), move in every 45 seconds. These cells will deal rapid melee damage to The Infection.

It’s not helpless though. It attacks at about double the speed of Throwing Knives, and can hit a max of 50 damage! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the speed makes up for it. It can also not be prayed against. Wearing armor that blocks ranged will increase your defence to the attacks.

Also, randomly throughout the fight, The Infection will begin to swell. At this point, you need to run and dive into one of the pools of liquid. You will then be flung out at another pool. The Infection will then ‘explode’, and small greenish splashes will fly out everywhere. You need to dive through the pools to avoid the splashes. If you are hit, you can take anywhere from 100-550 damage per splash that hits you.

Baba Yaga will also be “Multi Vengeance”ing you. This spell will last for 3 hits, rather then one, and recoil what the creature hits on you.

Once the Infection has been defeated, the White Blood Cells drift away.

BY: Our work here is done. Let us return to the world, and see how the... what was it again?
P: Av-
BY: Aviansea, yes, is doing.

She raises her arms, and the two of you appear in her house again, next to the Aviansea lying on the bed.

It is now awake. Speak with it.

P: How are you feeling?
Aviansea: I..

*the Aviansea coughs dryly a few times*

P: Hmm, it still seems dehydrated. Is there any way-
BY: To keep it in water? You mean to build an aquarium for it?
P: Yes, that would work.
BY: You could try building one near the side of the fence outside, there isn't enough room for one in here. And I don't think it'd enjoy Berty very much, anyways.

Walk outside of Baba Yaga's house, and you'll see a "Build-Aquarium" option along the part of the fence near the entrance. When you try to, you'll be informed in the game chat that you'll need 15 Mahogany planks, and 45 Rune nails, as well as a hammer and saw. Get the materials, and then build the Aquarium. It will still need to be filled, though. Either cast 'Humidify' on it 5 times, or use 25 Buckets of water on it, to do so.

P: That should do it.

*Screen fades out and back in, with Baba Yaga standing nearby and the Aviansea swimming in the Aquarium*

BY: Well, go on. Talk to it.

Go and click "Talk-to" on the Aquarium.

P: Hello.
A: Ahh! I'm trapped!
P: Its only temporary, don't worry.
A: It's you, you were the one from my dreams! Save me!
P: Everything's alright.
A: Wh-where am I?
P: You're on Lunar Isle, with us non-existent surface people. Or, 'Hoomins'.
A: But... I thought... How?
P: The wars your father were talking about have been over for a long time, we're not all dead.
A: Papa... I want to go home! I need to save him and the others from the Greybacks!
P: We'll get you home. Your family will be alright.
A: Thank you... [[Player]].
P: That's right, you still haven't told me your name. What is it?
S: *Emits an ear piercing shriek, that causes you and Baba Yaga to fall on your knees.*
P: How is that spelled?
S: A-A-A-A-U-U-
P: Never mind. I'll just call you Sharkbait, if that’s alright.

S: Okay then... So when are we leaving?
P: Well we need to know where to look, first.
S: I can lead you there once we get in the water. Me and my brother... always went off exploring so we know most of all the ocean.

*Sharkbait begins to cry*

P: What's wrong?
S: The ones who took me, took my brother too... He didn't get to escape.
P: Where do you think they took him?
S: Where ever they call their home, that is if they haven't eaten him already.
P: They eat Aviansea?
S: They could. Their mouths are as sharp as daggers that could cut through our skin with ease.
P: What more of the attacks can you remember?
S: Me and my brother were exploring the outskirts of Dessuneau when we heard the attacks in the city. We went to see what it was, and when we arrived the city was being destroyed, the Greybacks slaughtering my people. I couldn't see my family anywhere, not even Quill was where he always was in the house. They spotted us, and chased after us. We could out-swim them for awhile, but...
P: What?
S: ...I can't remember.
P: Hmm.
S: [[Player]], you must help me return to Dessuneau!

Agree, and then speak with Baba Yaga for your reward

3 Quest Points

1000 Crafting experience
2000 Construction experience
5000 Thieving experience
10000 Herblore experience
30000 Ranged experience
35000 Agility experience
50000 Slayer experience
55000 Magic experience

Tome of Mastery – 100k experience in any skill over 65

Access to the Multi Vengeance spell at level 98 Magic (Lasts for 3 attacks rather then one) (Double the Vengeance runes)

Access to the Awakened Dream spell at level 65 Magic (This spell allows you to enter the dream world, and view past cutscenes from quests you have completed. (1 Body, 1 Mind, 1 Cosmic, 1 Fire, 1 Astral))

Access to several news books on lore in the Varrock Library (Detailed below)

Faded Journal

Second age, year 57, 26th of Rintra,

It has been ages since we heard anything from Lartis. It is why we set out to follow in his footsteps.
Today, we left with our boat, 4 men strong, in the Northern Lands.
We must be weary of Zarosian activity, we have heard of them massing their forces close by for some reason, maybe they are planning an invasion of Kandarin for the Temple of Ikov, perhaps.

Second age, year 57, 28th of Rintra,

Searches have turned up nothing as of yet, we are continuing in the morning, some fog has formed and it is difficult to see.

Second age, year 57, 29th of Rintra,

Terrible, Progath is gone… he is simply gone.
After searching for him for several hours, we called it off.
We suspect he fell from board and drowned sometime during the night, we know he walks in his sleep.

Second age, year 57, 30th of Rintra,

We continued the search today and found a shipwreck. We stopped to investigate and we found pillar standing out of the water. It is really old, or at least, that is what Mentuis said. He should know, he knows a lot about architecture. Yet he says it is really alien to him.


We decided to stop and see if we can find anything underwater tomorrow.

Second age, year 57, 31st of Rintra,

Luckily, our mage knows of a spell that allows men to breathe underwater for a few minutes.
It allowed us to look at what was down there; the pillar had to go from somewhere.


It appears to be that someone built a tower here a long time ago, probably when there was no sea here yet. Second age, year 57, 33rd of Rintra,

We continued to look for Lartis, but so (Illegible)... I think we can keep this up for a month before we have to turn back.

Second age, year 57, 38th of Rintra,
We lost Mentuis today. Something… I don’t know what it is… It came right out of the water and took Mentuis… It was huge (illegible)… worm (illegible)… simply no way (illegible)…

We are going (illegible)…

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a man called Lucius.
His mother, Pertia, was a bad woman, who did not let Lucius do what he wanted. Instead, she made him clean everything that was both dirt and clean. Sometimes, three times in a day.

Lucius was a man that longed for something more, he longed for doing something. He began to practice magic, in secret. He didn’t want mom to find out.

One day, when Lucius thought he was good enough with magic, Lucius went away from his mom. He went to Seasuneude, the town to the north.

He went there to find a job, but soon he saw that he made a mistake. He could not find any work anywhere and had to live off the streets.

One day, after a five whole days without food, Lucius collapsed. An old woman saw the poor boy lying on the ground and brought him to her own house. The old woman made Lucius a bowl of soup and Lucius ate as he never had before.
The woman introduced herself as Caeril and Lucius and she had a long talk.

Caeril offered Lucius to sleep there that night and so Lucius did.
Lucius and Caeril spoke in the morning about themselves and soon both learned that they needed each other.
Caeril allowed Lucius to stay with her for as long as he needed a home.

One night, Lucius was searching Caeril’s storage room and he found a vial. Lucius opened it and what was inside went out, it was a small creature. It talked with Lucius about how Lucius could become the greatest mage of the world; it felt that that was Lucius’ greatest wish. The creature, did, however, want Lucius to do something for it first.
Lucius asked what the creature wanted and it said that Lucius had to go and steal Caeril’s necklace.

The next night, when Caeril was asleep, Lucius went to Caeril’s room and took the necklace that the creature had asked for.

Lucius immediately brought it to the creature, which thanked Lucius, turned Lucius into a powerful mage, and then left him.
But when Lucius looked in the mirror, he saw that he had changed, his face was not the one he remembered.
His skin was pale, his eyes red and his hair had turned black. From the shock, he started to cry and cry. He never stopped.

The entire town of Seasuneude got flooded and soon the entire thing was gone, underneath a sea of tears it now lays.

Waiting for Lucius to stop crying and the tears to dry.

Quest the Second: Darker Waters

The player begins to learn more about the sunken city of Dessuneau, and then uses the enchanted key to travel back in time to discover what happened to Dessuneau. However, the player interferes too deeply, and sparks numerous problems back in the present. After repairing what has gone wrong, the player seeks out Dessuneau in the present and learns further of the powerful Greybacks, and the seige the Aviansea had been under. In the end, you access the city as a powerful Greyback, later revealed to be predessessors to the Dagganoth, sweep through the city, slaughtering many Aviansea and setting the stage for the final quest

Quest the Third: Tears of Dessuneau

Loosest in plans, we clear up the mystery of Me, play some more with a bit of Dessuneau, learn of the past of the city and the origins of Dagganoth. At the same time, the Prophecy Tablets are cleared up, and the player manages to finally defeat the Greybacks once and for all, by defeating the true leader, the Greyback Elder.

~The Future of the Series~

The Avian Seas was planned as a trilogy from the start, and was only briefly considered to be a quaret, before sticking what would be 2+3 together and cutting some details to bring it down to size. The first was written and well-recieved, but Robo, DJjulen, and I were dissatisfied. After some time, Robo and I started re-planning the original, after finalizing quest 2. However, problems arose, and both of us became extreme busy, and the rework never went beyond the first sequence. Thus I posted this here

~Outlines of the Quests~

Quest 1. The Avian Seas

Read the original, posted above. Slightly modified, with several additions and changes.


+Reworking the beginning

+Reworking the Initial Baba Yaga section

+Reworking the dream sequence

+Adding a puzzle known as Papelford's Library, which makes the players work for the Dessuneau Information

+Adding lore to Me.

+Reworking the Virus section


-Remove some more blatant references to Dagganoth

-Remove some of the Dessuneau lore, to reveal later

Quest 2. Darker Waters

-Quest begins with the player truely discovering what Sharkbait is, by locating another Aviansea, who has come to the surface, escaping from the Greyback assault as well.

-As more information is revealed, the character wishes to travel to Dessuneau, at the urging of Sharkbait and the other, to discover the fate of the other Aviansea.

-The player, Sharkbait, and the other, descend under the sea, off the coast of Relekka. You reach the outside of Dessuneau after some battles, but find a giant dome over the city that the Aviansea don't know anything about. They cannot breathe air, which worries them about the state of the city.

-Another prophecy tablet is uncovered, referencing that the key can be found in what came before.

-You return to the surface, and return to Reldo for ideas. He mentioned his brother (new lore ) Jorral, over near Ardougne, who is very interested in Armadylian lore, and early Second Age (Which is when Dessuneau was built) information.

-When you speak to Jorral, he suggests trying the Enchanted Key near the site of Dessuneau. If you could return to it, perhaps you could learn how to disable the sphere.

-Travel to the land near Relleka, and use the Key. It will lead you to the Icy Hunter Area and you will then be ported back to the Second Age.

-Thrown into combat with strong Barbarians and Angry wizards immediately. The area is now a larger plain-like area, and before you looms a large city. Make your way to it, and get into the city

-Here is a largely unplanned sequence, in which you learn about the city, and mingle with the wizards. You learn Dessuneau is a large mage's college of sorts, but is contested by the Barbarians, who find magic untrustworthy. Wizards of all sorts come here to learn and share knowledge, regardless of religion.

-However, you find that Me has followed you back the past, and begins causing trouble.

-On the way to stop him, you learn of a big plan, the mages plan to cause an explosion beneath the city to allow it to sink beneath the waves. The mages are losing against the Fremennik, and need a way out. They have created a magical dome that would keep in air, which would allow them to live beneath the waves, out of the reach of the savages above.

-However, while you try to kill Me, he manages to harm the dome spell, and you manage to defeat him after. He escapes however, and steals your key, returning to the present without you. You are blamed for the act though, and must escape the city. The barbarians make a huge push as you make it out, and as you leave a cutscene plays, in which as you leave, a massive explosion rips the coast apart, the city begins to sink under the waves, and the camera follows. It goes deeper and deeper, as the dome around it begins to crack... With a final explosion, water rips through the city, killing all the mages within. Magical flashes shine through the water, and a few fishes swim away, surrounded by an eerie glow, as they begin to grow larger.

-You then are forced to find a spare key, and enchant it with a powerful spell you found in Dessuneau. After the spell is cast, you realize you were the creator of the key.

-You use the key again, as the cutscene ends and return to the present, armed with the knowledge of how to get inside the city.

-You, Sharkbait, and the other once again make your way down to Dessuneau and you solve a puzzle inside a small gate on the outside that you may have noticed before, allowing you inside the city. It is still partially filled with water, but is essentially the same design as the other Dessuneau. However, it is largely destroyed. Explore a bit through the water. Things swim through the water however, but avoid you.

-Eventually, you find a large castle-like area, and within you find seven Aviansea. After escorting Sharkbait and the other through, they explain that the Greybacks have attacked and invaded the city, killing many Aviansea and capturing others. Some escaped into the ocean, and the remaining few hid within the citadel.

-Greybacks are revealed to be highly intelligent precursors to Dagganoth!

-They ask you to infiltrate the Greyback hive, an extesive series of caves near the city, and rescue some of the captured Aviansea, so they have a chance of fighting back and defeating the Greyback before the rest of the Aviansea are killed and their home is destroyed.

-Go battle through some powerful Greybacks while exploring the hives, and manage to get the Aviansea free. Battle the boss, a really overly strong Greyback, and try to get the Aviansea out alive. Four of them *may* die, unless you protect them, of the seventeen availlable Aviansea.

-Get them back to the city, kill another strong Greyback inside, the as you do, many Greybacks within largely leave, seeing you have the strength to kill them. The Aviansea fill the place with watera bit more, but now leave the new dome up.

-It is revealed that the magics powering the dome recharge over time, but took many hundreds of years. It had happened before, several times, but had swiftly broken.

-The quests ends at this point, with the Greybacks retreating, but clearly preparing for another assault. What they want is unknown...

-Rewards are large, but TBD. The reqs are kinda confirmed, and are as such:

78 Fishing

76 Slayer

80 Agility

77 Thieving

85 Magic

78 Ranged

70 Crafting

72 Farming

73 Herblore

Watery Dreams

A Clockwork Syringe

Haunted Mine

Deadliest Catch

Quest 3: Tears of Dessuneau


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Re: The Avian Seas

Post by Djjulien on Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:18 pm



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Re: The Avian Seas

Post by Djjulien on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:00 am

I just finished writing my own quest series and I posted it, along with all my other writing on the Runescape Forums Grin
Amascut, I'd very much like it if you'd read it.

Quick find code:

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Re: The Avian Seas

Post by 3mptylord on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:26 pm

Which is the newest quest, again? Wink

Also, that's quite the eyesore of a thread size. Shock

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Re: The Avian Seas

Post by Djjulien on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:57 am

Erm, I wrote Whom Gods Approve like three years ago (I recently revised it, though). (This one caused for quite a discussion, lol, I think it reached 115 pages of posts, while the quests themselves were only 7).

The Frog Quest Series, I finished last year (I recently revised it too) (Did extremely well on the RS Forums).

Now I rewrote Cave & Co as well as Dance of Defiance (both did very well on the RS forums, especially Dance of Defiance since it's rather different from what you're used to Grin ).

And I also finished The Supreme One, this is the new one, but I like it better than all the others, simply because most work went into it, really Tongue

Actually, Mod Mark complimented me on both Whom Gods Approve as well as on the Frog Quest Series, understandibly, I was extremely happy when he gave me the compliment Smile



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Re: The Avian Seas

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