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The Svet Trilogy Empty The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 11:55 am

Here are the full installments of my final suggestion for RS and my flagship in The Raid, the Svet Trilogy. But before we unleash this, I have a few concerns: I need the opening dialogue for the Oncieromancer and I need to redo the section regarding the TzHaar due to the new quest. Please help me with those and enjoy my magnum opus! Grin

Completion of:
Meeting History
Hand in the Sand
The Dig Site
The Observatory Quest
The Giant Dwarf
Lunar Diplomacy
Roving Elves
Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift
Lunar Diplomacy
Salt in the Wound
Legacy of Seergaze
The Temple at Senntisten
Summer’s End
The Abyss Miniquest

Level 55 Runecrafting
Level 51 Theiving
Level 64 Construction
Level 69 Mining
Level 71 Smithing
Level 67 Agility
Level 63 Farming
Level 57 Dungeoneering
Level 60 Crafting
Level 70 Summoning
Level 57 Magic

Enemies to Defeat:
Svet (No Combat Level)
TokTz-Mej-Dill (Level 212)
Maelstrom (No Combat Level)
Svet (Level 332)
Svet (Level 523)

Found all the Treasure using the Enchanted Key
Unlocked a God Spell
Delivered Sir Gerry’s letter to Sir Tiffy Cashien

QUEST 1, Molding History

Jorral and Zavistic Rarve have you travel back in time with the Enchanted Key to learn more about magic. When you do, you arrive in time to go construct the Runecrafting Altars with the Lunar Clan. However, as you help construct the Air Altar, a young girl, Svet steals your key, and it breaks in a resulting tussle, teleporting you and Svet away. When you awake, you are at The Great Battle of the Outpost, where you reconstruct the Enchanted Key and make it back to your own time barely alive and without the key.

Length: Short-Medium
Difficulty: Experienced

Completion of:
Lunar Diplomacy
Meeting History
Hand in the Sand
The Dig Site

Level 55 Runecrafting
Level 51 Theiving

Found all the Treasure using the Enchanted Key

Enemies to Defeat:
Svet (No combat level)

High Defence and Consititution Level are recommended

Mood Specifications! Here’s a small guide on knowing the mood of each character in a dialogue/cut-scene. (Thanks to VerdantVulpe)
(o) = Ordinary (h) = Happy (a) = Angry (u) = Upset (l) = Laughing (e) = Evil (su) = Surprised (s) = Scared (t) = Thinking/Skeptical (sa) = Sarcastic (sh) = Shifty (d) = Dark

Getting Started:
Once you have all of the requirements, you will see Zavistic Rarve at the Outpost along with Jorral. Talk to either of them to start the quest.

(Choice) [You]:
-1. (h – speak to Jorral): Hello, Jorral! Why is Zavistic Rarve here?
-2. (h – speak to Zavistic Rarve): Zavistic Rarve! What are you doing here?
-1. (h) [Jorral]: Hello, [You]! Apparently, you became quite famous down in Yanile! Zavistic heard that you traveled back in time, and he came to me to ask if you would find out more about the history of magic!
-2. (h) [ZR]: [You], you never told me you travel through time as well as Geilinor! I came to Jorral to ask if you would take a trip to the first days of magic.
(Both choices continue the dialogue)
(l) [You]: So you want a quest? Why didn’t you say so?
(sh) [Jorral]: Because we have some…problems.
(o) [You]: What do you mean?
(o) [Jorral]: Well, the Enchanted Key only works in this area, as you may remember. While it was helpful for finding out about the 1st Age, we’re going to have to travel a bit more, both into the future and out of town. You can’t just cross Geilinor, we don’t know enough about the lands.
(o) [ZR]: Do you think you can help?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (t): Sure, but do you have any ideas?
-2. (sh): Sorry, but this is a little tricky, even for me!
(Response) [ZR]:
-1. (o): We’ve been working with the key, but we haven’t looked around the Outpost yet. Do you know anything about archeology?
-2. (o): We’ll keep working on it then…
(1 continues the conversation and starts the quest. 2 cancels both)
(h) [You]: Well, I did pass an exam!
(h) [Jorral]: Then you should do better than us!
(sh) [You]: Wait, Jorral, shouldn’t you experience with this kind of stuff?
(o) [Jorral]: These hands are for books, not dirt.
(h) [Jorral]: Also, take the key. Maybe you’ll have better luck than we did!

Digging Up the Past:
Using the skills and tools you picked up at the Dig Site (Rock Pick, Trowel, Specimen Brush), examine the area around the Outpost with your Enchanted Key in tow. (The area should be updated to have ruins of sorts, preferably to the near west. There should be several walls half sunken in the ground, a few weapons poking out of the ground: a total of 6 pieces) Whenever you’re ready, just use your tools on any piece of the ruins. Using your tools, excavate all the ruins.

But there are a two catches. Firstly, if dig too much, you’ll cause the ground to shift, pushing the artifact back into the soil and undoing your progress. Secondly, you can’t use a certain tool until you’ve reached a certain stage of excavation.

Tool – Damage – Unlock %
Specimen Brush – 3 – 25%
Trowel – 8 – 50%
Rock Pick – 17 – 100%

Artifact – HP
Rampart – 70
Rampart – 70
Standard – 53
Staff – 39
Staff – 39
Sword – 31

When you begin excavating an artifact, a bar will appear at the top of the screen showing how much HP the artifact has left, as a percentage. Unlike other fights, you can’t overkill your target. Figure out how much damage each tool does by relating it to the % of HP it takes away from the artifact. Once you excavate all the items, a cut-scene begins.

As you remove the last artifact from the ground, an exclamation point appears above your head.
(sh) [You]: There seems to be magic seeping from the ground
(t) [You]: Maybe this is the center of the ‘time-traveling zone.’
(t) [You]: But how am I going to have to bring this to Lunar Isle? Maybe Zavistic knows something about this…
Return to Zavistic and Jorral in the Outpost next to and talk to either one of them.
(h) [You]: I figured out how to expand the key’s range! It’s connected to some magic underground…
(l) [Jorral]: Zavistic’s negligence aside, what does this mean?
(o) [You]: Well, if we can move the energy, we can move the ‘time-traveling zone.’ But how do you do that?
(t) [ZR]: Well, where do you want to travel?
(o) [You]: The Lunar Isle.
(t) [ZR]: Hmm, does it have a particularly magical feature?
(sh) [You]: Yes…
(o) [ZR]: Then find an object similar to that feature and imbue it with the magic near the Outpost.
(h) [You]: You think that will work.
(sh) [ZR]: Yes…

As you probably can piece together, the Lunar Isle has the Astral Altar as a magical feature and an Astral Rune can be imbued with the magic near the Outpost. Once you have one in possession, use it on the excavation site to begin a short cut-scene in with blue streams of energy enter the rune, causing it to glow blue. Quickly tell Zavistic and Jorral your progress.
(o) [You]: It worked!
(su) [ZR]: Really-
(sh) [ZR]: Ahem, it was anything a two-bit scholar could have put together.
(t) [You]: Now what?
(o) [ZR]: Well, you’ll have to find a spot on Lunar Isle that resonates with both the Enchanted Astral Rune and the Enchanted Key.
(t) [You]: How am I supposed to do that?
(t) [Jorral]: I think the key will become hot or cold as you approach the spot, just like the chest you brought me.
(o) [ZR]: But the Rune will probably work more like a talisman, pulling in a certain direction.
(o) [You]: Anything else?
(t) [ZR]: Remember, the two have to line up perfectly before you can activate the key. The spot has to be perfect: you might have to head below or above ground.
(o) [Jorral]: Also, be prepared to stay there for a while without any supplies. You can’t bring anything or else they’ll find out. You can’t come and go as you please either: you have to stay there until the job is done.
(sa) [You]: Great.

Head to Lunar Isle with just the Enchanted Astral Rune and the Enchanted Key, you won’t need your Seal of Passage. There, Feel the key to see if you’re close to the spot and Locate the Enchanted Astral Rune to find out what direction it’s in. If you rely on just one, this will take longer than in should. Once you find the spot (it’s different for every player), Rub the Key to give you the option of entering the past, warning you that you won’t be able to return to the present until your mission is complete. (You can still log out.)

The Crafting Campaign:
When you have teleported, a cut-scene begins in which you see Lunar Isle from above: while it doesn’t look very different, almost all of the islanders are packing supplies into boats. Talk to islanders to gather information, until you learn that they are getting ready to leave to construct more Runecrafting Altars. Enter one of the boats to start a cut-scene.

(a) [Aquarius]: Hey, who are you?
A man grabs your arm to keep you from entering the boat.
(s) [You]: Just a fellow civilian!
(t) [Aquarius]: I haven’t seen you around here…
(o) [Aquarius]: But you seem to have a magical quality to you.
(sh) [Aquarius]: I suppose you can come aboard.
Just as you’re about to enter, a young boy runs into you, almost knocking you into the water. Fortunately, Aquarius catches you as several adults chase after her.
(s) [Boy]: Tell Svet to knock that off!
(a) [You]: Svet?
(o) [Aquarius]: She’s one of the village’s children.
(sa) [You]: Well, children and villages do have a history.
(h) [Aquarius]: As childish as she is, she is a prodigy.
Shortly after a girl with white hair holding a crude-looking staff runs by, bumping into Aquarius and knocking him into the water.
(u) [Aquarius]: I just hope we’re raising her well.

You then see a montage of you and the Lunar Clan traveling through the lands, sailing treacherous seas, dodging barbarians, until they arrive at the site of the Air Altar. You then are among several Lunar mages who focusing on channeling wisps of magic into the altar which several other mages are building. While you are focused on your task, Svet sneaks up on you and steals your key.
(h) [Svet]: Hey, I’ve never seen one of these before!
(a) [You]: Give that back!
(l) [Svet]: You’ll have to catch me!

BATTLE: Svet (No Combat Level)
Health: 600
Combat Styles: Magic
Max Hit: 5
Info: The “village prodigy” is nothing more than a trouble maker. She just will run around the battlefield, which is just a crowd of mages, some are standing still, others are walking around. While her very rare magic attacks deal very little damage, she can teleport you to any spot in the crowd. Considering that you can’t walk through the mages, this could be an annoying fight. However, if you Channel wisps of magic which spawn randomly around the field, you can Cast the highest level Wind Spell onto Svet if you can get in range.

This fight is really a matter of knowing the battlefield and watching Svet’s path. You can intercept her to fight her unarmed, which shouldn’t be too hard, given her low health. While Channeling a few wisps will make the fight much faster, Svet’s spells and the walking mages will make getting to her a bit more challenging.

Once you defeat Svet, you will try to grab the key from her.
(a) [You]: Give me my key back!
(a) [Svet]: No!
However, she will try to keep a hold on it, until it breaks in the tussel. A blue and magenta vortex appears from the fragments of the key.
(s) [Svet]: W-what’s happening?!
Both you and Svet are sucked into the vortex, leaving the mages in shock. The screen then fades white…

The Great Battle:
..and fades back in with you laying down in a meadow, surrounded by gnomes. The sounds of spells and swords rumble in the distance.
(pained) [You]: Ugh, my head.
One of the gnomes approaches you cautiously.
(s) [Gnome Guard]: Are you here to hurt us?
(o) [You]: No, but could you-
A rampart comes flying through the air, landing right on top of the guard, causing the others to run in terror.
(t) [You]: I wonder if that noise has anything to do with that.

As you walk towards the direction the direction of the launched barricade, you see several Ardougnian warriors and mages battling against Zamorakian bandits. As you watch the battlefield, you note that several Zamorakian mages can turn Ardougnian equipment into gold and silver, while an Ardougnian mage seems to warp time around him.
(su) [You]: This is the battle at the Outpost that Jorral was talking about!
(h) [You]: Now to get my key and tell-
(sh) [You]: Right, that brat broke it.
(u) [You]: I’m going to be stuck in this time forever! I have a house…and stuff.
(t) [You]: Maybe I can make a new one…

Although you’re standing in the middle of a battle field, you’re basically a civilian in a turf war: you’re not the focus of either side. However, both sides have the tools and supplies you need to make another Enchanted Key, you just need to think a little bit outside of the box.

Firstly, weave your way through the soldiers to pick up alchemized equipment, which comes in Silver and Gold Chunks. However, they disappear shortly after they form, so look out for them on the minimap. Secondly, Pickpocket mages of either alliance until you have 4 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune. (When you do, they complain that they’ve been robbed before being piled by several warriors of the other faction.) When you have 5 Silver Chunks and 3 Gold Chunks, cast Superheat Item on them to mold them into an Unenchanted Key.

The enchanting the key is the most dangerous step. The Ardougnian mage is only willing to attack you with Time magic if you pose a significant threat to him. Once you have made the key, Zamorakians will drop Bandit Gear when they die, which can be worn to affiliate yourself with their faction. All you have to do is get yourself involved in the fighting by attacking Ardougnians. Once you survive for a minute, the Ardougnian mage will begin to strike with you time attacks, slowing you and lowering your stats. Imbue the key at the moment you are struck to enchant it…

…but this doesn’t work, as you constantly mess up, due to spells you’re being damaged by. Once you would die, a flash of blue light comes from the key, returning you the present, albeit item-less. Talk to Jorral or Zavistic to start a conversation.
(sh) [You]: You would not believe what happened today.
(su) [Jorral]: You just left! What could have happened?
You tell Jorral and Zavistic of you adventure.
(sh) [ZR]: While that sounds fascinating, it’s doesn’t really relate to the history of magic.
(o) [You]: What.
(o) [ZR]: You seem to have learned about the history of Runecrafting.
(t) [ZR]: I guess I can still pay you for the experience if you talk to me later.
(h) [Jorral]: At least you did it for great history! We now can time-travel anywhere!
(sh) [You]: About that…
(u) [You]: I don’t seem to have the key on me, or anything for that matter.
(o) [Jorral]: Too bad. Time-travel is a great power, but it can have great consequences. I should know, I’m a historian.
(h) [ZR]: Alright then, thank you for your service, [You].
Zavistic teleports home. QUEST COMPLETE!


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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 11:56 am

QUEST 2, The Story of the Secret Star Seers:

After you finally fix the Observatory Bridge, you suspect something is amiss when the constellation, Scorpio, is not in alignment with the others. In asking the Spirit of Scorpius what is wrong, the existence of guardians of the realm, Gielinor, and a maelstrom that threatens to destroy it are revealed to you. To stop it, you prepare three vessels for the three most powerful guardians, Solaris, Zorya, and Gaea, to take on the maelstrom themselves. Once you choose Kolodion, the Oneiromancer, and Brimstail, they fail to destroy the vortex. Fortunately, after they learn to use their vessels better, they manage to vanquish that threat.

Length: Long
Difficulty: Master

Completion of:
The Observatory Quest
The Giant Dwarf
Lunar Diplomacy
Roving Elves
Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift

Level 64 Construction
Level 69 Mining
Level 71 Smithing
Level 67 Agility
Level 63 Farming
Level 57 Dungeoneering
Level 60 Crafting
Level 70 Summoning
Level 57 Magic

Enemies to Defeat:
Maelstrom (No Combat Level)

Unlocked a God Spell

Getting Started:
Unlike “Molding History,” you don’t need all the requirements to start this quest. Just talk to the Observatory Professor after you have completed “The Observatory Quest.”

(h) [You]: Hello, professor! How is the observatory going?
(o) [OP]: Well, but the bridge is out.
(sa) [You]: It’s not like anyone really needs to get in here.
(u) [OP]: Well, I don’t really like having to deal with the goblins whenever I need to get some supplies.
The professor’s assistant will come from downstairs, battered and bruised. He drops a crate in the middle of the room before moaning and heading back down.
(sh) [You]: So you have Patrick get them for you.
(u) [OP]: So will you help me for his sake, if not mine?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (o): Well, the wine was nice…
-2. (sa): Nah, I’d rather just stare at the stars
(Response) [OP]:
-1. (o): Okay, but I can’t say I’ll be much help.
-2. (h): You are almost as bad as me!
(1 continues the conversation and starts the quest. 2 cancels both)
(sa) [OP]: Wait, what wine.…
(sa) [You]: Wait, but won’t I have to get materials?
(h) [OP]: I’ll pay you back, I promise.
Head to a bank, I recommend the Castle Wars bank, and grab the materials you need to make a bridge. (A set of rope, about 24 planks, 2 blocks, a saw, and a hammer). Firstly, throw the rope across the bridge so you can cross without having to traverse the dungeon. (You have a chance of falling, dealing 100 damage.) Now, you can begin to work on the bridge.

The Bridge to the Heavens:
Firstly, you need to build a scaffold to hold up the bridge as you build it. Simply use a plank at each side of the cliff beneath the ruined bridge: each Support will use 5 planks. Once the ruined bridge has support, you can build the Arch using 14 planks on top of the Supports. (You can always run to the bank to grab more materials.) Now you can finally make the bridge. Pick up the 5 blocks scattered on the Northeast side of the bridge. While you can use them on the bridge to hammer them into place, there still is a gaping hole in it. Pry a block off of the broken pillars at each end of the bridge and use it on the bridge. Finally, use your Marble or Limestone block on the bridge to complete it.

The Observatory Professor will have been screaming at you to work harder, do it faster, etc. from inside, but once you finish the bridge, a short cut-scene will begin.
(h) [You]: There I did it! Professor!
You look around, and see that he has left.
(sh) [You]: He isn’t yelling at me, I wonder what is he up to.
You walk inside and climb up to the telescope room, where the Professor is looking into it.
(t) [OP]: Strange…the constellation Scorpio is off.
(t) [You]: Is something wrong?
(o) [OP]: No, there must be a logical explanation about this..
(sh) [You]: But I can cast magi-
(e) [OP]: SCINCE!

Leave the professor and talk to the Spirit of Scorpius at the ZMI Altar.
(t) [You]: Scorpius, is there anything wrong?
(o) [Scorpius]: …
(t) [You]: Scorpius?
(sh) [Scorpius]: I wouldn’t benefit from telling you…
(o) [You]: For one reason or another, your constellation is off. Do you have anything to do with this?
(sh) [Scorpius]: …but we are getting desperate…
(o) [You]: Are you even listening?
(a) [Scorpius]: I AM A CELESTIAL SPIRIT.
As these shocking words come from the spirit’s mouth, the world starts to shimmer.
(s) [You]: What did you do?
(o) [Scorpius]: Bringing you to my ‘superiors.’
You slowly turn into a random, ethereal familiar as Scorpius turns into a sparkling purple scorpion. However, you aren’t transported to the surreal forest that you remember from Familiarisation, but a black void with stars glimmering in the background.
[Voice]: Scorpio, disobey us again, do you? You have interfered with the maters of mortals before, but revealing yourself is a flagrant violation of our orders.
(o) [Scorpius]: This mortal is an acquaintance of mine, he might be able to heal us with our problem.
Several other beings fade into sight. A pair of black humans steps forward.
(o) [Thing 1]: But we have been
(o) [Thing 2]: ordered not to
(o) [Thing 1]: interfere with
(o) [Thing 2]: life in the
(o) [Thing 1]: material planes.
(o) [Scorpius]: Gemini, can you two –
(t) [You]: Gemini, Scorpio? Aren’t those constellations?
A copper colored set of scales seems to speak.
(o) [Scales]: Ah, mortal. Those constellations merely reflect our condition.
(o) [Scorpius]: Maybe I should explain, Libra.
(o) [Scorpius]: We are Zodiac Spirits, created to watch over the dimensions of this universe.
(o) [Scorpius]: Tell me, [You], do you know much about magic?
(If you have Level 99 Magic)
(l) [You]: Well, I have mastered the art.
(If you don’t have Level 99 Magic)
(sh) [You]: I guess…
(sa) [Scorpius]: Then you would know that magic cannot be created or destroyed, only changed.
(t) [You]: Like runes to spells. But what happens when the spell is cast?
(o) [Scorpius]: Some of the energy just floats up to space.
(sa) [You]: Seems harmless enough.
(o) [Scorpius]: This was fine when magic was only used for peace.
The scene slowly shifts to a battlefield, on which hundreds of soldiers fight. Spells flair periodically, striking down battalions.
(o) [Scorpius]: Centuries ago, as war ravaged your plane, the use of destructive magic went unchecked.
The scene fades back onto you and the Zodiac Spirits.
(o) [Scorpius]: The leftover magic has been collecting ever since, condensing into a storm of magic which threatens your realm.
(sa) [You]: If you’re so powerful, why can’t you take care of it?
(u) [Scorpius]: We, beings of magic, would be assimilated into the anomaly.
(o) [Scorpius]: While they have been discussing what to do, I’ve been trying to get you humans to see it yourself, but I was ‘killed’ before I had the chance.
(t) [You]: Maybe we humans can do more than that.
(o) [Scorpius]: Go on…
(o) [You]: We could rally an army –
(sa) [Scorpius]: To space? You would die in a heartbeat.
(t) [Scorpius]: But a spirit.
A green bull steps forward.
(a) [Bull]: Scorpio, are you mad?! The Seer Spirits-
(o) [Scorpius]: Are exactly what we need, Taurus. Their power coupled with that of the seers would certainly destroy the storm.
(o) [Gemini 1]: But you know
(o) [Gemini 2]: our orders-
(a) [Scorpius]: We have sat here doing nothing because of these orders! This is our last resort.
(o) [Libra]: You will be punished for your insolence…
An orange lion steps forward.
(o) [Lion]: I for one support Scorpio. We have no other choice-
A pink woman cuts the lion short.
(a) [Woman]: Leo, this is madness!
(a) [Leo]: No, Virgo. This. IS. LIFE OR DEATH! Scorpio’s misdeeds aside, he is right. I say we vote on this matter and end this needless banter!
7 of the 11 Zodiac spirits vote. Of course, Libra glares, as much as a set of scales can, in condemning silence.
(sh) [Scorpius]: Thank you for understanding my reasoning.
The spirits nod as they fade back into the darkness of space.
(o) [Scorpius]: Anyway, [You], since I do not possess the energy to travel Gielinor, you must find humans to act as vessels for the seers. Remember, they must possess similar magical and spiritual energy; otherwise they will not be compatible.
(t) [You]: Spiritual energy?
(o) [Scorpius]: One’s soul, one’s identity. It should come naturally to both the spirit and the human. Such bonds are often written among the stars.
(t) [You]: Where can I find the seers?
(sa) [Scorpius]: Normally, they reside deep in the cosmos, but you will find them in the Spirit Realm you are familiar with.
Both of you laugh, until you suddenly find yourself back at Scorpius’s altar on Gielinor, in flesh.

Celestial Matchmaking:
If Scopius’s pun was any clue, you have to enter the Spirit Plane. Find Pikkenmix and have him teleport you there. (Note that you can only enter the realm once per week, it is a D&D after all!) Once you enter a short cut-scene will begin.
(o) [You]: Well, where are they?
(sa) [You]: I suppose being omniscient doesn’t keep you from being late.
(o) [You]: May as well kill time.

Since the seers are late, you may as well collect shards. Remember that you are still participating in Familiarisation: you can’t come into contact with your opposing creature. Once you collect 40 shards, or have been in the plane for 15 minutes, another cut-scene begins.
The plane around you shimmers, and soon, you’re in a shimmering mess of red, blue and green lights.
(s) [You]: What does this mean?
(o) [Red Voice]: So this is the human who thinks he can help us quell the maelstrom?
(o) [Blue Voice]: He looks quite perturbed, Solaris. Maybe we should find a mortal of a higher caliber.
(o) [Green Voice]: Zorya, you’re scaring him/her even further. We should introduce ourselves. I am Gaea, Seer of Earth.
(o) [Zorya]: Greetings, I am Zorya, Seer of the Moon.
(o) [Solaris]: And I, am the great and powerful-
(o) [Zorya]: Solaris, Seer of the Sun.
(t) [You]: So if you are so powerful, why are you just voices?
(o) [Zorya]: Ah, mortal, you can’t fathom our power. We manifest ourselves as these voices because we are the force of the moon, the sun, the earth.
(If you have completed “The Path of Glouphrie”)
(t) [You]: Wait, Gaea, are you the Anima Mundi?
(o) [Gaea]: No, I am the Earth, not life.
(If you have not completed “The Path of Glouphrie,” skip to here.)
(o) [Solaris]: However, we can focus our might into an object, or even a mere mortal like yourself!
(o) [Zorya]: But we do not possess the ability to focus our power into a mortal from this plane. We are watchers, we usually don’t concern ourselves with mortals.
(t) [You]: I could summon you onto my plane…
(o) [Solaris]: Bringing a spirit such myself down onto –
(o) [Gaea]: That sounds ingenious, wouldn’t you say, Zorya.
(o) [Zorya]: Oh, yes. Tell me more about…Summoning.
(o) [You]: Well, a summoner infuses the essence of a familiar, one of the spirits wandering this plane, into a pouch, using a charm and other items to specify the desired spirit and spirit shards to give the familiar a tangible form.
(o) [Zorya]: Since we will use a mortal as our form, we just need the secondary and tertiary items.
(t) [You]: So what do you think best defines you?
(o) [Solaris]: A sword, forged from the hottest fires that your realm has to offer!
(o) [Zorya]: Well, I need to be refracted into a prism of sorts, preferably blue.
(o) [Gaea]: I just want the most beautiful flower you can find.
(t) [You]: Those sound…fun.
(o) [Gaea]: Good luck, human.
The colors recede as the seers leave, leaving you back in the Spirit Realm.

Once you finish the D&D, you know that you have to find the items that the seers requested, summon them, and find their vessel. While this is a daunting task, you can retrieve the items in any order.

The hottest place on Gielinor is not the Kharid Desert, as you may think, but the TzHaar volcano. If you want to smith a sword matching Solaris’ fiery spirit, the molten city is your best lead. Speak to the merchant of Obsidian weaponry, TzHaar-Hur-Tel.
(o) [Hur-Tel]: Can I help you JalYt-Ket-[You]?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (o): What do you have to trade?
-2. (a): What did you call me?
-3. (o): No, I’m fine thanks.
-4. (o): How do you make Obsidian weapons?
(Choices 1, 2, and 3 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 4 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(o) [Hur-Tul]: Why do you want to know?
(h) [You]: I want to make a sword forged from the fires of the earth!
(If you haven’t completed “TokTz-Ket-Dil”)
(l) [Hur-Tul]: Silly JalYt-Ket! Do not worry yourself with such art; leave it to the TzHaar-Hur!
The dialogue will end.
(If you have completed “TokTz-Ket-Dil”)
(o) [Hur-Tel]: JalYt-Ket, do you know where obsidian comes from?
(o) [You]: The mines.
(o) [Hut-Tel]: Do you know what makes the difference between that rock and the tools and weapons of the TzHaar?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (t): Erm, no.
-2. (u): Sadly.
(Response) [Hur-Tel]:
-1. (o): It is fused with the rock of our brethren.
(u) [You]: I had no idea!
(Choice 2 skips to here.)
(h) [Hur-Tel]: Why do you weep? We work with the spirit of our ancestors, and joining with them will be an honor!
(t) [You]: But what does this have to do with forging a sword?
(o) [Hur-Tel]: The bodies of our fallen brethren are either put on display or crafted directly into Tokkul.
(h) [Hur-Tel]: Otherwise, they are placed into the same lava as the eggs, so their souls may be given a new body.
(t) [You]: What about the…
(sh) [You]: corpses…?
(h) [Hur-Tel]: They melt in the lava, ultimately moving and cooling into crops of rock, TokHaar. We TzHaar-Hur mine and craft TokHaar and TokTz to create the tools we use, and sell to you!
(o) [You]: And can I craft my own sword?
(sh) [Hur-Tel]: JalYt-Ket, can you keep a secret?
(sh) [You]: Yes…
(u) [Hur-Tel]: Something down there has been feeding on TokHaar and has even defeated TzHaar-Ket!
(t) [You]: Do you think it’s another TokTz-Ket-Dill?
(o) [Hur-Tel]: No, the TzHaar-Ket would have killed it.
(t) [Hur-Tel]: So, JalYt-Ket, will you help us?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (a): FOR THE SWORD!!
-2. (s): If you guys can’t kill this thing, what chance do I have?
(Response) [Hur-Tel]:
-1. (l): That’s the spirit! Use this pass to get into the rebirth tunnels.
-2. (o): I’m sure that we mighty TzHaar will think of something.
(1 will advance you in the quest and end the dialogue. 2 just ends it.)
You will receive Hur-Tel’s Pass. Prepare for battle (bring a pickaxe and a crush weapon, water or ice spells are recommended) and head to the Obsidian Mine in the northeast part of the city.

Once you enter, you will see that in the northwest part of the mine, there is now a crevice surrounded by TzHaar-Ket. If you have Hur-Tel’s Pass, they will let you descend it. Once you do, you’ll be greeted by a large chamber filled with pulsing crops of obsidian and divided into sections by streams of lava. As you carefully tread the room, you notice patches of lava cooling into chamber and several rock like…eggs?
(t) [You]: So if those are eggs, then this monster must be-
A large black armadillo tunnels up from the lava. As it streaks off the beast, the cracks in its shell glow with firey power, similar to the TzHaar. As soon as it notices that you are approaching the eggs, it roars as waves of heat ripple from it.
(sa) [You]: A mother. Of course.

BATTLE: TokTz-Mej-Dill (Level 212)
Health: 2200
Combat Styles: Melee, Ranged
Max Hit: 220, 260
Info: Looks like the TokTz-Ket-Dill had a mama, and she’s gonna knock you out! Unlike her offspring, this armadillo has consumed the holy remains of the TzHaar, giving it a fiery temper, and some fiery new abilities. The battle will start off similarly to the battle against Ket-Dill, its shell absorbs all damage and can only be broken by a pickaxe, and you need to use a Crush weapon to deal damage. However, her diet will make this fight harder.

Xil-Ul: If you use a protection prayer while the shell is up, you will continually take 150 damage.

Kot-Tz: Once the beast has lost 550 LP, it will burrow into the lava, and resurface elsewhere in the chamber. You have to traverse the lava as it cools to get to the beast, which will occasionally lob a spine at you, then you will have to destroy her shell, again.

TzUl: Every once in a while, the cracks in the beast’s armor will glow for a few moments as it gathers heat. If you are still 4 squares of the animal when she’s done charging, it will release a large heat wave, dealing 350 magic damage and lowering your Constitution Level by 5.

This fight might seem somewhat difficult, as you have to fight it without prayers whenever its shield comes up. Moreover, using the only style the Mej-Dill is vulnerable to puts you at risk for a powerful counter. Bring a good amount of food to survive the prayer-less moments, as you’ll have to wait for a rock platform to float up, providing a bridge to another section.

However, while they can’t damage the beast directly, bringing water or ice spells will make the fight much easier. You can cast either spell on a patch of lava to make a rock platform for 4 or 8 seconds respectively. Moreover, if you hit the Mej-Dill with a water or ice spell as she’s charging TzUl, she will be stunned for 3 seconds, the attack will be canceled, and your next melee attack will do 50% or 100% more damage.

Once you kill the beast, a cut-scene will begin, in which the beast’s shell will crumble, and then it collapses, dead.
(t) [You]: Now that the mother’s dead, I guess the TzHaar will know what to do with the eggs.
(h) [You]: I guess I can now report to Hur-Tel.
Trace your steps back to Hur-Tel’s shop and tell him of your triumph.
(su) [Hur-Tel]: You defeated the beast that devoured the bodies of our ancestors!
(o) [You]: That’s one way to put it.
(h) [Hur-Tel]: That’s a feat fitting a TzHaar, not a JalYt!
(h) [You]: Now can you smith me a sword?
(l) [Hur-Tel]: Of course I will…JalTz!
(t) [You]: Do you know how to make metal bars? They’re the only material I can make weapons out of.
(o) [Hur-Tel]: After watching many other JalYt craft them, I can make a few.
(o) [Hur-Tel]: Bring me 4 pieces of TokHaar, 2 pieces of TokTz, and 2 pieces of what you call Iron and Mithril, and I will make you one bar.
(sh) [You]: I think I’ll need two bars.
(l) [Hur-Tel]: Then bring me twice the rock!
Bring these materials to Hur-Tel. TokTz is simply a Stone Slab mined from an Obsidian Wall. TokHaar can be mined from Rocky Outcrops in the chamber you fought the TokTz-Mej-Dill, if you have Level 69 Mining. Once you have the items, bring them back to Hur-Tel.
(h) [You]: Here you go!
(o) [Hur-Tel]: Now to craft these into the ‘metal’ you want,
Hur-tel carries the ores to the nursery behind him. When he dips them into the fire, a sudden burst of lava splashes over the ores as they melt into a gleaming bar of black metal.
(o) [Hur-Tel]: I name this ‘metal’ TokTz-yt.
As he hands it to you, the bars shine with a red-orange light, echoing the power of TzHaar before you. Go to any anvil and smith the TokTz-yt bars into a TokTz-yt-ek, a large sword with a handguard in the shape of TokTz-ket-xil, an Obsidian Shield. Such a weapon definitely would please Solaris!

Speaking of whom, you now can summon him! Bring the sword and a Red Charm to a Summoning Obelisk and Imbue the weapon. When you do, a cut-scene will begin in which red streams of light will come from the obelisk and the environment and stream into the sword, causing it to glow.
(o) [TokTz-yt-ek]: So this is what the human realm is like…
(sa) [You]: You’re in a chunk of rock and metal, you can’t feel anything.
(l) [Solaris]: I feel the power of a thousand suns within me, bring me a vessel worthy of this power! A warrior who know the thrill of battle! A mage whose spirit is as fiery as his magics. A –
(sa) [You]: I get it. I’ll bring you a host.

Now you must travel the lands of Gielinor to find such a mage. If you need a reminder of Solaris’s ideal vessel, you can Talk to him, as he’s bound to the TokTz-yt-ek. If you bring him to the wrong person, s/he will ask what would they want with such a sword. But if you talk to Kolodion…
(h) [You]: Hello, Kolodion.
(sh) [Kolodion]: Hey there, how are you? Are you enjoying the bloodshed?
(o) [You]: It’s not bad, I’ve seen worse.
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (sa): I think I’ve had enough for now.
-2. (t): How can I use my new spells outside of the arena?
-3. (t): Do you mind taking a look at this sword for a moment?
(Choices 1 and 2 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(If you haven’t unlocked a God spell.)
(l) [Kolodion]: Why should I? You think you have something to teach me?
The dialogue with then end.
(If you have unlocked a God spell.)
(sh) [Kolodion]: I guess so, from one battlemage to another.
Kolodion examines the sword as it slowly glows brighter and brighter.
(su) [Kolodion]: This is one of the most amazing weapons I have ever seen!
(h) [Kolodion]: Normally, I prefer the power that a good staff has, but this seems to just radiate with the magics of battle!
Suddenly, the streams of light that entered the sword seep out and enter Kolodion, causing his eyes to glow a strong shade of red-orange as the weapon clatters to the ground.
(s) [You]: By [insert unlocked God Spell], what have I done?
(o) [Kolodion/Solaris]: You found me a suitable host.
(t) [Kolodion/Solaris]: Hmm, the human realm is much darker than what I imagined. A little bit of my magics will-
You grab Kolodion by the wrists as his hands glow with cosmic energies.
(o) [You]: You’re in a cave, calm down.
Kolodion brushes you off.
(sa) [Kolodion/Solaris]: Anyway, talk to me or my fellow seers when you wish to attack the maelstrom.
The light fades from Kolodion’s eyes.
(t) [Kolodion]: Ugh, what was that?
(sh) [You]: You tried drinking some of the water from that pool. Bad idea.
(o) [Kolodion]: Sorry you had to see that.

While the seer’s item doesn’t seem to be rare, it certainly sounds hard to make. But if anyone knows about it, it would be a dwarf. Talk to the Gem trader, Hervi, in Keldagrim.
(o) [Hervi]: Greetings human…can I interest you in some fine gems?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (h): Show me the wares!
-2. (o): No thanks.
-3. (t): What do you know about ‘refraction?’
(Choices 1 and 2 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(If you haven’t completed “The Giant Dwarf”)
(sh) [Hervi]: Not much.
The dialogue will then end.
(If you have completed “The Giant Dwarf”)
(sh) [Hervi]: I guess I can tell you…
(h) [You]: Great! Do I need to beat a mystical golem? Journey to the center of the earth?
(o) [Hervi]: No, you just need glue.
(su) [You]: Really?
(o) [Hervi]: And to be a good enough crafter.
(u) [You]: Well, it’s a nice change in pace.
(o) [Hervi]: All you have to do is bring me three of the gem you want to facet and a chisel.
Since Zorya asked for something blue, bring the dwarf 3 Sapphires, or you could ‘buy’ them from his stall, if you don’t want make the short walk to the other side of the city. Just remember that he won’t talk to you for a while if you steal his wares. Use the gems on Hervi.
(o) [Hervi]: First, you have to chisel the faces of these gems apart.
Hervi breaks the gems into several Sapphire Shards (stacked).
(o) [Hervi]: Now, with this glue, you can piece the shards into whatever shape you want.
(t) [You]: So I can trap light inside of a well-assembled sapphire?
(o) [Hervi]: In theory.
(h) [You]: Sounds good!
(o) [Hervi]: I’ll give you the glue for free this time, but if you mess up, I have to sell you the glue for 500 gold pieces.
(su) [You]: Isn’t that a bit much?
(sh) [Hervi]: I say that about you stealing jewels from me.
(sh) [You]: Heh.

Hervi will give you a Bottle of Glue and Sapphire Shards. When you want to begin making the prism, grab those materials and a Lantern lens and head outside. Use the Lantern lens on the shards to start piecing together the shards. The game screen will be replaced with a view of your legs as you sit cross-legged, and the number and shape of the shards you have left are at the top of the screen. Your Control Panel has 5 buttons in it: Flip Vertically, Flip Horizontally, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter-Clockwise, and Shine. Your 38 Sapphire Shards are grouped by shape, giving you 20 Triangles and 12 Pentagons, and you have to glue them together so that light will stay in the prism.

Before you start sculpting the jewel, think about how all the pieces could come together to form a ‘sphere.’ This puzzle is a straight-forward puzzle. Tongue You need to foresee how the shards should fit to form a globe (although the cost of failure is low, for now…). If it’s any help, the intended shape is a Icosidodecahedron.

If you thank that you have correctly assembled the Sculpted Sapphire, click the Shine button, a cut-scene will begin. You hold the globe up to the light, and, if you have failed, light will just seep through, and you break the globe in anger, since it’s worthless anyway. However, if you succeeded, light will enter the globe and it will radiate brightly for a moment. This gem has been perfectly constructed to suit Zorya’s specifications, she will be pleased.

But you have to summon her first. Bring the Sculpted Sapphire and a Blue Charm to a Summoning Obelisk and Imbue the jewel. Once you do, a cut-scene will begin in which blue sparkles of light will float up from the obelisk and down from above, ultimately entering the gem, causing it to glow.
(o) [Sculpted Sapphire]: The human realm is a lot more orderly than I imagined.
(sa) [You]: If only…
(o) [Zorya]: No matter, we will soon find a mortal who is able to channel my energies. Preferably, a mage who already has a connection with the stars and has knowledge of the behavior of the people of this realm. I wish to study you humans a little more.
(sh) [You]: Okay…
Zorya’s interest aside, you now have to find a mage who suits her. If you forget who would make a good match, just Talk to her. If you bring the gem to the wrong person, s/he’ll only state that s/he’s not interested in your bauble. But if you talk to the Oneiromancer…
(h) [You]: Hello, Kolodion.
(sh) [Oneiromancer]: Hey there, how are you? Are you enjoying the bloodshed?
(o) [You]: It’s not bad, I’ve seen worse.
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (sa): I think I’ve had enough for now.
-2. (t): How can I use my new spells outside of the arena?
-3. (t): Does this jewel mean anything to you?
(Choices 1 and 2 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(h) [OM]: This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It feels pretty powerful too.
(t) [OM]: I wonder if it would work as a scrying-
As the Oneiromancer raises the sapphire to eye-level, sparkles emanate from it, ultimately floating to and shrouding her head, and her eyes slowly change to a bright blue.
(t) [OM/Zorya]: Hmm, so this is what a human is like. I feel a little light-headed, whatever that means.
(sh) [OM/Zorya]: Nothing a little bit of magic won’t fix.
A beam of blue light down onto both of you, your stats are all boosted by 5%!
(su) [You]: What was that?
(h) [OM/Zorya]: Just a taste of the power I have.
(sh) [OM/Zorya]: Shame I still feel light-headed.
(l) [You]: You’re a human now; you’ll have to deal with your problems like everyone else.
(sa) [OM/Zorya]: I’ll reflect on this ‘humanity’ of mine for now. Return to me when you and my fellow seers are ready to solve our ‘problem.’
The light fades from the Oneiromancer’s eyes.
(t) [OM]: I feel woozy.
(o) [You]: Don’t worry; you fainted with joy from seeing my gift.
(sa) [OM]: Okay…

The home of the land’s most beautiful fauna must be Tirannwn. However, picking the most lovely plant requires some elven knowledge. Fortunately, if you have done “Roving Elves,” you would know that Queen Glarial appreciated the beauty of nature: Islwyn is your next best choice.
(o) [You]: Hello again.
(o) [Islwyn]: Ah…good to see you back. You after another of them bows, or one of my shields?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (o): One of your bows please.
-2. (o): I’d like to buy a shield.
-3. (o): No, I’m just passing thtough.
-4. (t): Did your grandmother have a garden of sorts?
(Choices 1,2 and 3 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 4 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(o) [Islwyn]: [You], I am grateful for putting my consecrating my grandmother’s tomb, but my clan has nothing but the clan to our name.
(o) [You]: Islwyn, the fate of the world is possibly resting in this garden. Please show it to me.
(sh) [Islwyn]: I’ll take my chances.
(a) [You]: Are you really going to do this, Islwyn?
(a) [Islwyn]: If by ‘this,’ you mean keep my clan’s honor, then yes.
(d) [You]: Why you-
(o) [Islwyn]: [You], it’s clear that I have no business with you.
(a) [You]: Maybe not with me, but the rest of the world.
(d) [Islwyn]: As you said, the rest of the world possibly could not need my clan’s help.
Islwyn then teleports off.
(a) [You]: The fool…
(o) [Eluned]: You shouldn’t be so quick to judge.
(sa) [You]: What’s that supposed to mean?
(o) [Eluned]: Islwyn really wants to help you, but he is a man of duty. He feels obligated to act in the name of clan. And his grandmother.
(t) [You]: Can I convince him to help me?
Eluned sighs.
(o) [Eluned]: I don’t know. He’s quite stubborn
(o) [You]: I can try. That’s all I can really do.
(o) [Eluned]: When he gets this angry, he usually meditates looking at Prifddinas.
(o) [You]: Thank you.
(o) [Eluned]: Good luck, if you need to enter Glarial’s garden this badly, then I fear for not only the elves.

This next section could be considered harder than the rest of the quest: you have wander around the area bordering the inaccessible crystal city and find the elf. He can be found at one of three spots, the shark Fishing spot, the Hunter spot, or just outside the Limestone mine, for 7 minutes before he moves on.

There are two ways to find Islwyn: wait for him to appear at that spot, or search the area itself for a clue of where he was, i.e. where he isn’t right now. If you find a Grenwall spike, he has come from the Hunter spot, a chunk of limestone, the mines, and if the ground is wet, the Fishing spot. Finding Islwyn will take persistence and speed. If you miss him, head to the next as quickly as possible.

You’ll find Islwyn with his legs crossed, gazing at the crystal walls in the distance. Talk to him.
(o) [You]: Islwyn…
Islwyn doesn’t turn to you
(o) [You]: I’m sorry if I may have offended –
(o) [Islwyn]: You offending me? I’m the one who more or less doomed the planet for the sake of just a couple of flowers.
(h) [You]: So you’ll help me?
(o) [Islwyn]: Of course.
Islwyn pulls out a crudely-drawn map of Isafdar and hands it to you.
(o) [Islwyn]: Meet me inside the garden marked here. I’ll bring you to the best plant for your task.
(t) [You]: Why don’t you get it for me?
(u) [Islwyn]: I sadly don’t have the skill to tend the garden, let alone pick a delicate plant. I can only watch it.
(u) [You]: I feel your pain.
Islwyn teleports off to scout the garden. If you read the Isafdar Map, you’ll only notice a few landmarks (his two camps, the Tyras Camp, Iorwerth’s Camp, and the Elf Musician) and the hastily scribbled line “Only in the leap into Seren’s arms will you prove your worth.” Moreover, the X seems to line up with the Leaf Trap north-east of the musician.

But all you can see is the Leaf Trap that caught you many times before. Nothing in the area seems out of the ordinary. But if you have Level 57 Dungeoneering, you have to option to Enter the Leaf Trap by right clicking it. When you do so, a cut-scene begins in which you breathe deeply to steady yourself and you take a large step forward, expecting to fall forward-

And you appear in a cavern filled with the most amazing plant-life you have ever seen! When you look down, you notice that you’re only on the top floor and the grass that carpets the floor looks overgrown even from up there. However, it doesn’t detract from the sight of the other flowers which glimmer with a variety of colors, some of which are made of actual crystal!
(su) [You]: What does this mean?
(h) [Islwyn]: Looks like you managed to enter. Follow me closely, you can tell that the garden, while beautiful, is rather unkempt.
(u) [Islwyn]: Due to my negligence.
(h) [You]: Hey, cheer up; what’s the worst that can-
A large, crystalline giant roars as he smashes the beams supporting the platform you two are on. While you manage to get out of the way, Islwyn isn’t so lucky. He falls to the bottom floor of garden.
(su) [You]: Islwyn!
A voice faintly floats up from the bottom floor.
(o) [Islwyn]: Heh, I’ll be fine.
(su) [You]: But you must have fallen-
(o) [Islwyn]: I’ll live, your mission comes first. I’ll make my way up there-
(o) [You]: No, stay there; I’ll get you something to restore your form, maybe something to eat too.
(o) [Islwyn]: You can leave the garden by touching that spire behind you, but return soon. A few potatoes would be nice. A drink of water, if you have it…
Activate the Spire and grab supplies for a dangerous Agility course, that giant probably had friends! Furthermore, bring a Super Restore Potion (remember that Islwyn only needs one dose) and 200 LP in food for him. Return to the garden as you first enter and start looking for the elf…again.

But this is easier said than done. Firstly, this is an Agility MAZE. While there is no one path to the bottom floor of this garden, there will be multiple dead-ends. Moreover, the obstacles which you will encounter (all of them require Level 67 Agility) can deal damage if you fail:

Floral Vine
This is a simple tight rope, though it is covered with flowers, with a low chance of failure. If you fail, you will take 150 damage and fall down a floor. They are found on the top and middle floors, mostly the middle, but not on the bottom floor.

Overhead Vines
Similar to the Floral Vine, but with a medium chance of failure, this obstacle bridges a gap, but failing it will cost you up to 150 LP and you will drop a floor. They are found on the top, mostly the top, and middle floors, but not on the bottom floor.

You simply need the Agility Level to contort your way through these overgrown plants. If you fail, which should be very rare, you will take 20 damage, but you still end up on the other side. This is found on all floors.

Crystal Thorns
The path is marked by several thorns coming from plants on other sides. You have a high chance of failure, but if you do, you only take up to 75 damage and don’t pass. They are rare, but found on all the floors.

Crystal Pine
A large tree that seems to offer grips with which you can climb up a floor. While the failure chance is moderate, if you fail, you will take up to 150 damage and fail to climb up. These are found on the middle and bottom floors, mostly the bottom floor, but never the top floor.

Budding Crystal
Budding crystals line the subterranean walls of the garden, some of them are close enough to let you climb up or down them. However, there is a moderate chance of failure, if you do fail, you will take 100 damage and fall down a level (if you were attempting to climb down) or stay on the same floor (if you were attempting to climb up). They can be found on all the floors, but only along the edges.

If this weren’t bad enough, there are a few species of enemies who have adapted to the flourishing garden. Naturally, they won’t take kindly to intruders.

Crystal Giant – Level 101
Lifepoints: 1500
Combat Style: Melee
Max Hit: 150
These giants are similar to other giants, but stronger and multicolored: blue, pink and white! Due to their size, they have sub-par defence and high LP, but they hit hard. Since they move slowly, you should be able to lose them in the maze.

Crystal Plant – Level 86
Lifepoints: 1250
Combat Style: Ranged
Max Hit: 90
A relative of the Strange Plant, the crystalline variety might not be able to poison you, but its attacks have the odd effect of lowering your Defence level by 1 with every attack, similar to the Tz-Kih. They attack slowly, so either bring a method of restoring your Defence Level or get away from them as quickly as possible.

Awe Sprite – Level 97
Lifepoints: 1400
Combat Style: Magic
Max Hit: 135
These sprites may remind you of the Elementals of the Sorceress’s Garden, but their effect upon seeing you isn’t as benign: once you manage to attract their attention, i.e. get really close, they will start the fight by shining a baleful light, reducing your Constitution Level by 3. Although they can only use this trick against you once, avoiding as many sprites as you can over the course of this garden is highly recommended: you need as much health as you can get!

You know that Islwyn fell to the bottom floor, so get there as quickly as possible! Note that you can use a Protect prayer to negate the side effects of the Crystal Plants and Awe Sprites, in addition to any damage you may take, so taking a few Prayer Potions would help. However, you will need a good amount of food in case you fail the obstacles, and to give to Islwyn. As a result, a Spirit Terrorbird or a Unicorn Stallion would help, for the Run Energy boost and the extra Inventory or the special move.

Once you reach the bottom floor, you will call out to Islwyn, and he will reply, showing the direction he is in with a flashing arrow on your minimap. (The location is different for each player.) Once you make your way to the elf, a cut-scene begins. You find Islwyn resting against a plant, with a pile of crystal shards nearby.
(su) [You]: What happened?
(o) [Islwyn]: …give me the food first….
(If you do not have at least 200 LP in food and a dose of a Super Restore)
(u) [You]: I don’t have any more, sorry.
(o) [Islwyn]: …I’ll be fine, just hurry….
(If you do have the rations)
(o) [You]: Here, you look like you need them.
You hand Islwyn the food.
(o) [Islwyn]: That’s much better.
Islwyn then struggles to his feet, as you tense, ready to catch him in case he falls.
(t) [You]: How did you survive that fall?
(o) [Islwyn]: We elves are more nimble than you. Keeping myself from dying was relatively easy.
As Islwyn talks with you, an you catch the attention of an Awe Sprite. As it prepares to attack you, Islwyn shifts his position between you and the sprite as he chants under his breath. When the aura hits you, a brillant crystalline shield manifests on Islwyn’s arm and he reflects it, disorienting the sprite.
(o) [Islwyn]: I will bring you to the plant which you seek. Come quickly!
Islwyn grabs you by the arm as he sprints away from the enemy.
(su) [You]: You can recharge crystals? Why didn’t you tell me?
(sa) [Islwyn]: You ask enough from me already. I like my quiet time.
(l) [You]: Okay, I get it.
(o) [Islwyn]: Follow me closely; I can ward off the beasts that threaten us.

You’re trek through the labyrinthine garden now becomes much easier now that you have Islwyn tanking all incoming hits for you and showing you the way. Moreover, if you fail an obstacle, Islwyn will do likewise, albeit more gracefully, and continue you to show you the location of Gaea’s plant, which is also different for each player. Once you get near it, another cut-scene will begin. The two of you enter the area, which is oddly peaceful.
(sh) [Islwyn]: It’s quiet. Too quiet.
(o) [You]: Watch out, a stronger inhabitant could attack at any moment!
(o) [Islwyn]: On your toes then.
The two of you stand still for some time, even bringing up a “5 minutes later” card.
(o) [You]: You know what? I’m taking the plant.
You sheath your weapons and calmly walk forward.
(su) [Islwyn]: [You]!
(s) [You]: What?
(a) [Islwyn]: You almost stepped on the plant!
You look down and see a crystalline plant that resembles…a cabbage?
(sh) [You]: This is the most beautiful plant in all the land.
(h) [Islwyn]: Yes, go on and take it!
(If you do not have Level 63 Farming.)
(sa) [You]: Apparently, I can’t handle this ‘gem.’
(h) [Islwyn]: I will wait for you then.
The dialogue then ends.
If you do have Level 63 Farming, you pick the plant and examine it in the dim light. Its leaves glint many colors, making it moderately pretty.
(h) [Islwyn]: That plant is truly the best for you. The leaves are perfectly in proportion with each other.
(sh) [You]: I’m not impressed.
Islwyn shrugs.
(o) [Islwyn]: Each to his own, I suppose. Anyway, you can head off on your own.
(o) [You]: What about you?
(h) [Islwyn]: I’ll stay here for a while. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed the beauty of this place.
(u) [Islwyn]: Shame that it is not my job to live in luxury.
(o) [Islwyn]: [You], you should also return to your task soon.
(t) [Islwyn]: Maybe you help me with this garden…never mind. Goodbye and good luck.

Islwyn heads off, deeper into the overgrown garden. You can leave the garden with the Crystal Caggabe in hand by making your way to the spire, without Islwyn’s help, or you can simply teleport out. While the plant doesn’t seem like much, you have to take Islwyn’s word. Imbue the plant and a Green Charm at a Summoning Obelisk to start a cut-scene, in which waves of green light burst from everywhere and into the crystal, causing it to glow green.
(h) [Crystal Cabbage]: This is perfect!
(sa) [You]: This is a cabbage.
(o) [Gaea]: No matter. I’d like a mage who appreciates such simple beauty. I don’t want a vessel who is too arrogant to see the humble splendor of this form.
(sa) [You]: Okay, okay.
Now you need to find a mage who would like this plant, anyone who doesn’t will wave it off as a cabbage. If you need a reminder of her ideal vessel, talk to Gaea. But if you talk to Brimstail…
(h) [Brimstail]: Hello adventurer, what can I do for you?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (h): Hello, just wanted a chat.
-2. (t): I need to mine some rune essence.
-3. (t): Could you look at this plant for a second?
(Choices 1 and 2lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest. There is another option, but it varies with the whichever quest the player has completed.)
(If you haven’t completed “The Eyes of Glouphrie.”)
(t) [Brimstail]: I thought you needed Oaknock’s Machine…
(o) [You]: Right, I should take care of that, I guess.
The dialogue will then end/
(If you have completed “The Eyes of Glouphrie.”)
(t) [Brimstail]: Okay, let’s take a look at it.
You hand Brimstail the plant.
(h) [Brimstail]: This is quite the find, [You]! I’m a fan of crystal artifacts, and this plant is no exception!
(l) [Brimstail]: You know where this is going? Right on the tab-
Just as Brimstail is about to set the plant down, waves of energy ripple from the plant, and into Brimstail, causing his eyes to glow green.
(h) [Brimstail/Gaea]: Ah, now I can truly experience my domain.
(su) [You]: GAH!
You stumble back.
(su) [Brimstail/Gaea]: Is something wrong?
(o) [You]: I’m fine, I just didn’t expect a woman’s voice from Brimstail. The idea of his face on a woman’s body is even worse.
(l) [Brimstail/Gaea]: I suppose that would make anyone psycho.
(o) [Brimstail/Gaea]: Laughing matters aside, talk to me or my fellow seers when you are ready to defend our world.
The light fades from Brimstail’s eyes.
(t) [Brimstail]: Argh, I feel like I drank a bad cocktail.
(sh) [You]: You did. How long did you leave that glass on the drawers?
(u) [Brimstail]: A few days, by my guess.
(sa) [You]: I wouldn’t do that again, if I were you.

Chaos Theory:
Once each of the seers has found his or her vessel, you are officially ready to take on the maelstrom! Talk to any of the vessels and you will have a new dialogue option. (The conversation is same for every seer.)
(o) [You]: I think we’re ready to fight the maelstrom.
The vessel’s eyes change color.
(o) [Seer]: Okay.
(t) [You]: Should I tell the others?
(h) [Seer]: No need, they already know.
(o) [Seer]: Now stand back.
The vessel begins to glow his/her seer’s color before disappearing in a flash of light. The scene then cuts to a black void, similar to where you first saw the Zodiac Spirits. Soon, three beings soon teleport in: the seers. Solaris is dressed in red and orange robes, plated with dark crimson metal, and wielding the TokTz-yt-ek. Zorya is wearing blue and purple robes, with white ribbons streaming down, and the Sculpted Sapphire sits in a crescent atop an ornate staff. Gaea, although she is rather short in this vessel, is clad in green and silver robes, with cyan crystals floating around her, and, oddly enough, the Crystal Cabbage seems to have bloomed into twin throwing axes. The camera then pans to include the maelstrom, a blue and magenta storm of chaotic magic which rages further away.
(t) [Zorya]: Hmm, [You]’s strategy works thus far. These vessels seem to keep us stabilized.
(h) [Gaea]: Maybe there’s more to mortals than we thought.
(o) [Solaris]: Let us not think of them for now.
(a) [Solaris]: This is the moment we have waited years for. This has gone unchecked for far too long. This ends now!
(a) [Solaris]: CHARGE!
The seers fly towards the maelstrom and the fight begins!

BATTLE: Maelstrom (No Level)
Health: 10000
Combat Styles: Melee, Magic
Max Hit: 400, 430
Info: The unseen storm that has threatened to destroy Gielinor for years. Of course, this behemoth of chaos will be no push over: tendrils of magic can lash out, dealing Melee damage, and bolts of chaos will fire from the swirling center, dealing Magic damage. Being an anomaly of magic, it has a few moves that might surprise you.

Shattered Faction – The storm splits into 3 smaller ones for 10 seconds. While they share LP for this time, each one can deal damage, and not necessarily to only one seer!

Event Horizon – Several orbs of magic swirl around the maelstrom. If a seer is hit by one, the orb will explode, dealing 200 damage and stunning him/her.

Eye of the Storm – One of the arms of the storm will glow and wind up, then lash out and grab a seer. Said seer will then be teleported into the middle of the storm and will take rapid 50s until the seer walks out.

Wormhole – Small rifts randomly appear for a few moments on the battlefield over the course of the fight, teleporting the seer who comes into contact with one elsewhere and reducing a random combat stat by 3%

However, you, as a player, are controlling the seers for this fight! At the upper-left corner of the game screen, there are three rectangles with the symbol for each seer (a red sun for Solaris, blue moon for Zorya, and a green globe for Gaea) with a green bar showing the LP bar of that seer and the actual amount of LP s/he has left. If any of the seers die, you lose the battle.

Since you can only control one seer at a time during this fight, if you click on one of the rectangles, your camera will focus on that seer and you will take control of him/her. While in control, the LP Status Globe, the only globe displayed will display that seer’s LP. (The minimap shows the location of the other seers, the maelstrom, and any of its ‘effects.’)

The Control Panel only has one panel open, a modified Combat Panel. This Panel shows the Combat Levels of that seer (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged, Constitution) and below them, 4 grayed out buttons (except for Zorya). Here are the stats of each seer:

Health: 2500
Combat Style: Melee
Max Hit: 375
Info: Being the most aggressive seer and vessel, Solaris uses the TokTz-yt-ek, imbued with his solar energy, to deal damage. He has average Defence, but high Attack, Strength, and attack speed, making him your best choice to deal damage.

Health: 2000
Combat Style: Magic
Max Hit: 280
Info: The most intelligent seer in the most insightful vessel, what Zorya lacks in damage she makes up for in her ability to support her allies. While her attack speed is moderate, she has low combat skills, so keeping her out of harm’s way is imperative. Fortunately, Zorya, having come to understand her vessel a little bit, can use a special move by clicking on the only active button:

Astral Blessing – Heals all of the seers by 100 LP and boosts their Combat Skills by 4. 10 second cooldown.

Health: 3000
Combat Style: Ranged
Max Hit: 330
Info: Although her vessel is less than overwhelming, Gaea remains the protective seer that she always were. She has the lowest attack speed, but she has high defence, when coupled with her high health, makes for a good choice for a ‘meat shield.’

Note, you will lose this battle. Tongue Simply put, none of the seers have the means to survive the fight that the Maelstrom puts up. Astral Blessing will help, but not for long. Just use this time to get used to the Maelstrom’s attacks and controlling the seers.

When a seer dies, all three of them teleport off in the way they came, leaving the maelstrom alone as the screen fades out. When it fades back in, the vessel whom you talked to teleports back in and sees you sleeping against the wall.
(a) [Seer]: [YOU]!
(o) [You]: I’m up.
(d) [Seer]: Meet my fellow seers and I in the Spirit Plane.
The light fades from the vessel’s eyes as you leave. Now return to the Spirit Plane to talk to the seers as you did earlier. Once you collect 40 shards, or have been in the plane for 15 minutes, a cut-scene begins, the environment swirling into a mess of colors as before.
(sa) [You]: Not this again.
(a) [Solaris]: YOU HAVE FAILED US!
(t) [You]: Excuse me?
(sa) [Zorya]: While our mortal vessels protected us from the all-consuming nature of the maelstrom, but our mortal vessels inhibited our power.
(a) [Solaris]: So we’re back to where we started. Thank you for wasting my time.
(o) [You]: Your vessels may have inhibited your power, but what about using your vessels’ power?
(o) [Gaea]: S/he has a point.
(o) [You]: Your ‘mortal vessels’ happen to be some of the most powerful mages I know. You have to understand the power that they, and you, have been given if you want to succeed.
(t) [Zorya]: And will you just sit and watch? I couldn’t sustain the seers by myself.
(t) [You]: Well, while you didn’t need them, I think Spirit Shards could work. They should stabilize your vessels and your connection with them.
(t) [Gaea]: And our vessels?
(sa) [Solaris]: Of course you would be concerned about them.
(o) [Gaea]: Naturally. If our vessel dies, what is keeping us from being sucked into the storm?
(t) [You]: In that case, I think I have an Enchantment spell that can imbue the shards with the power of life.
(h) [Gaea]: Perfect!
(o) [Zorya]: I suppose we now study our vessels.
(o) [You]: While I find a way to observe your battle and make preparations. I’ll speak to you when I’m done.
The colors will fade as they did in your first encounter with the seers. Once you finish your time in the Spirit Plane, you should realize two things: you’ll need a pretty powerful telescope, and although you know what ‘food’ the seers need, you don’t know how to get it to them. You can attempt to solve these problems in either order.

Well, the most powerful telescope in all of Gielinor belongs to the Observatory. Maybe if you ask nicely, the Observatory Professor will let you use his for the fight. (Remember that you can walk across the bridge you made!)
(t) [You]: Um, professor, remember how Scorpio was off-kilter?
(h) [OP]: Yes, but due to the rotation of our planet, it has righted itself.
(sh) [You]: I don’t think that’s what happened.
(o) [You]: Anyway, may I use your telescope?
(h) [OP]: Of course! What for?
(sh) [You]: Well…I need to observe the battle between the three seers who watch over this plane and a storm that threatens to destroy Gielinor so that I can help them.
(o) [OP]: …
(o) [You]: …
(o) [OP]: …
(o) [You]: …
(o) [OP]: …what has Patrick put in that ‘wine’ of his?
(u) [You]: I should have known you wouldn’t believe me.
Even though the professor won’t help you, maybe his overworked and underpaid assistant will. Head down the hill and talk to Patrick.
(o) [You]: Um, Patrick, your boss wouldn’t let me use his telescope. Any advice?
(o) [Observatory Assistant]: Well, being the assistant includes working on the telescope. I have scaled-down, but equally powerful, replicas of the lenses used. I suppose you can have them.
(h) [You]: Really? Thanks!
(h) [OA]: No problem. But you’ll need to make decent telescope using these lenses instead of molten glass.
With Patrick’s gift in hand, just head to your own house and make a Teak Telescope, or better, facing away from your house so you can watch the extraterrestrial battle.

Since you need to move your shards across huge unknown distances, your best bet is using a fairy ring. Talk to the leading constructor of Fairy Rings, Fairy Fixit.
(t) [You]: Two questions. Firstly, is it hard to make a Fairy Ring?
(a) [Fairy Fixit]: That was my last calcugammy!
(t) [You]: Erm, excuse me?
(If you haven’t completed “Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift.”)
(o) [Fixit]: Sorry but I’m ordered not to give such knowledge so easily. Besides, I would have to lend you my tools, which not even I can seem to hold onto.
The dialogue will then end.
(If you have completed “Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift.”)
(h) [Fixit]: Sure! It’s the least I can do for you restoring the throne.
(sh) [Fixit]: Shame I lost my calcugammy, it will be a bit harder.
(t) [You]: Growing the fairy ring?
(l) [Fixit]: No. All you need for that are three sets of bittercap mushroom spores.
(o) [You]: I thought there was a little more magic involved.
(sh) [Fixit]: That’s the hard part. While I have the pixie dust, I’m missing…
(t) [You]: Faith and trust? I thought I earned that –
(sh) [Fixit]: No, a calcugammy.
(o) [Fixit]: Because they dot your realm, and others, the fairy rings need to have varying co-ordinates. The calcugammy figures out how to distribute the pixie dust among each ring in the best ratio.
(If you have completed “Land of the Goblins.”)
(o) [You]: Similar to a time I made a portal to Yu’buisk using the area of each ring?
(o) [Fixit]: Yes, but much more difficult.
(If you haven’t completed “Land of the Goblins,” skip to here.)
(o) [Fixit]: The coordinates of your ring are going to be related to the pixie dust assigned to it.
(o) [You]: Since you don’t have your…calcugammy…how can I figure out how to distribute the dust?
(o) [Fixit]: That’s what the anayilute’s for.
(h) [Fixit]: Good thing I have that right here!
Fairy Fixit hands you the Anayilute and a Pixie Dust Pouch, although they are a bit small.
(su) [You]: You trust me with your tools?!
(sa) [Fixit]: I trust you more than myself.
(t) [You]: Now my second question, could I use the fairy rings to transport to something other than another ring?
(sh) [Fixit]: Theoretically, yes.
(o) [Fixit]: I always thought that myself, so I tried making these rings that work as a receiving fairy ring. They can be temporarily assigned to any working fairy ring.
(h) [You]: Great, could I have those?
(sh) [Fixit]: Yes, but they might not work very well. Be careful when using them.
Fairy Fixit hands you three Fairy Rings.
(h) [You]: Thank you!

The best place for your own personal fairy ring is your own personal house of course! Once you have the Bittercap Mushroom Spores and the Pixie Dust, you can construct your own Fairy Ring in your Garden (in the Big Plant 2 hotspot) with your Farming and Construction levels. You will be left with an Inactive Fairy Ring.

Use the Anayilute on the inactive ring to bring up a small screen with a top down view of the fairy ring. The largest ring is labeled B, the second largest J, and the smallest P. At the bottom of the screen there are three equations:

2P + 3B = 104
4J + B = 100
6P + 5J = 109

This is quite clearly an algebraic system. Solve for the amount of pixie dust each ring should get. (That shouldn’t be too hard for you…right?) Once you have the values, use the Pixie Dust on the Fairy Ring and a screen similar to the Anayilute’s will pop up, except that instead of equations, the co-ordinates will have an input box (e.g. B = …): type the correct answers in they click Activate, using your Magic Level. If you input the wrong answer, the ring will fizzle, then burn out. If the values are correct, the fairy ring will sparkle before the rings change into their usual magical colors: you have your own ring! Finally, that’s left is tuning the Fairy Rings to your Fairy Ring. Just use the items on the mushrooms, causing your rings and your ring to sparkle simultaneously, although you use up the last of the fairy dust. Tongue

Fatal Singularity:
Now that you and the seers are ready, you can talk to anyone of them to start the battle. Note however, that you should have a good amount of Spirit Shards, Cosmic Runes, and Earth Runes so you can enchant them into Life Shards and beam them up to the seers and the three Tuned Fairy Rings, all in you inventory. Talk to any of the vessels.
(o) [You]: I’ve prepared everything on my end. Are you ready?
The vessel’s eyes change color.
(h) [Seer]: Yes. This vessel suits me very well, now that I have studied it.
(o) [You]: Good, here are the rings that will let me send you supplies. Share them.
(o) [Seer]: I will.
(t) [Seer]: Where are you going to watch us?
(u) [You]: At home…how am I going to get there?
(o) [Seer]: I think I can solve that problem…
As the seer disappears as before, you are suddenly teleported to your modified telescope. You look through it and see the maelstrom, whirling as before. Soon, the three seers, dressed for battle charge at the storm and the camera zooms in on them through the lens, now focused on them as they start the final battle!

BATTLE: Maelstrom (No Level)
Health: 10000
Combat Styles: Melee, Magic
Max Hit: 400, 430
Info: The storm remains the same as in your first fight. Although you are more prepared than in your first attempt, it still is a huge threat! The interface is also the same, but there is a new icon underneath the seers’: your chathead! If you click on this, the camera will focus on you, at your POH where you can move around your house. (The seers’ icons are still on the upper-left, so you can check their health.) You can enchant Spirit Shards and ferry them over to the seers, who will use them automatically thus healing 200 LP per shard, with your fairy ring (while you can choose the target seer, the rings might malfunction and send it to the wrong one) in the garden.

However, the seers have gained several new special attacks as they studied their vessels:

Health: 2500
Combat Style: Melee
Max Hit: 375

Prominence – Solaris dashes to his target, dealing damage based on his Attack Level to enemies on the way there. If you activate this move again within 2 seconds, he will dash back, dealing damage again. 10 second cooldown.

Nova Burst – Solaris charges his sword to deal extra damage based on his Strength and Magic Levels. 20 second cooldown.

Flair Blade – Solaris’s next three attacks are slightly faster and deal 30% of the damage to surrounding targets. 15 second cooldown.

Radiance – Solaris immediately sends a pulse of solar energy to enemies in a 5v5 square around him, dealing damage based on his Defence Level. 15 second cooldown.

Health: 2000
Combat Style: Magic
Max Hit: 280

Astral Blessing – Heals all of the seers by 100 LP and boosts their Combat Skills by 4. 10 second cooldown.

Darkseid – Zorya targets a seer, marking them with dark lunar energy for 3 seconds. After this time, any damage dealt to the target is split among enemies in a 3x3 box around the marked seer, dealing extra damage based on the marked seer’s Defence Level and Zorya’s Magic Level. 20 second cooldown.

Ebbing Force – All the seers move 10% faster for 5 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Lunar Charge – Zorya marks an enemy with potent lunar energy. The next attack that enemy receives within 5 seconds, deals bonus damage based on Zorya’s Magic Level. 15 second cooldown.

Health: 3000
Combat Style: Ranged
Max Hit: 330

Clean Slate – Gaea throws her throwing axe with such force that the target enemy is stunned for 1 second. 10 second cooldown.

Seismic Breaker – Gaea’s next attack deals extra damage based on her Strength Level and reduces the target’s Defence Level by 10%. 15 second cooldown.

Gravity Arc – Gaea’s next attack bounces between all hostile targets in a 9x9 square, but the damage decreases after each bounce. If two enemies are within a 3x3 box of each other, they will merge, for interesting effects. Tongue (This decrease can be mitigated by having a higher Ranged Level.) 15 second cooldown.

Dense Core – Gaea focuses her energy around her, increasing her Defence Level by 10 causing all damage to be directed to her for 3 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

While you won’t have every player’s favorite tool (Prayers), you have a wider variety of tricks at your disposal, through the seers’ moves. Moreover, realize that each seer fits a certain role better than the other two: don’t have Zorya do most of the damage! Have Gaea take most of the hits by getting in the way of the maelstrom’s attacks, leaving Solaris to do the heavy-hitting and Zorya to support her fellow seers.

Furthermore, did you notice how the seers’ moves can be chained together? Astral Blessing boosts all skills and Gaea’s and Solaris’s moves deal extra damage based on their levels. Darksied and Lunar Charge, coupled with Dense Core/Prominence can deal a hefty amount of damage in a short time. Finally, Gravity Arc should be used to counter Shattered Faction and Event Horizon quite nicely: the maelstrom will be forced to reform and the orbs will collide with each other and cancel out.

But the biggest deciding factor of the battle’s success is you, here on Gielinor! The Runes and Spirit Shards stack (while Life Shards don’t), so there’s no reason not to bring as many as you can. Remember, while you control your character, the seers will move as their A.I. dictates, so work quickly to get back in the commander’s seat: it’s better to heal early than late in this case. You can heal the seers even faster if you have a servant: s/he’ll be standing by you as you use the telescope, use the Life Shards on him/her and telling him/her which seer to send it to.

Once you defeat the maelstrom, a cut-scene begins. The maelstrom begins to whirl madly as streaks of blue and magenta light shoot from it the arms of the storm slowly shrink around the center, before it finally condenses into nothingness with a flash of light.
(o) [Solaris]: And thus it ends.
(h) [Gaea]: Looks like [You]’s plan worked!
(sa) [Zorya]: But we are the ones who put it into action.
(o) [Zorya]: But even I have to admit that it performed much better than I anticipated.
The seers flash back home and the camera fades onto you at your POH. Now that the battle’s over, you should talk to the vessels. Talk to anyone.
(h) [You]: I saw the fight, you were amazing out there!
The vessel’s eyes change color.
(h) [Seer]: I have to thank you for your advice. Not even we seers could foresee what you and your kind are capable of.
(o) [Seer]: Unfortunately that is all we can do.
(t) [You]: What do you mean?
(o) [Seer]: Now that my fellow seers and I have done our job, we must return to watching this realm.
(o) [You]: I understand. Thank you for your help.
(o) [Seer]: It was our duty.
(h) [Seer]: Next time you come to the Spirit Plane, make sure to visit us.
(l) [You]: I will.
The light fades from the vessel’s eyes, for the last time. QUEST COMPLETE!


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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 11:56 am

QUEST 3, Through the Looking Glass:
One day, upon entering Falador, you witness a mysterious mage easily and single-handedly defeat the White Knights in their own castle. Just before you can catch her yourself, you learn that it is Svet, the girl who nearly killed you on your mission for the Magic Guild. Sir Tiffy Cashien then has you hunt down this powerful new threat, and, after you chase her to the Wildnerness, the Jaldraocht Pyramid, and the Blood Altar, you conclude that she plans to unleash Zarosian forces back onto Gielinor. You then manage to find her home base, another dimension entirely, and defeat her there, and dooming yourself to that plane in the process, until Scorpio sacrifices himself to bring you back to Gielinor.
Length: Long
Difficulty: Grandmaster

Completion of:
Molding History
The Story of the Secret Star Seers
Salt in the Wound
Legacy of Seergaze
The Temple at Senntisten
Summer’s End
The Abyss Miniquest

Level 60 Runecrafting (A higher level is recommended)
Level 85 Magic

Enemies to Defeat:
Svet (Level 332)
Svet (Level 523)

Delivered Sir Gerry’s letter to Sir Tiffy Cashien

Getting Started:
Once you have all of the requirements, the next time you enter Falador, a message will appear in the dialogue box, asking if you want to start “Through the Scrying Rift.” If you choose yes, a cut-scene will begin: when you enter, you hear shouts of alarm coming from the White Knights’ Castle. The camera pans to the castle and you see an overhead view of the knights surrounding a hooded woman in flowing white robes with ornate gold, cyan, and magenta trimming and holding an…interesting looking staff. Regardless of her elegant clothing and calm demeanor, she emanates great power.
(o) [Woman]: I believe you have something I want.
(a) [Sir Amik Varze]: I have told you once, and I will tell you once more: that is information is known only to our top officers. Stand down and turn yourself in.
(d) [Woman]: You have done many things ‘once,’ I will make sure you will never do them again…
Waves of power come from the woman as she closes her eyes in focus. Overcoming their shock, the knights begin to fire all at her. The woman opens her eyes as a cyan light pulses from her, stopping the arrows in mid-flight before she lets them drop. Once again, the knights are stunned.
(a) [Amik]: What are you waiting for? Arrest her!
The knights soon charge at her as she taps her staff on the ground. Just as the group strikes her, she disappears in a flash of magenta light, only to reappear out of harm’s way. The knights attempt to catch up, but as she keeps teleporting around the battlefield, they end up disorganized. The woman perches on top of the stairwell as a swirling mass of energy shrouds her free hand.
(d) [Woman]: Now for a little fun…
The mage begins to dash through the crowd, striking the helpless soldiers with her hand and blasting them across the castle courtyard. As you run in, you gaze in shock at the trounced soldiers as the woman stands in the center of the carnage, panting heavily.
(su) [You]: What just happened?
As the woman turns to you, her hood falls and you both learn of the other’s identity:
(su) [You]: SVET?!
As you charge at the troublemaker, Svet begins to teleport away, but not with any magics you have seen before.
(t) [Svet]: I know you…
Just when you reach her, she finally disappears, leaving you clawing at thin air. Sir Tiffy Cashien will soon run into to see the mess Svet caused.
(su) [Sir Tiffy Cashien]: What happened here?
One of the knights struggling to get to their feet rubs his head as he approaches you.
(u) [White Knight]: Some witch in white robes attacked us.
(t) [Cashien]: Who?
(d) [You]: Svet.
(t) [Cashien]: You know this woman?
You explain your history with the woman, including the explosion which sent you to Ardougne.
(o) [Cashien]: While she appears to have grown between the explosion and now, why do you think she returned?
(sh) [You]: I don’t know, she teleported off before I could ask. I didn’t recognize the spell though.
(o) [Cashien]: …
(t) [You]: What is it?
(t) [Cashien]: Well, old boy/lass, since you are the only person with any knowledge of our enemy, I suppose you must take on this mission on your own. Will you accept it?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (o): Svet must be stopped.
-2. (o): Give me some time to prepare.
(Response) [Cashien]:
-1. (o): I’m glad you understand. Met me at the park for further briefing. Remember, we can’t have you bringing whatever you’d like!
-2. (o): I am sure you need it.
(1 continues the conversation and starts the quest. 2 cancels both)

Spatial Awareness:
Just follow Tiffy to the park, as long as you have nothing on you. Otherwise, he’ll tell you to bank your items.
(t) [Tiffy]: Are you ready to review Svet?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (o): Give me a moment to think.
-2. (o): The sooner we take care of her, the better.
(Choice 1 cancels the dialogue. Choice s continues the quest.)
Tiffy then teleports you inside the base, a dimly lit room of beige stone, similar to the ones you were tested in for “Recruitment Drive.” However, there are several maps stuck onto the walls, and a mess of documents scattered on a small desk in the center of the room. Cashien picks up a document and begins to write on it.
(t) [Cashien]: So, remind me, what do we know about Svet?
(o) [You]: She is, was rather, a member of the Lunar Clan before she broke my enchanted key. In the time since then and now, she seems to have become a very powerful mage with power over space and time.
(o) [Cashien]: At least we know she’s human.
(t) [You]: What do you mean?
(o) [Cashien]: She might be dangerous, but we know she is mortal. She will fall…eventually.
(sa) [You]: Maybe, but we don’t know where she is or will be.
(o) [You]: I didn’t recognize the teleportation spell she used.
(h) [Cashien]: Ah, but we know her homeland, don’t we? We have a lead! Get your Commorb, or meet me back at the park for one, and do some investigating at the Lunar Isle.

If you kept your Commorb v2 from “The Slug Menance,” go get it. Otherwise, bring Tiffy 10k or a Law Rune, an Enchanted Gem, and some Molten Glass. The options (Scan, Contact, Use, Playback, and Destroy) remain. Once you have the Commorb, head off to the Lunar Isle. There, talk to the Oneiromancer.
(h) [You]: Hello, Kolodion.
(sh) [Oneiromancer]: Hey there, how are you? Are you enjoying the bloodshed?
(o) [You]: It’s not bad, I’ve seen worse.
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (sa): I think I’ve had enough for now.
-2. (t): How can I use my new spells outside of the arena?
-3. (t): Would you be able to recognize a spell by its appearance?
(Choices 1 and 2 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(l) [OM]: Words would be better, but I guess.
You describe the spell to the Oneiromancer
(sh) [OM]: No, I don’t know any Lunar spells like that one. Why did you ask?
(sh) [You]: An ancient Lunar Mage used that spell. I was wondering if it had any connection to here.
(o) [OM]: Baba Yaga would be a better choice; she might know something about the Moon Clan of old.
(t) [OM]: Why do you want to know anyway?
(o) [You]: Well –
(o) [Savant]: Remember, [You], the fewer people who know about Svet, the better. We don’t want mass panic.
(o) [Savant]: Savant, out.
(t) [OM]: Who were you talking to?
(l) [You]: Just talking on my portable scrying orb.
(t) [OM]: Do you know what happened to mine?
(u) [You]: No, sorry. I’ll make you another one.
(h) [OM]: Thank you!

Hurry north to Baba Yaga before the Oneiromancer remembers her original question! Once there, ask her about the spell.
(o) [You]: Hello, Baba Yaga.
(o) [Baba Yaga]: Sorry, [You], I don’t recognize that spell either. It does have an Astral feel to it though. Why do you want to know?
(sh) [You]: I’m sorry but –
(o) [BY]: - you can’t tell me that the caster is a highly dangerous user of space and time.
(su) [Savant]: How did she know?
(u) [You]: She’s a mind reader.
(l) [BY]: For better or worse.
(o) [BY]: I do have a few suggestions for you though. First, I recognize the spell, but it only seems to be really ancient.
(t) [You]: I guess that will help.
(o) [BY]: Second, if you are so worried by her magic, try enchanting that orb of yours to act as a ward against it and alert you when it will appear.
(h) [You]: Thanks for the advice!
As soon as you leave the house, your commorb turns on.
(t) [Savant]: [You], I recorded that whole exchange, in case you want to hear it again.
(o) [You]: That’s nice, anything else?
(t) [Savant]: Since we have no clue where our target will be, I will alert you if the Temple Knights stumble upon her. Until then, we have nothing. Do you have any ideas?
(o) [You]: We’re going to have to trade again.
(sh) [Savant]: Oh dear. Savant out.

The only place where you can properly enchant your Commorb v2 for future struggles against Svet is the Abyss. Remembering that it is in the dangerous Wilderness, you need to bring the Commorb for the time being. Once you enter the inner ring, talk to the Dark Mage.
(o) [You]: Hello there.
(a) [Dark Mage]: Quiet! You must not break my concentration!
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (t): Why not?
-2. (t): What are you doing here?
-3. (u): Okay, sorry.
-4. (t): I need your help with something…
(Choices 1,2 and 3 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 4 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(a) [DM]: What? Oh…Very well. What did you want?
(Choice) [You]:
-1. (t): Can you repair my pouches?
-2. (o): Actually, I can’t think of anything right now…
-3. (t): Since you seem to control the fabric of space and time so well, would you know how to ward against it?
(Choices 1 and 2 lead to their current dialogues. Choice 3 continues the one relevant to your quest.)
(a) [DM]: Yes, but I’ll need payment.
(sa) [Savant]: For followers of chaos, these Zamorakians are pretty easy to read.
(a) [DM]: Give me an Omni-talisman you adventurers have been running around with recently.
(u) [You]: That’s rather expensive.
(a) [DM]: You’re the one who needs me to multitask, an action that could cost us our lives.
(sa) [You]: You were put in the position in the first place.
(a) [DM]: Grr…

Leave the mage to fume as you get the talisman; return with it and the Commorb. Talk to the Dark Mage to start a cut-scene. The Dark Mage quickly snatches the talisman from you and examines it. After he nods in approval, he holds the talisman up to the rift with on hand as he holds the commorb out to you with the other. He motions you to take hold of the orb as well, causing it to take up your whole game screen.

A moment later, a myriad of cyan lines and magenta circles mark the orb, randomly intersecting with each other, and each one has a point on it that’s brighter than the rest of the marking. Shortly afterward, a few pulses of white energy begin to flow a differing speeds along the veins of power.
(o) [DM]: Right now, I’m projecting a dimensional matrix onto your orb. However, I can’t keep the rift stable and embed the matrix into the orb: you have to do that yourself.
(t) [You]: …what?
(a) [DM]: Make each pulse go through every bright point on those marks without having them run into each other!
(t) [You]: And if I fail?
(a) [DM]: The matrix will reset and you’ll have to try again.
(h) [You]: That’s not too bad!

Ignoring the mage’s hurtful words, this puzzle is one part timing, one part foresight. You can look at the pulses as they streak across the orb’s surface. At each intersection between the line and the circle, there are two arrows pointing from where the pulse will travel and to where it will go (i.e. line to circle and circle to line). Figure out a series of switches that will have each pulse travel through each node then activate the switches at just the right time so the pulses won’t collide. Once each pulse successfully completes its course, the veins will glow brightly before fading. Otherwise, they will fade before resetting so the pulses just travel along that one mark.
(h) [You]: Yes! Thank you!
(sh) [DM]: And thank you for the talisman…
You walk away from the mage and contact Savant.
(t) [You]: Savant, are you alright?
(sh) [Savant]: [You], you know that I am elsewhere, right?
(o) [You]: Yes, just making sure.
(o) [Savant]: Now what do we do?
(t) [You]: Although it’s a stretch, I think we should investigate the Pyramid. The magics there are not Lunar, but it’s the oldest magic I know.
(t) [Savant]: Are these the same spells Solus used?
(u) [You]: Yes, let’s hope Svet doesn’t abuse them too.
(o) [Savant]: Let’s hurry, then. Savant out.

Bring whatever gear you will need to pass the obstacles of the infamous pyramid AND some hard combat: food, armor, and potions will be essential. Once you approach the pyramid, a cut-scene begins in which you naturally walk to the secret entrance. Savant pipes up.
(t) [Savant]: [You], the entrance is up that stairwell.
(h) [You]: This will just take me to the bottom floor!
(o) [Savant]: As tempting as that sounds, remember, we don’t even know what our target wants. We should search the whole pyramid.
(o) [Savant]: Top to bottom.
(u) [You]: Here comes the pain.
Make your way to the doors on the top of the pyramid to enter the dungeon and start a short cut-scene.
(o) [Savant]: [You], try scanning the area first to see if Svet actually has been here recently.
You do so.
(o) [Savant]: So she has. Be careful, [You].
(sa) [You]: I don’t know what to fear more.

Beware; the traps that plagued you in the final stage of “Desert Treasure” are still present. Once you manage to get the altar on the bottom floor, a cut-scene begins as you round the final corner. You catch a glimpse of the mage chanting as the floor is covered with a variety of glyphs glowing cyan, magenta, and gold (you must be getting sick of those colors).
(o) [Savant]: Don’t go in there yet.
(t) [You]: What is it?
(o) [Savant]: If you scan the area just as she teleports, we will be able to track her after she teleports.
(h) [You]: That’s great!
(o) [Savant]: Who’s to say that she will leave when asked?
(o) [You]: Then I force her to run.
(o) [Savant]: Do what you must. Savant out.
The camera then focuses on Svet as she focuses on her spell, whatever it is. Suddenly, her eyes snap open as she teleports behind you when you try to knock her out, thus breaking the spell and removing the glyphs.
(o) [Svet]: Heh. This time, you pull the childish stunts as I try to do work.
(sa) [You]: Work? You just randomly attacked a group of innocents.
(o) [Svet]: I would love to explain the situation to you, but I’m running out of time.
(o) [You]: Well, I would love you to leave
(sh) [Svet]: Then we’re at an impasse.
(d) [You]: Luckily, I know how to solve it.
(d) [Svet]: Very well then…

BATTLE: Svet (Level 332)
Health: 2000
Combat Styles: Magic
Max Hit: 310
Info: The kiddie gloves, erm staff, is no more! In addition to teleporting around the room to get both near and away from you, Svet now attacks using two different basic spells: a magenta helix which has a chance of reducing a random combat stat by 3% and a cyan bolt which has a chance of teleporting you to a random place in the altar room. However, she has learned a few attacks which make use of her magics:

Temporal Break – Svet focuses for a few moments and then releases waves of cyan energy, ‘stunning’ (stopping time of) anyone in a 5x5 box around her for 2 seconds. During this time, she will use normal attacks.

Phase Dash – Svet prepares to dash forward as a swirling mass of magenta and cyan energy forms in her hand. After a few moments, she dashes at you, dealing up to 270 damage if you stay in her path, stopping once she gets to one side of the room, focuses, then dashing again: she dashes a grand total of 3 times.

Gamma Burst – Svet spins her staff quickly in front of her, creating a magenta tornado of space magic that deals up to 330 damage (in a cone in front of her) and for the next 6 seconds, you will move randomly, walking to a random space whenever you try to walk.

Svet is very agile for a mage, she continuously changes her position and her special attacks are based on position. Since all of her damage is only partial blocked by prayers, the best way to beat her is to keep up, use energy potions or a Terrorbird to keep moving. Also, since it will be difficult to stay with her, using melee is not recommended and finding a consistent, eg poison, way to deal damage will be useful. Should you be defeated, you can use the secret entrance to skip to the boss room.

Once you defeat the mage, she, panting from exhaustion, teleports away from you, and the camera zooms out to fully display the stand-off.
(o) [Svet]: Not bad.
(sa) [You]: I don’t think you’ll tell me what you’re up to, now you’ve been defeated.
(u) [Svet]: I would, but as I said, I’m running out-
Svet begins to teleport away
(a) [You]: Oh, no you don’t!
(o) [Savant]: [You], activate the commorb before it’s too late!
You scan the area, just as Svet disappears again.
(t) [You]: Did I get her?
(o) [Savant]: …
(h) [Savant]: Yes! [You], report back to Cashien as soon as you can to continue the investigation.
(h) [You]: Looks like we’re making progress.

Scars of the Past:
Leave the pyramid feeling motivated and head back to Falador. Once there, bank all your items (you can bring the commorb if you want) and ask Sir Tiffy Cashien to teleport you to headquarters. Once again, a cut-scene will start.
(h) [Cashien]: Congratulations on tracing Svet, old chap!
(sa) [You]: It wasn’t that hard.
A commorb on the table blinks on, Cashien picks it up.
(su) [Cashien]: Our agents have word of her!
Cashien listens to the agent on the other end of the conversation for a few moments before putting the orb down.
(u) [Cashien]: I’m afraid she has disappeared.
(su) [You]: Disappeared?!
(o) [Cashien]: She is no longer on this plane. And I have no reason to believe that she is just taking a quick detour.
(o) [You]: So we’re back to square one.
(u) [Cashien]: Where on Gielinor could she be?
(t) [You]: That gives me an idea…do you mind if I don’t bring my Commorb for my next informant?
(t) [Cashien]: Well, if you trust him enough, I suppose there’s nothing wrong.
(o) [Cahsien]: Bring it, but ask Savant to close communication with you during your rendez-vous.
(o) [You]: Thank you.

Cashien then teleports you back to Falador Park. While you may want to talk to the fairies, they only can teleport you across dimensions: the Zodiac spirits know what happens in all of them. Head over to Scorpius and ask him to search for Svet.
(t) [You]: Scorpius, can I ask you a favor?
(sh) [Scorpius]: I don’t see why not.
(o) [You]: Savant, close communications for a minute or two. This is private.
(o) [Savant]: Okay, but I trust that you know what you’re doing.
The Commorb darkens.
(o) [You]: When I traveled back in time, I sent myself and a young mage hurtling through space and time. For one reason or another, she’s returned and is wreaking havoc.
(u) [Scorpius]: It is a shame how you mortals do not properly wield what fate has given you.
(t) [You]: Could you find her?
(o) [Scorpius]: That depends on where you think she is.
(sh) [You]: Somewhere other than this dimension.
(o) [Scorpius]: I cannot help you.
(t) [You]: But you broke the rules before.
(o) [Scorpius]: I am physically not able to help you. Even if I had the means to look for her, I would expend my own essence in crossing over.
Disheartened, you begin to walk away.
(o) [Scorpius]: [You], if anyone can defeat this mage, it’s you. Remember, you have blessed by the cosmos.
Suddenly, your Commorb turns on.
(su) [You]: Savant, the conversation was supposed to be private!
(o) [Savant]: I had to override your request, Svet has been found in the western Wilderness.
(t) [You]: What could she be doing there?
(o) [Savant]: Whatever it is, she must be stopped. Bring whatever you’ll need to fight.
(t) [You]: I think other adventurers would like that.
(o) [Savant]: I’m sure a hefty fine on account of the city of Falador will dissuade that.
(e) [You]: So what if –
(sa) [Savant]: No, you cannot attack them unless you want the same. This is serious business. Savant out.
(t) [You]: Azzanandra’s prison, now the Wilderness? Whatever she’s up to, I bet that I’ll have to deal a remnant of the God Wars: I really have a bad feeling about this.

Prepare yourself for confrontation; don’t forget to bring the Commorb and Jennica’s ring. Once you enter the Wilderness, Savant pipes up.
(o) [Savant]: [You], we have a few agents at the area right now. I’ll guide you to the area: it’s currently (direction) of here. Scan the area if you need a reminder.
(h) [You]: Thanks, Savant!
(sh) [Savant]: Remember, behave yourself. Savant out.
Just stay on the path you’re on now until you reach the ruins west of the Bandit Camp. Before you enter the ruins though, a spirit wizzes by you, you follow its path until you see Svet shrouded with a cyan aura as spirits buzz around her. However, if they get too close, they slow down to a complete halt until the mage releases them. Deciding against a direct attack, you look around until you find and sneak over a young man on the ruins’ outskirts dressed in light chainmail adorned with the Temple Knight’s colors.
(t) [You]: So what have you found out about her so far?
(sa) [Scout]: Uh, I don’t know where to start with you. Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?
(o) [You]: No.
(o) [Trevor]: It’s Trevor, and you was from where I was from, you’d be dead.
(a) [You]: And if you mess with her, you’d be dead.
(o) [Trevor]: Heh, so she’s feisty.
(osa [You]: Yeah, she almost had me killed.
(a) [Savant]: Trevor, remember that you represent the Temple Knights while in the field. Need I report you again?
(o) [Trevor]: Well that’s no fun. Before you got here, I found out that she seems to be using those spirits: every once in a while, she fires some spell and sends some spirit off.
(d) [You]: So that’s what she’s up to…
(su) [Trevor]: Hey, that’s not all!
You get up and walk towards the mage.
(o) [Svet]: Why must you get in my way?
(s) [You]: Why are you tormenting these poor, unfortunate souls? They’re already in pain!
(o) [Svet]: It’s so sad that you do not see my plan.
(t) [You]: So you’re using them?
(o) [Svet]: Used.
Svet teleports off in a blast of time energy. While you block the explosion with your Commorb, the last of the spirits are in a daze, enrage, and with only one target: you. You start running for Trevor, as he tries to feed off the ghosts, when your Commorb turns on again:
(o) [Savant]: You say that you have access to the spirit realm, eh? Try sending the spirits back.
(h) [You]: That’s a great idea!
(su) [Savant]: [You], are you alright?
(s) [You]: Well, a bit confused, but the advice will help.
(o) [Savant]: You’re welcome, Savant out.

This section is something of a puzzle: the spirits are chasing you and keeping you from leaving the area. (If you get swarmed, they will rapidly deal UP to 29s, they are just ghosts after all.) If you want to put these spirits to rest, you have to lead the mass of souls to the portal with the widest entrance, the south-southwestern room. However, Svet’s departure has thrown the area in disarray: while there are many more portals, rooms and pathways have been blocked by rubble. Use your ring to access the spirit world and ‘clear’ the rubble by Collapsing the spots over there.

While you may think this is a fight, it isn’t. The ghosts’ damage merely provides a sort of time limit: trying to kill all of them is possible, but it’s not worth the time or effort. Instead, ignore the damage to the best of your ability and plane-hop until you make an opening for the final room. (Remember that the obstacles that block your path aren’t necessarily they only one you will have to clear.) Once you send the spirits to their ‘home,’ Trevor will finally clamor out of the ruins.
(s) [Trevor]: I thought for sure I was going to die there!
(sa) [You]: I thought you were from somewhere special.
(u) [Trevor]: I’m just a kid out of Burthorpe!
(t) [You]: Anyway, you were saying something about Svet?
(o) [Trevor]: Yes, as she was setting up, she mentioned that she was almost as tired as when she met some guy/girl.
(o) [Savant]: [You], we should report this whole incident to Cashien. We might not have caught Svet, but at least we’re getting somewhere.
(o) [You]: I just hope that we can reach that somewhere before she ruins everything.
Trevor heads home as the Commorb blinks off. You should do likewise.

Temple Knight Trekking:
As usual, report back to Cashien and have him teleport you to the base to start a cut-scene. Once again, Cashien will rummage through the documents before pulling out dossier on Svet.
(t) [Cashien]: What exactly do you now know?
(o) [You]: Well, when we first found Svet, she was casting some spell at the pyramid, which was prison for one of Zaros’s warriors. At the Wilderness ruins, Trevor said that she was erasing spirits - but that doesn’t really make sense.
(t) [Cashien]: What?
(o) [You]: Svet said that she was using, used rather, the spirits and that I was in the way of her ‘plan.’ I have the feeling that those two acts have something to do with each other, and that she wasn’t erasing the spirits, per se.
(t) [Casien]: So do you know of her plan exactly?
(u) [You]: No, that’s what scares me. She’s willing to use whatever she has at her disposal to advance. When you have access to a whole plane, that’s a lot to use.
(d) [Cashien]: Then I say it’s high time we take the fight to her.
Cashien pulls out a map of Gielinor and spreads it across the table.
(t) [Cashien]: Did Svet mention anything about distance?
(t) [You]: Now that you mention it, both times Svet mentioned that she was tired by the time I got there.
(o) [Cashien]: That’s a good start, she attacked Falador before we started this investigation. When you also take her appearances in the Wilderness and the Kharidian desert…
Cashien makes three marks on the map, draws the arc on which the marks lie, and continues it to form a complete circle.
(t) [Cashien]: They seem to all be equidistant from the Hollows, but there’s nothing there.
(su) [You]: But the Blood Altar is underneath! Maybe the magic from it is interfering with your tracer.
(o) [Cashien]: Looks like we know where our next expedition will be. [You], prepare yourself: I’ll have a battalion of knights meet you outside of Canifis, you can lead the trek from there, since you seem to know the area so well.
(o) [You]: I’ll leave as soon as possible.
Cashien then teleports you out of the base.

Once you are ready for a dangerous journey through Morytania (bring Druid Pouches, Anti-Vyrewatch weapons, etc.), head to the eastern exit of the Paterdomus. Once you’re there, there will be a group of 3 Level 120 Temple Knights ready to be lead circuitously through Morton, then the Hollows, the Meiyerditch dungeon all the way to the Blood Altar.

Those of you familiar with Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble know what to expect: monsters and obstacles. However, you will get all the hard events, even your powerful allies accompanying you. Also, choosing the easy, medium, or hard path reduces the number of obstacles you will have to encounter (up to 7 en route to Morton).

The first leg of the trek isn’t terribly special; there are no events that you haven’t seen before. Furthermore, you only ‘fail’ the expedition (end the minigame and must start the journey all over again) if all three of the knights die. When you arrive at Morton, you will have a break: you can use the bank in Burgh to Rott to restock and to continue to the next half of your journey, pay Cyreg Paddlehorn 10 coins per party member.

This part of the journey has all new events to handle, complete at the most 7 to continue to the Blood Altar:

Deadly Red Spiders – A swarm of them will attack your group while you are in the caves beneath the Hollows. More of a nuisance than anything else.

Hobgoblins – Defeat a few hordes of hobgoblins in the caves to keep Canfis safe – slightly safer.

Bloodvelds – As gross as they are, they aren’t as big of a problem as they look. In fact, they may drop some meat!

Undead Hands – These monsters have decided to stop being idle, so they may fight you while you are in the Dungeon.

Mutated Bloodvelds – The most difficult creatures you can fight in the dungeon, although you don’t have to face that many.

Once you have made your way through the hordes, you will finally arrive at the Blood Altar…and nothing’s there. You slowly approach the ruins as the other knights (if there are any left), look around, and turn your back to the ruins.

(o) [Svet]: You could have called.
You whirl back around, only to see the mage mere centimeters away from you. Naturally, you jump back and scream. The remaining knights will heroically leap forward to help, but Svet teleports them away.
(su) [You]: What did you do to them/him?!
(o) [Svet]: I did nothing, I tried to freeze them, but their armor was probably enchanted against my magic.
(a) [You]: So we’re going to fight here.
(o) [Svet]: Tell me, [You], when has that ever worked?
(a) [You]: Often enough to give me reason to take you on.
(o) [Svet]: Everyone thinks that. That would be nice if everyone had the same belief to fight for, but no. Throughout history, men have fought men with the same justification. The only respites from this carnage are few and far between.
(su) [You]: The Zarosian empire?!
(o) [Svet]: One such time. And how I wish such a time would return.
Svet casts her signature teleport, leaving you stunned and horrified at Svet’s true goals.

Perception’s Veil:
You can talk to anyone of the remaining knights to teleport you to Falador or get home in your own way. Either way, talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in the park to be teleported to HQ.
(su) [You]: Cashien, sir, Svet’s plan is worse than what I imagined!
(t) [Cashien]: What is it, then?
(s) [You]: The pyramid, once a prison, the ruins and the spirits of a civilization dead and gone, it all makes sense now-
(s) [Cashien]: Spit it out, lad/lass!
(s) [You]: Svet’s plan is to revive Zaros’s empire from its prison deep underneath troll country.
(su) [Cashien]: How did you come to that conclusion?! It’s…cliché at best.
(o) [You]: Think about it: she was found casting some spell at the pyramid which imprisoned one of the god’s generals. Next, she was testing her ability to manipulate the time of spirits in the wilderness. She herself told me how she admired his empire, and my guess is that she was looking for a similar relic of the White Knights.
(s) [Cashien]: Dear mother of Saradomin. [You], are you sure how this could end?
(If you have talked to Ashuelot Reis.)
(o) [You]: I’ve met a victim of the army.
(If you haven’t talked to Ashuelot Reis.)
(o) [You]: The voices from behind the door would say otherwise.
(o) [Cashien]: This is certainly a grave matter, I will send scouts to monitor the area. If we call you, bring any gear you need to traverse the terrain, you’ve seen it.
(t) [You]: What do we do for now?
(u) [Cashien]: Not much, Svet can mold time, we can’t.
Cashien will teleport you back to the park, where all you can do is wait.

However, in the meanwhile, you can prepare for the battle by buying yourself a pair of climbing boots to be modified into spiked boots by the blacksmith in Burthorpe. Furthermore, you should be prepared for the cold climate by bringing stat restore potions in addition to food to counter the cold. (Of course, bring your Commorb.) Once two days have passed, talk to Savant or Sir Tiffy Cashien to find out that Svet has, unsurprisingly, been found entering the infamous dungeon.

Make your way to the dungeon as you usually do (gear showing your affiliation is not necessary), once you arrive there, you will see a platoon of Temple Knights. You spot a scout in typical gear and recognize the man:
(l) [Trevor]: Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while! How are you?
(o) [You]: If you remembered, we’re about to attack a woman almost as powerful as the battlefield’s generals, possibly more. How are you not nervous?
(o) [Trevor]: I’m just a scout, nothing more. I’ll make the best of whatever happens, like I always have.
(o) [You]: Hmm, so I take that you and the other knights are ready to attack?
(o) [Trevor]: You have our swords.
(o) [You]: Alright then, let’s go.
You and the knights descend the rope as the camera fades…and fades back onto Svet focused on the frozen door, glyphs similar to the one’s you saw at the pyramid, but more intricate, are covering the door itself and the surrounding wall.
(a) [You]: Freeze!
The knights swarm around the mage, who nonchalantly looks around, thus stopping her spell and removing the glyphs. Once she sees you, however, she teleports to outside of the knights, and rushes out of the dungeon. A knight fires an arrow at her, but she, without looking, catches it and throws it aside. Naturally, you’re the one to give chase.

Follow Svet to the freezing cold outdoors and she will run westward and hop over a snow bank to a plain filled with icy hills and cliffs which lead to a peak in the distance: the mage runs off into the distance.

Now you have to pursue the mage, in the cold, alone. The field however, is relatively straight forward: the area could be viewed as a series of concentric circles: as you approach top of the peak, the terrain becomes more treacherous (as you can see with the progression of snow, ice, then rock) and the obstacles become more difficult. As a result, this not a maze or a course, but a ‘bulls-eye’ the number of paths to your goal is uncountable. Follow Svet through the snow by catching up to her a few times per ‘circle’ until you reach to top.

While under normal circumstances, this would be easy enough, but remember, your Run Energy and Agility level are sapped by the cold (unless you came with a Terrorbird, for some reason), so the chase is even harder than it seems (you will fail without Spiked Boots). Furthermore, the cold will deal consistent damage over time, don’t dawdle. Finally, Svet doesn’t appear on the minimap, an arrow will point towards her general area, the snow will make her white robes hard to see against the screen.

Think of this chase as if it were in an action movie. Tongue You must keep two things in mind if you stumble: don’t sit there and find another path if you’ve failed the same one often. The nature of the area makes that obvious enough. Furthmore, while the cold damage is constant, the Agility Level required to pass the obstacles with minimal failure increases (but the requirement to pass them all is the same), so use your potions more as the chase wears on.

Once you finally catch the mage at the top of the perilous mountain, she will suddenly stop and slam her staff into you skull, knocking you over. As you recover, Svet points the head of the ornate weapon at your head.
(o) [You]: Y-you think this will stop me?
(a) [Svet]: Do you really think that I, a mage of space and time, would physically run away from you?
(sh) [You]: I thought –
(a) [Svet]: YOU THOUGHT?! Did our little chat teach you nothing?
(a) [You]: I learned that I have to stop you. You’re going to destroy all that I know.
Svet turns away for a moment, allowing you to clamor back away from the staff.
(o) [Svet]: Just like you once destroyed all that I knew. But that’s not important any more. I now know everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, and I will do everything within my power to change that.
At this, you jump to your feet, and hold up your gear for battle.
(o) [You]: Svet, I’m telling you, what you’re planning will ruin civili –
(a) [Svet]: And what I am I planning then?! I’ve seen what you have done over the course of your short life, and I thought that you would understand, but no: you’re as ignorant as every one of them. Thinking only of your life and your wants, not caring for the destruction that you’re bringing to this realm, and the others for that matter.
Svet’s signature cyan, magenta, and gold aura begins to emanate from her. You begin to charge her, but you are suddenly shrouded by magenta wisps of energy and are lifted up into the sky.
(a) [Svet]: But that doesn’t matter. You, like those before you, will ultimately fall because you are mortal.
Svet punctuates this by teleporting you to the other side of the peak.
(a) [You]: You blind, arrogant-
(a) [Svet]: Arrogant!? You’re parading yourself as the hero of time, when you, like the rest, will ultimately die. I on the other hand will continue to try to save this world with this power that has been given to me.
(a) [You]: Y-you’re mad!
(d) [Svet]: No, fate has merely given me a better position.
Svet teleports you over the ledge, leaving you to plummet to the sharp ice and rocks below, the last thing you see is the mage using that…and you suddenly appear in the White Knights’ Castle, confused. Just as you reach for the Commorb, Savant pipes up.
(su) [Savant]: [You], I’m teleporting you to the castle, don’t worry!
(o) [You]: I’m fine, Savant, thanks for saving me there.
(h) [Savant]: That’s good to here. Trevor called me once you ran off after Savant, what happened after that.
(o) [You]: …she’s mad.
(t) [Savant]: Come again?
(a) [You]: I tried to get her to stop, but she’s insane. Since she lives outside of time, she’s been watching history unfold and thinks that reviving the Zarosian Empire will bring peace to civilization. And she thinks that, because she doesn’t live in this timeline, she’ll win eventually.
(o) [Savant]: [You], I’m sure we’ll think of something. While Cashien has received a report on the operation, you should still talk to him about your opinion on the matter. Savant, out.

The Commorb blinks off, leaving you to make your way to the Temple Knights’ head of recruitment. Once you’ve been teleported to the headquarters, Cashien will once again prepare for your report:
(t) [Cashien]: Savant tells me that Svet is…invincible?
(o) [You]: She’s human, but unless we kill her, she will ultimately succeed because she isn’t affected by time.
(t) [Cashien]: Go on…
(o) [You]: The reason why we haven’t traced her to her home is it isn’t in our realm.
(t) [Cashien]: I had a bad feeling about that. And do you think that her powers have anything to do with this?
(o) [You]: I would think so: every time she’s been seen, she hinted that she was tired, probably because of the energy needed to teleport.
(o) [Cashien]: And she goes back to her realm to lick her wounds?
(d) [You]: You hit the nail on the head.
(a) [You]: It’s infuriating to be honest. I’ve missed her how many times now? I hoped that she would see the error of her ways, but she’s just the brat that I remember her to be. Just like that time at the altar –
You suddenly stop talking. Cashien looks at you in concern.
(t) [Cashien]: [You], are you alright?
(o) [You]: Cashien, can you take out that map with Svet’s appearances on it again?
As Cashien rummages through the documents on the table, he curiously asks you:
(t) [Cashien]: [You], what exactly are you thinking?
Cashien sets out the map as you begin to circle the ruins of various Runecrafting Altars
(o) [You]: The vortex that sent Svet through time and space occurred near a source of energy strong enough to create its own dimension.
(sa) [You]: Maybe Svet doesn’t have as much power over space and time as she says she does.
(sh) [Cashien]: Go on….
You finish circling the locations on the map.
(o) [You]: Svet’s fatigue seems to be linked to the distance she is from a Runecrafting altar: she was perfectly fine when I encountered her at the Blood Altar, but she was barely strong enough to experiment on the Revenants of the Wilderness, quite a distance away from the Chaos Altar. My guess is that she only had enough energy to work her magic on the door of the God Wars Dungeon, which explains why she didn’t try to fight me, or the platoon of knights.
(t) [Cashien]: That’s brilliant, but how does it help us fight Svet?
(o) [You]: Svet uses the altars to get onto our plane…
(h) [Cashien]: …so we can use them to find her! Absolutely marvelous! I’ll contact Savant and have her prepare for your arrival at the Runecrafting Guild! Just wait a tic.
Cashien takes a commorb from a nearby shelf and activates it.
(t) [Cashien]: Hello, Savant?
(h) [Savant]: No problem, I’ll have our agents clear the premises for [You]. Would you like me to also send a dossier on the mission thus far?
(su) [Cashien]: Well…erm…that would be nice.
(o) [Savant]: Yes, sir?
(o) [Cashien]: Okay, Cashien out.
The commorb blinks off. Cashien shrugs and then teleports you back to Falador.

With your hope restored, head off to the Wizard’s Tower south of Draynor. Once there, enter the Runecrafting Guild through the portal on the top, and be treated to an odd scene: almost all of the wizards have replaced by knights! Even more surprising is that the only one left is Wizard Elress! You approach her.
(su) [You]: Wizard Elress?!
(t) [Wizard Elress]: Yes, what is it?
(su) [You]: What are you doing here? Where are the others? Why are the knights here?
(o) [Elress]: Let me explain: first, I’m actually a Temple Knight agent myself.
(t) [You]: Being in charge of the guild is your cover?
(l) [Elress]: Not quite. I was head of the guild before I was elected to be Director of Logistics and Communications for the knights.
(t) [You]: That would explain how Savant became involved with the group. But what about the other wizards?
(sh) [Elress]: I said that there was an anomaly deep in the Wilderness and they jumped at the chance to investigate. I do hope I can find them.
(o) [Elress]: And speaking of the Wilderness, thank you for giving that Zamorakian in the Abyss that Omni-talisman, it will serve us well.
(su) [You]: Those things are bugged?!
(l) [Elress]: You think that I would give those powerful tools to you adventurers without getting something out of it myself?
(o) [You]: I guess you’re right.
(o) [Elress]: Now that’s out of the way, Savant sent me your hypothesis on Svet’s location, and I must say, the theory behind it is…iffy, but it has some similarities to the Unified Runecrafting Theory.
(h) [Elress]: If my plan works, then we will have much more evid-
(sa) [You]: That’s great, but let’s go step by step. How exactly are we going to track Svet?
Elress fiddles with the controls attached to the map in the middle of the room, darkening it except for the locations of the altars, which glow their respective colors.
(o) [Elress]: Since you think that Svet’s plane is tied to the Runecrafting Altars, presuming that Svet’s plane and all the altars themselves reside in the same field, we can send out streams of her energy, which will gravitate towards her plane.
(t) [You]: Like – er – similar to echolocation?
(o) [Elress]: Precisely. I have one of the beacons which you will need to duplicate and plant at various altars.
Elress pulls out a totem consisting of a 4-pointed star mounted on a pedestal, with a diamond glitering in the center.
(sa) [You]: I’m going to guess that the beacon was the Temple Knights’ design.
(o) [Elress]: Its purpose and construction remains the same though: bring me 10 Pure Essences and I will mold them into a Beacon Base. Then, embed the thing with a Diamond and enchant it with 3 Cosmic, Law, and Air Runes.
(o) [You]: And that’s it?
(o) [Elress]: Unfortunately, I have no idea as to what Svet’s energy signature really is. All we know is that it is time and space energy.
(t) [You]: So what do you want me to do?
(o) [Elress]: Get the materials to make 5 beacons and bring them to me.
(sa) [Elress]: Also can you bring your Commorb so we can report our progress? It appears that one of the wizards mistook mine for an elemental orb, and now water sprays whenever I activate it.
(t) [You]: But I can’t carry all that essence.
(sh) [Elress]: Maybe you can have that Zamorakian repair your pouches.
(u) [You]: Okay.

Doing some simple arithmetic, you can figure that you need 50 Pure Essences and 15 Cosmic, Law, and Air Runes. Run to a nearby bank (I recommend the one in Draynor or Zanaris) to grab those materials, and your Commorb, then return to Elress, who still is being assisted by Temple Knights.
(t) [You]: When are the other guild members returning?
(o) [Elress]: Right now, Svet is our top priority, and I don’t want them finding out about her.
(sa) [Elress]: Besides, we’d probably waste our time theorizing over the nature of her magics.
(o) [Elress]: Anyway, I’ve derived the correct enchantment for the beacons; let’s tell Tiffy of our progress.
You hold the Commorb between the two of you and activate it.
(o) [You]: Hello, Savant. Can you patch me through to Sir Tiffy?
(l) [Elress]: Why can’t you do that yourself? Did they teach you anything in basic training? You’re a Proselyte for Saradomin’s sake!
(t) [Cashien]: Yes, [You], what are you reporting?
(o) [Elress]: While everything is set up on this end, sir, we need a sample of Svet’s energy so we can locate her plane.
(o) [Savant]: Okay, [You], remind me to teach you how to do it yourself some time.
(t) [You]: Er, come again?
(u) [Cashien]: Well that is a shame, you two. Once our scouts catch her, what would you like them to do, Elress?
(sh) [Elress]: [You], what exactly have you been doing with your Commorb? It is costly equipment you know.
(o) [You]: I did have that Zamorakian enchant it as a ward against Svet’s spells using Abyssal magic.
Elress snatches the orb from you, and begins examining it
(o) [Elress]: Tell me, have your conversations through the Commorb ever been that disjointed?
(o) [You]: I’ve never noticed, to be honest.
(o) [Elress]: I need you to think carefully, [You]. Did they start after you enchanted the orb?
A brief flashback occurs: Svet blasting you back as she teleports away from the Wilderness ruins, and the energy flows into the orb.
(su) [You]: The Wilderness!
(t) [Elress]: What happened there?
(o) [You]: I think the orb’s conversations began to be disjoint after I encountered her there: the wards took the brunt of the blast Svet made when she teleported off.
(h) [Elress]: Perfect! I’ll isolate the residual energy from the orb and have the beacons enchanted for you. Come back in a minute so I can give them to you and you can plant them at the altars.

Great! Just give Elress the time she needs and she’ll show you how to enchant the beacons. Once a small interval of time passes, you can talk to her again.
(o) [Elress]: Glad to see that you’re back so soon, here are the beacons.
Elress hands you 4 Cosmic Locators.
(t) [You]: Can I go now?
(o) [Elress]: Before you do, I have something to show you.
Elress brings you to the control panel in front of a large screen. Upon activating it you recognize it as a map of the Runecrafting altars, except the lands of Gielinor have been replaced with a black void.
(o) [Elress]: Based on our theories and the latest data, this is what we believe the field of all Runecrafting Altars, rather their pocket dimensions, looks like.
(t) [You]: What about the other planes?
(o) [Elress]: For the sake of our objective, we’re ignoring them. Svet’s home is related to these dimensions.
(o) [Elress]: However, we’re using this device to trace the energy radiating from the beacons you will place in the aforementioned dimensions. Come to the controls.
When you do so, your game screen is replaced by the field, the altars are spaced similar to as they are in Gielinor. The Control Panel has few buttons, all of which are grayed out: a small gauge is at the top with a small gray circle next to it, underneath is a set of arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down and a counter.
(o) [Elress]: Once you have planted a beacon in an altar’s pocket dimension, its corresponding symbol in this field will have a silver ring around it, and we can control the flow of energy from the beacon from here. That gauge shows how much energy is flowing from the altar, to Svet’s plane.
(o) [You]: Sounds good so far.
(o) [Elress]: Here’s where things get a little tricky: each beacon can radiate up to 5 wavelengths in all directions, an amount which can be adjusted with the arrows, but you can only change the amount by one wavelength in either direction, 7 adjustments and the energy will destroy the limiters in the beacons construction, and the beacon in the process.
(sh) [You]: That’s what happened to the 4th beacon.
(l) [Elress]: Science marches on.
(o) [Elress]: All seriousness aside, Svet’s plane will attract this radiation only if the wave is close enough to the plane: if a beacon is too far away, we won’t see a noticeable effect on the waves, given the maximum distance we can extend the wavelengths.
(o) [You]: Any advice before I go distribute these?
(o) [Elress]: If anything, I would scatter these 4 beacons across the map for the best chance of finding Svet’s plane. Remember that, if you bring me the materials, I can make you more beacons.
(t) [You]: All right, I’ll consider it.

Grab your talismans and put on your thinking goggles, it’s time to plant those beacons! Since you can check back at the Wizard’s Tower whenever you want, it’s a good idea to always have fast transportation; the Explorer’s Ring 3/4 is a good choice. When you do check back, only make adjustments you think will have a difference: the altars aren’t equidistant from Svet’s plane; if you think one of the altars is closer to the plane, plant a beacon there. With that said, however, don’t be afraid to max out a beacon, you may learn a lot from that, even though you will strain the beacon’s hardware. Once you have definite evidence of Svet’s plane (wavelengths that are very much attracted to some point and come from at least 3 different directions), talk to Wizard Elress.
(o) [You]: Found her!
Elress rushes to the controls, fiddling around with them to mark the location of Svet’s plane with a star that transitions between gold, magenta, and cyan.
(t) [Elress]: How could I have been so blind…that’s how she eluded us. She was able to evade our sweeps by creating an imaginary, oscillating time-space between the membranes of the universes we call the 10th and 11th dimensions.
(o) [You]: …I can’t make heads or tails of that.
(o) [Elress]: You don’t need to, all that matters is that we found Svet, and using her energy signature imprinted in your Commorb, we can create a spatial rift to her plane.
(h) [You]: So are you saying we can get a whole platoon of soldiers to her and –
(o) [Elress]: Maybe, but, remember, we’re dealing with a continually shifting plane.
(t) [You]: The pretty colors?
(sh) [Elress]: Yes, the pretty colors…
(o) [Elress]: Sending multiple people could be dangerous; so you’ll be alone against Svet. Do you think you can manage that?
(o) [You]: If anyone would do it, it would be me.
(h) [Elress]: That’s the Temple Knight spirit! Fully deriving a spell from the energy signature and the co-ordinates will take too long, so we’ll use a shortcut: the Abyss.
(su) [You]: How did you learn about that?!
(l) [Elress]: Do you think the Temple Knights only work on one case at a time? What do you think we’ve been doing while you located Svet?
(u) [You]: Okay.
Elress hands you a talisman with Svet’s signature star imprinted on it.
(o) [Elress]: I believe that there is an unstable rift that holds this very realm together in the Abyss. If you use this Warp Talisman, you should be able to pull yourself into her plane by forcefully entering the space between dimensions.
(t) [You]: That doesn’t sound safe.
(o) [Elress]: I know. As you said, [You], you’re the one who will defeat Svet. For all our sakes, I know you will.
(o) [You]: That fool doesn’t know what she’s planning. I have to beat her.

For All Time:
Bring everything you need to face Svet, weapons, armor, familiars, and your Warp Talisman to the Dark Mage in the Abyss. Locate the Talisman to start a cut-scene, in which bolts of gold, cyan, and magenta energy shoot from it, grabbing the attention of the mage.
(a) [Dark Mage]: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
(o) [You]: Don’t worry, this was planned in advance.
(a) [DM]: By who? You think that you’re the only one who knows what s/he’s doing, eh. Well, you better take that stupid trinket and leave before things get ugly.
(d) [You]: I feel the same way, but I’m going to have to do this.
Bolts of lightning arc from the rift, sending the mage scrambling back as the orb begins to tear and suck you in.
(o) [You]: As soon as this closes behind me, go back to what you were doing.
(a) [DM]: Grr…I’ve already had the pleasure of saving the universe once, and I don’t want to go through the ordeal a second time.
You’re sucked into the rift and spiral through a vortex of color…and appear in the black void. However, you’re not in familiar form, and your body begins to fade without a tether to any single plane, and with it and a voiceless scream, the screen fades white. Suddenly, your character walks across the screen, before walking to it and tapping the glass. Deciding that there’s nothing of worth here, you turn and walk through the blankness
(o) [Svet]: So you found me.
You jump back and draw your weapons.
(a) [You]: Yeah, I decided to make sure you can’t run away.
(o) [Svet]: I would be more worried about you.
(t) [You]: What do you mean?
(o) [Svet]: Since you won’t leave this plane, I see no harm in explaining. This isn’t any ordinary plane; this is the plane from which yours was crafted.
As Svet talks, an altar rises between you, and she leans on it.
(o) [Svet]: Furthermore, your plane was built up from foundations of magical energy, which the Lunar Clan found and made into the altars.
(t) [You]: But I thought that the altars were alternate planes?
While your conversation continues, a flowing cyan and magenta river fades into existence around you and the mage.
(o) [Svet]: A mistake that nearly cost you your life. This plane is higher than yours, simply arriving here is a feat, but you will never fully be able to return?
(su) [You]: What did you do to me?!
(o) [Svet]: I didn’t do anything; you just ascended to a higher plane of existence.
(o) [You]: Are you saying I can only return to Gielinor through the altars, and for short periods of time?
(l) [Svet]: It took me millennia to become able to do that!
(o) [Svet]: Since that fateful explosion, I’ve been honing my magic with the magics of space and time that linger in this plane and lived all of human history. And I will change it for the better.
You redraw your weapons.
(a) [You]: For the better? You’re going to absolutely destroy all of human civilization. Do you have any idea of the chaos your actions will bring?!
Svet’s staff materializes in her hand as she also prepares to fight you.
(a) [Svet]: Fine, be that way. You ruined me once, and I grew from that. I spent eternity alone, and I matured from there. I have all of time underneath my belt: you are nothing but a baby before me!
(a) [You]: It doesn’t matter! I know what I was given, and I swear, I’ll use every bit of it to defeat you!

BATTLE: Svet (Level 523)
Health: 5000
Combat Styles: Magic
Max Hit: 400
Info: You brought the fight to Svet, and, boy, will she fight! Since her magic isn’t being strained by being away from her home for so long, you will have to fight Svet at her full power, teleporting and attacking at a faster rate. In addition to the spells and tactics she used at the pyramid, she can show off a few new moves:

Past Blast – Every minute, Svet will release a pulse of cyan energy that does nothing…until her next teleport, when it will return to her. If you are within a 5x5 box around her when it returns, she will deal up to 530 damage, healing 60% of that damage.

Starcall – Svet raises her staff in the air, calling down magenta bolts of energy that fall randomly over the battlefield for the next 6 seconds, dealing up to 300 damage to you and reducing your Run Energy by 20% if you get hit within a 3x3 box of a meteor.

Reality Check – Occasionally, a cut-scene will begin, in which Svet will slam her staff on the floor of the altar, causing the field to fracture, the piece of which will immediately drift apart and around Svet, within jumping distance. You grab onto the piece you’re standing on and when you steady yourself, you see that Svet, in deep concentration, is pointing her staff directly at you. For the next 15 seconds, nothing will happen. However, once the time ends, a mass of swirling magenta and cyan energy will chase after you, dealing rapid 50s and slowly draining your stats. You need to hop over to Svet and hit her to end her attack.

Svet’s brand of combat is even more high-paced and confusing here: to stand a chance against her, you need to be able to avoid her attacks at a moment’s notice and not let her draining attacks take their toll on you; otherwise she will run circles around you. Restores of all kinds are highly recommended in this fight. Second, while Reality Breaker is the most obvious reason why, being able to use long ranged attacks during this fight will prove invaluable.

Once you defeat Svet (your gravestone would appear next to the Dark Mage), a small cut-scene begins in which Svet, panting, stumbles near the edge of the river flowing around the altar, but you continue you attack her, beating her even farther back. As Svet struggles to maintain her balance:
(sa) [You]: You haven’t lived for countless years; you’ve lived one year countless times.
You deliver the final blow, sending Svet falling into the river, dropping her staff. You pick it up and the altar fades away, leaving you alone on the higher plane, with no way back. The screen fades in and out on you pacing, lying down, and trying to teleport home.
(u) [You]: Svet wasn’t kidding about not being able to leave this place.
(If you ever died during the boss fight)
(t) [You]: But when I died, I returned to Gielinor…
(If you didn’t)
(t) [You]: Dying always sent me home…
You then look at Svet’s staff, still with potent magic embedded in it from millennia of use, but before you then see the river. Intrigued, you head over to it and finally begin to examine it, when a voice suddenly calls out:
[Voice]: So, another mortal has come to this plane.
You look around, only to see no one.
(t) [You]: Another…you were aware of Svet the whole time?
[Voice]: Yes.
(t) [You]: But she said she was here for millennia…who are you?
[Voice]: My identity is not important, but if you must know, you could consider me the overseer of this plane.
(a) [You]: So you let her nearly ruin my own?
[Voice]: She was placed on this plane, so she could use its power as she saw fit. Having arrived here a young girl, she immediately tried to return home. But as she searched for her own time, she saw in horror the timeline of you plane.
(a) [You]: Don’t tell me the same ‘I just want to save the world’ non-sense. Her plan was ill-conceived at best.
[Voice]: She didn’t have the power for a large change. She tried to change history behind the scenes: a push here, a nudge there. Whether she actually managed to save your world from the approaching cataclysm is yet to be seen. Do you think you will be able to succeed where she failed?
You look towards the river, still shimmering with the potent magics that gave Svet her power. As you walk towards it, a purple flash of light appears behind you:
(su) [You]: Scorpius?!
However, he is neither the ghost nor the familiar you have seen him as, but a fully grown man, perhaps what he looked like alive. However, the power from his spirit form is still present, albeit latent.
[Voice]: Scorpio, it is strange for you to have left your brethren.
(t) [You]: Yeah, I thought you said you would die if you left your realm.
(sh) [Scorpius]: I never told you the full truth then. The round-trip would use up all of my essence, as you can clearly see, I’m not at full power.
[Voice]: What are you suggesting, Scipio?
(o) [Scorpius]: Master, I wish to let [You] return to his realm.
[Voice]: Why? He is just one mortal.
(o) [Scorpius]: Maybe, but I have a special feeling about him/her.
(sa) [Scorpius]: S/He has done more than some of my follow spirits, despite – maybe even due to – his/her mortality.
The man begins to unravel into threads of purple energy that begin to enshroud you.
(o) [Scorpius]: Now don’t let us down, [You]. We all have high hopes for you.
You reach out for the spirit as he fully dissipates and as the realm fades into white.
(su) [You]: SCORPIUS!

The scene shifts to the skies above Mos Le’Harmless, where a shooting star is falling towards its spot by the beach…but the camera zooms in, showing you, shrouded by Scorpius’ essence. You touchdown on the beach surrounded by eager star hunters. As you get up, one of them approaches you.
(a) [Zt4rhunt3r]: You’re not a shooting star!
You dust yourself off, collecting the remnants of Scorpius’ essence. You let loose a sad smile as you look at the swirling mass and walk off.
(o) [You]: No, I’m just a human.


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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 11:57 am

Now to break down the rewards quest by quest, starting with;
Quest 1, Molding History.
1 Quest Point
40k Runecrafting Xp
35k Crafting Xp

Secret Reward from Zavistic Rarve:
You can talk to Zavistic Rarve back at Yanille once a day to receive 200 Pure Essence.

Quest 2, The Story of the Secret Star Seers
2 Quest Points
16k Summoning Xp
10k Construction Xp
9k Magic Xp

The ability to make a fairy ring in your PoH:
Just return to Fairy Fixit, and, if you ask nicely, she will give you the tools to make more Fairy Rings, another Anayilute and more Pixie Dust. However, you will have to solve a different system each time you make a ring.

New abilities while in the Spirit Realm:
When you’re doing the Familiarisation D&D, if you survive for 15 minutes, one of the seers will clothe you in their power, the least they can do for helping them save your realm. If Solarius helps you, you will turn bright red, and will be able to engage in combat with other familiars: at the cost of some focus, you will defeat other familiars (fighting opposing familiars will drain more focus), causing them to drop shards! If Zorya helps you, you will turn blue and will regain Run Energy at a much faster rate. If Gaea helps you, you will turn green and receive a boost in focus.

Ability to mine TokHaar:
If you return to the lair of the TokTz-Mej-Dill, you can mine TokHaar and sell it to Hur-Tel for a good amount of Tokkul.

Ability to sculpt jewels:
You can return to Hervi, he will be willing to sell you more Bottles of Glue, which you can use to sculpt all precious jewels. Of course, you need to chisel three of the same type of jewel into shards and piece them together properly. The shapes for each gem are as follows:
Sapphire – Icosidodecahedron: 20 Triangles, 12 Pentagons
Emerald – Icosidodecahedron: 20 Triangles, 12 Pentagons
Ruby – Snub Cube: 32 Triangles, 6 Squares
Diamond – Snub Cube: 32 Triangles, 6 Squares
Dragonstone – Rhombicosidodecahedron: 20 Triangles, 30 Squares, 12 Pentagons
Onyx – Rhombicosidodecahedron: 20 Triangles, 30 Squares, 12 Pentagons
The first time you properly assemble the shards, you will be rewarded with a chunk of Crafting Xp, subsequent times, you will only receive a fraction of the XP. However, you will always receive a Sculpted Jewel, which you can only sell to two places: Hervi, for a price of 4 of the original gem, or the Gatekeepers in Zanaris, for a price of 5 of the original gem.

Access to Glarial’s Garden:
The first time your return to Glarial’s Garden after the quest, you will find Islwyn by the spire, holding a few farming tools. He’ll ask for your help clearing the garden of both overgrown plants and the pesky monsters. Using your Agility, Crafting, Farming, and Combat Skills, you can navigate your way through the garden and get some nice Xp as well.

Quest 3, Through the Looking Glass
4 Quest Points
55k Runecrafting Xp
55k Magic Xp

Scorpius’s Essence:
You can bond with the remains of Scorpius which let you return to Gielinor to give 5 bouts of 60k XP to any skills of your choice above Level 75.

Svet’s Staff:
The archetype of magical catalysts. Although Svet was a very adept fighter with this weapon, it was mostly used for trans- and teleportation so it doesn’t have the same latent force in it, but more finesse than any other staff.
Key: Style – Attack/Defence Bonus
Stab – 0/0
Slash – 0/0
Crush – 0/0
Magic – 25/0
Ranged – 0/0
Summoning – X/0
Strength – 0
Prayer – 0
Magic Damage Bonus – 13%
Weight – 1 kg

Furthermore, it has taken on some form of three of Svet’s signatures attacks and you can use one of them as a special attack, depending the next spell you will cast (through Autocast or Manual):

Nova Burst (next spell does no additional effects), uses 80% – You raise the staff and slam it down, sending out a gold pulse of energy in all directions, dealing up to 450 magic damage to everyone in a 5v5 box around you.

Graviton Bolt (next spell affects target’s movement), uses 100% – You hold the staff as if it were a rifle, shooting a magenta swirling mass. When it hits the target, it explodes in a magenta and black vortex that stuns the main target for 3 seconds, then freezes them for 7 more seconds and dealing up to 380 damage. Enemies in a 3x3 box around the target are dealt up to 350 damage and frozen for 7 seconds.

Fossilization (next spell affects the target’s stats), uses 100% – You sweep the staff in front of you, sending a cyan gust towards your target. When it hits, it reduces all their combat stats by 25% (similar to Shadow Spells) and deals 330 damage.

You’ve done it: you’ve traveled beyond space and time to save your world. And you even returned home and read my quests! Now you can post! Grin

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Duskcurse on Mon May 07, 2012 12:09 pm

How can you mine TokHaar, they are a race dude o_O

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 12:21 pm

I told you I need help for that section. Sigh

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Duskcurse on Mon May 07, 2012 12:25 pm

AH sorry, didn't saw that

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Slayer Noir on Mon May 07, 2012 8:47 pm

You'd have to kill the TokHarr first, right? And find some sort of pickax that can mine through obsidian
Slayer Noir
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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Mon May 07, 2012 9:41 pm

I actual had you mine TokHarr, I wrote that the TzHaar return their corpses to the incubation lava so that they're compressed, like diamond, by the heat and pressure into TokHaar, which is then mined.

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Duskcurse on Mon May 07, 2012 9:43 pm

I don't think so, because it's said that each time that a TokHaar dies, it returns to the lava, you could make us mine some kind of wastes from the process, but you'd have to fight those wastes in the form of "unfinished TokHaar"

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Tue May 08, 2012 2:32 pm

So has anyone actually read the full trilogy yet?

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Slayer Noir on Tue May 08, 2012 5:17 pm

I've begun working towards it. Takes time, I'm afraid.
Slayer Noir
Slayer Noir

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Sun May 13, 2012 4:18 pm

Any progress?

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Dragon78114 on Sun May 13, 2012 4:33 pm

I've been working my way through; its the least I can do since you read so diligently through my series! Smile

I'll post my comments in a couple weeks...just after a few final exams, graduation, and some other senior shit...

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Slayer Noir on Sun May 13, 2012 7:25 pm

Managed to read through the first quest. (Hopefully) constructive criticism is as follows:

-In the first dialogue, a grammar mistake: "(sh) [You]: Wait, Jorral, shouldn’t you experience with this kind of stuff?" should be either "(sh) [You]: Wait, Jorral, shouldn’t you have experience with this kind of stuff?" or "(sh) [You]: Wait, Jorral, shouldn’t you experience with this kind of stuff?"

-After digging up the artifacts, the player out of nowhere seems to have decided they want to go to Lunar Isle. When I was reading that through, I was thinking "hang on, since when did we decide we wanted to move the magic there???" and I'd recommend adding something into the first dialogue to clarify this.

-Throughout the quest, it seems that the person playing the quest (not the player character) has to figure out a lot for himself - bits like the astral rune and rebuilding the enchanted key could really use at least a little hint, perhaps just a little remark from the player character "I'll need to raid the supplies of the armies and see if anything can fix my key" gives just enough guidance to stop the player sitting behind his computer like "Ok, wtf do I do now"

-I personally would've given Svet a bit more of an introduction during this quest, seeing as the series focuses on her. But it would be understandable if you had a different opinion on the matter - you might be trying to keep her mysterious or something.

-What happened to Svet by the way? She just disappeared, and your character seemed to not notice at all. Again, a little remark like "I wonder where the vortex took that girl" will let everyone know that there hasn't been an oversight or anything...

Other than that, a great quest. It was enjoyable to read and would certainly be enjoyable to play.
Slayer Noir
Slayer Noir

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Slayer Noir on Sat May 19, 2012 6:53 am

So, um, is the lack of response to my first review a good thing or a bad thing? Shall I continue to the next quest????
Slayer Noir
Slayer Noir

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Sat May 19, 2012 7:43 am

Yes you may, I've just been swamped by my first APs. You can proceed, and I will make edits shortly.

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:13 pm

I'm gonna be in France until July 2, I expect much work to be done and for someone to review my quest!

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Dragon78114 on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:18 pm

alright I will! I still am on house arrest after getting my wisdom teeth taken out... I guess I'll do it tomorrow! Have a fun trip even though you're probably there and I am a little too late, but I mean well! Tongue

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Handeath on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:25 am


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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

Post by Dragon78114 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:46 am

Just read it. 'Twas good. You know I originally put the key to use in Gielinor's Fiyre, and had it tuned to find the Fiyres via the help of a certain Demonic Doll. But when I did its rewrite, I think I scrapped that and just used to Demonic Doll.

Your use, however was interesting. Though I must confess I noticed a few minor things that bothered me. 1: The conclusion after recovering the artifacts seemed like a mad jump and me personally, I wouldn't assume that is a magical pulse comes out of the ground = Lunar Magic.

Also, isn't the Lunar Clan all female? Maybe not long ago, but men currently seem to not be able to live there.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens to that little girl Svet later. And BTW, sorry it took so long!

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The Svet Trilogy Empty Re: The Svet Trilogy

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