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Post by MorbiusMonster on Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:10 pm

One thing I thought about this morning was perhaps RuneScape should have a place where a player can register their birthday. By doing so, they get a special treat when their birthday comes around.

All players can go to Diango on their birthday and he will give them a cake, a card and a present. The cake can be sliced up to six times and will heal players differently. Any other player will get 1200 LP, a friend of the player will get 1800 LP and the birthday boy/girl will get 2400 LP.

The card is a unique feature where the people the player has met and befriended will sign it. The more quests or activities you complete, the more NPCs will sign your card.

The present is a simple gift and usually has some value of some kind. The player can choose between a big wad of cash, skill supplies, a very generous exp gift or an item of some kind.

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Birthday Wishes Empty Who signs the card?

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:40 pm

As players meet more NPCs, the number of people who sign their birthday card increases. Here is a list of who signs it.

Cook's Assistant - the Chef and Duke of Lumbridge sign the card - it also means they can also choose what flavour of cake they want.

Death of Chivalry - Sir Owen signs the card but what seems like a nice message may taper off into death threats after a while, before he apologises.

Dragon Slayer - The champion's guild will sign the card wishing their newest champion a happy birthday.

Goblin Diplomacy - The goblin generals wish you a happy birthday, but fought over which colour party hat to give you, but settled with a brown one - which is untradable.

Gunnar's Ground - Dororan and Gudrun will send you a birthday wish.

Rune Mysteries - Ariane will give you birthday wishes and hopes your magic becomes stronger in days to come.

Stolen Hearts - Ozan sends his wishes - if the player is female, he leaves a rose in the greeting.

Swept Away - Maggie sends you some birthday wishes which include some purple dust you have to throw over your shoulder, count to five and... well, nothing will happen because you're not familiar with witchcraft.

Buyers and Cellars - The thieving guild wish you a happy birthday and said they did get you a gift, but then stole it so they could have a round of drinks on you.

Death to the Dorgeshuun - The Dorgeshuun offer you their wishes.

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf - All the drunken dwarves apparently wish you a happy birthday, but are so inebriated, that it just looks like scribbles.

The Fremmenik Trials - The Fremmeniks wish their newest addition a happy birthday in their native tongue.

The Chosen Commander - Zanik wishes the player a happy birthday and hopes they'll one day go travelling together.

Family Crest - The Fitzharmon family wishes you a happy birthday.

Fairy Tale III - The Fairy Queen herself and the fairies wish you a happy birthday and remind you to make a wish when you blow out the candles.

Carnillean Rising - Philipe wishes you a happy birthday and hopes you continue adventuring.

Branches of Darkmeyer - In a discretionary note written by Vanescula Drakan in the blood of a virgin, she gives her wishes to a fairer aging - noting that blood becomes much more richer as one becomes older.

Dream Mentor - The Lunar Clan wish you all the best for your birthday and that you continue practising in magic and inspiring others to do the same.

The Firemaker's Curse - The remaining firemakers will wish you a happy birthday and ask that you don't live you life like a candle in the wind.

Brink of Extinction - The TzHaar would wish a happy birthday, but to them, age isn't something they count. The TokHaar also have no real concept of birthdays as they are reborn all the time.

Gertrude's Cat - Gertrude, her children and Fluffs all wish you a happy birthday; Fluffs just puts a paw print.

The Giant Dwarf - The Company you work for in the Consortium give you their best wishes, as it is good for company morale to remember birthdays and to acknowledge them.

The Grand Tree - King Narnode wishes you a happy birthday and that you should stop by at Gianne's cafe for a birthday dinner.

Hazeel Cult - If you sided with the Cult, they give you their wishes, but sadly Hazeel was too busy to sign the card and therefore have signed on his behalf.

I'll submit a few more later...

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Birthday Wishes Empty Re: Birthday Wishes

Post by Handeath on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:48 am

How would all the signatures fit? Would there be a incentive for gathering them? (Which is what tends to drive players...)

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Birthday Wishes Empty Re: Birthday Wishes

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