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Survival Empty Survival

Post by Zectiox on Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:07 am

Survival (P2P)


Team of ten players (can be increased if to hard to complete); clanmates, party of friends of randomly selected by skills.

Enters a realm of 9 different tiers. Each tier is more difficult than the other, more challenges, harder foes and may take longer to finish. Its like Dungeoneering but is in different types of terrain. Each day is only for gathering, crafting, smithing etc. The nights is to survive until the next day by guarding the supplies and keeping the team alive. Each day is getting shorter while the nights getting longer, so keeping the supplies untouched and the team alive is getting more and more difficult.

After each fully survival round players gains their job (see Jobs) experiance and survival experiance. 

Note: this is just really early WIP, wrote it down when I came to think of some ideas for a skill. Additional spelling issues can be found so bear with me on that point.

1.1 Requirements.

Quests required: 
Blood Runs Deep (Fremennik Isle Series)
While Guthix Sleeps

Items required:
None. Players can't take any gear or items from the real world to the realmworld. If players have anything on them they will be notified to bank it before entering the realmworld. 

Skills required:
Jobs - Players requires at least the minimum skill-level to enter a specific tier (difficulty) in the realmworld according to the tiers level, as each new tier gives an higher tier of fish, logs, ores (as in Dungeoneering).

1.2 History:
Something mysterious is happening on the Lunar Isle, a realm created by guthix during the first age before guthix went to sleep, have suddenly appeard in the outskirt of the town. The Moon clan was quickly to build a portal to not let the realm spread to other regions of Gielinor. The Realmworld seems to be a mystery of its own, once going in adventurers have come back without memories of what they faced inside the realm. (need some more intresting lore, I'm not good at it) 

1.3 Goal:

The main goal is to survive in the hostile enviroment that the realm creates. Before the group of players enters the realm they each takes on a job, which declares what they each will do inside the realm. This requiers teamspirit and teamwork to be done properly. Jobs are explained later. 

The realm switches from dawn to dusk, in this time the players need to set up a camp, store food, runes, materials to survive the night. during the night time spirits of the realm will appear trying to split the team and take out players that are not grouped, by using magic to teleport players away from the group. With the help from other players the spells can be interrupted by taking out the Magicatus, the spell casting spirit. If the spirits overruns the players, the players will be teleported back to reality, out of harms way and they need to do it all over, with a better strategy than the one before.

During the tutorial there's only one night and players can't fail the tutorial, if killed by a spirit during the tutorial phase the player will be revived at their camp.

Each difficulty improves the nightphases by +1, the higher difficulty a group of players choose, the more nights they all need to survive. During the end of each night, a stronger spirit will appear which takes a longer time to defeat. During the last night, a Realmkeeper will appear, with a combat level according to the players. The Realmkeeper can either be ranged, magic or melee, and a battle between players and the realmkeeper will begin. If won all players will gain their specific job experiance and survival experiance and will returning to reality. If players are killed by the Realmkeeper they each got one resurrection chance. If failed the team of players will be returning to reality without experiance. (see Healers)

When players have reached lvl 120 Survival, they can make a customized round with up to 40+ nights. The Realmkeeper will be harder to defeat but wields greater rewards the more nights players survive. The total amount of experiance gained from the job specific skills wont increase if customized.

The realm is random generated between 23 biomes. Each realm tier requires the mentioned levels in survival to participate:

Tutorial 1-9 ( 1 night ):

Easy 10-19 ( 2 nights ):
Forest biome
Idea how the realmworld of a Forest biome would look like during the day and during the night.

Survival 13yldm9
Survival 1248n0k
Grassland biome

Standard 20-39 ( 2-3 Nights ):
Field biome
Coastal biome

Normal 40-59 ( 3 nights ):
Jungle biome
Tundra biome

Moderate 50-69 ( 4 nights ): 
Island biome
Swamp biome

Hard 60-79 ( 5 Nights ):
Outside of Dungeon
  - Plot #1
               The Entrance to an Ancient Dungeon must be protected from spirits during the night phase. If enough Spirits manage to enter the Dungeon players fail the realm instance. Tower Defence wannabe idea

   - Plot #2
               Spirits from inside the Ancient Dungeon tries to escape during the night phase and players need to defeat them before they spread into the realmworld. 
Inside of Dungeon
Dune biome

Expert 70-89 ( 6 Nights ):
Mountain Hight biome
the resources of this realmbiome is minimal, as of the hights snow is covered the camp.

  • Players reqiures more timber to not freeze to death during the night phase. 
      Note: If players have an high survival level, if they are helping friends or doing it for loots or replaybility, they will survive a cold night with minimal warmth
  • There aren't any fishing spots due to no river. 
  • Hunting is available for hides and meat. 
  • Ores is available for weapons, armors and runes
  • Divination is available to determine what to face during the night phase.
  • Rune altar is available for runecrafting
  • Summoning statue is available to create summoning pouches 
  • Cooking, anvils and forges for cooking, smithing and melting materials are always available.

Barrensland biome

  • Fish is available but minimal
  • Hunting is available but minimal
  • Timber is available but minimal
  • Ores are available
  • Rune altar is available
  • Divination is available to determine the night phase spirits
  • Cooking, Anvil and Forge is always available

Arid biome

  • Fish is unavailble due to low density of rivers
  • Hunting is available, but minimal, for hides and meat
       Note: Tents or shelters need to be done as players need to get to cover from the heat of the biometype. 
       Note 2: High level survival will decrease the need of shelter.
  • timber is available
  • Ores is available
  • Rune altar is available
  • Divination is available to determine the night phase spirits
  • Cooking, Anvil and Forge is always available

Master 80-99 ( 8 Nights ):
Wilderness biome
Artic Plains biome
Volcanic biome

Supreme: 100-120 ( 9+ Nights )
Abyss biome
Dream biome

  • Fishing may differ
  • Hunting may differ (there need still be a way to gain hides)
  • Timber may differ (there need still be a way to gain logs)
  • Ores may differ (there need still be a way to gain ores)
  • Rune altar is available
  • Divination is available to determine the night phase spirits
  • Cooking, Anvil and Forge is always available
  • Summoning statue may differ

Battlefield biome

  • what differs this biome to others is that when entered there is only the camp with anvil, range and forge. Players need to scavenge for loot around the battlefield for logs, ores, hides etc
  • Fish may differ
  • Minimal Ores
  • Minimal Timber
  • Rune altar is available
  • Divination is available to determine the night phase spirits
  • Summoning statue may differ

Customized | when reached lvl 120 (40+ Nights)
Void biome
Realmkeepers biome

1.4 Jobs:

Jobs are chosen before entering the realm. Each instance is random generated as Dungeoneerings dungeons. With each difficulty having different types of timber, ores, hides, fishes and runes. As the day takes it time everyone cant do mining or fishing. Each job will equip the player with needed equipment at the camp. Toolbelt wont work in the Realmworld. Higher tiers requiers higher skill level for materials to be harvested and created. The Supreme level requires players to have 99 in that specific skill

Jobs during the day:

Gatherer; Fisher, woodcutter, Hunter, Divination, Miners
Farmer; herblore (> potions), Farming - only food/herb related (currently only available on low tier realms, need to find a high tier biome!!)
Artisan; Crafters/Fletchers, Smiths, Runecrafter
Chef (cooking and firemaking)

  • Fishers gets fishes for Chefs
  • Woodcutters gets timber for Chefs and Artisans
  • Hunters gets hides for Artisans meat for chefs and charms for Summoners
  • Divination gatherers memories from the realm, gaining information of what types of monsters will appear during the night, and what type of combat style the leader of the horde is using, easy to do and can at least be done every day.
  • Farmers gets plants for Artisans and food for Chefs
  • Herblorists makes potions to store.
  • Miners gets ores for Smiths and Realmessence for Runecrafters.
  • Crafters cuts wood into cross/bows and string them and plenty of arrows/bolts. Uses the hides to create ranger and mage armor.
  • Smiths melts ore and smiths them into armor and weapons.
  • Runecrafters crafts Realmrunes for mages and to store the rune supply.
  • Chef cooks the raw food to store the food supply
  • Summoners creates Realmfamiliars using charms and supplies found in the realm

Jobs during the Night:

  • Guardians: 

Guardians uses a Sword/Axe/Mace/whip and a Shield, and their job is to protect healers, the supplies and protect singulary players in trouble (whom have been split up by the Magicatus). Guardians can survive a long time against spirits using their shield, giving others time to get to safety
Familiartype: Defence

  • Champions:

Champions uses a 2 handed Sword/Axe/Mace/Lance or dual wields swords/Axes/Maces. Their job is to interrupt spells done by Magicatus, preventing Velocatus to reach other players which using ranged, magic or heals. Champions can survive against spirits by cutting their way through, giving others time to get to safety, Champions are faster than Guardians, but Guardians resists more.
Familiartype: Offensive

  • Rangers: 

Rangers uses Bow and Arrow. Their job is to take out Velocratus reaching for the supplies or the healers. Rangers are weak against spirits and need to be protected by teammates.
Familiartype: close range

  • Marksmen:

Marksmen uses crossbows and bolts. Their job is to help Champions interrupt the spells by focusing on the Magicatus trying to cast it. They can also help protecting healers and the supplies. Marksmen can stand a close combat with spirits for awhile
Familiartype: Long range

  • Healers:

Healers heals partymembers by using healing, resistance and protection spells at players in close combat with spirits. Can also teleport people in need to them, but the cooldown takes a long time to reset so be carefull, can also revive the corpse of other players if protected by others as the spell must not be interrupted. Healers are weak against spirits and need to be well protected by teammates.
Familiartype: Protection

  • Sorcerers: 

Sorcerers casts damage spells at Auxicatus' trying to overrun guardians or champions. Sorcerers can also help champions in the interruption of the spell by the Magicatus.
Familiartype: Less cost of runes

2 Camp setup.

When players enters the realm they're spawned in the centre with a bonfire (chef), crates and tents. Near the camp there's a ruin containing crates, a forge and anvil (smith). Depending on the terraintype the outside of the camp can differ. Tree's for traps (Hunters) or different trees for timber (woodcutter), there may be a river that splits the realm into two or more where fishing ponds (fishers) can be found. Mines for ores and essences etc. Farming fields (Farming, Herblore) can be found outside or near the camp. Rune altars (runecrafters) can be found outside the camp, the type of runes differs from each realm.

Crates that are located in the mines, around the anvil and at the centre of the camp is used as a shared container, players can empty their inventory filled with materials for Artisans to use, and when gears are done it can be stored in the containers. During the tutorial phase, a guide can be found near the bonfire. He explains the basics, and when ready players can enter the night phase, this is only available during the tutorial phase, in other difficulties the day/night phases takes x-amount of time.

The supplies (crates) cointains food, runes, arrows and potions that everyone in the group can use. If the supplies are taken out, there is no food, runes, arrows or potions left. The materials that is gathered during the day phase is also lost.

2.1 The Night phase.

When the dusk has come players will be warned to get ready for the night. Spirits from the realm will spawn in the outskirt of the camp. If the camp is cut-off by a river or ocean spirits wont spawn on the other side. The spirits is divided into 5 different types. Each spirit is colored after the biome theme. Ice-blue if Tundra or Artic, different shades of green if Forest, Fields, Jungle or Grasslands etc. 

  • The Magicatus.
    Survival 2coinpf

    WIP idea for Magicatus, being a hybrid between Snake, Reptile, Fish. A funny looking little being, I may or may not have been thinking of Magikarp when I did the face expression

The Spell casting Spirit. These tries to split the group by casting a teleportation spell on a group or individuals. It takes some seconds for the spell to charge for players to be able to interrupt it by damage or killing the spellcrawler. If the spell is succeeded players are being teleported to a random location in the realm and need to get back to the camp quickly. Magicatus have a average speed and does magic damage.

  • The Velocatus
    The head of a Forest Velocatus Spirit
    Survival Dxfml3

The Warrior Spirit. These tries to take out players that are outside the group, and focusing on healers and rangers, and focusing on the supplies. Velocatus have a fast speed and does melee damage, its strong against magic but weak against melee and ranged.

  • The Auxicatus

The Tank Spirit. These tries to protect the Magicatus against Champions using its heavy armor, shield and whip or sword. Due to its slow speed rangers, marksmen and sorceres can interrupt the Auxicatus from facing the Champion by slowing it down. Auxicatus have slow speed, does melee damage but can resist melee due to its armor, but are weak to ranged and magic.

  • The Sagicatus

The Ranged Spirit. These tries to take out marksmen, rangers and sorceres using ranged attacks. The Sagicatus will take its time to settle down, aim and shoot. Sagicatus have an average speed, weak against melee but strong against magic and ranged.

  • The Primcatus

This is the leader of the Spirits, it differs from the combat-type and weaknesses. It's much stronger than its companions and has a average speed and will spawn in one of the main spirit spawns.

  • The Realmkeeper

During the last night the Realmkeeper will appear after defeating the leader. The combatstyle is the same as the previous leader but are stronger and can teleport from one location to another. The Realmkeeper will focus on healers if not champions and guardians trying to interrupt and tank.

2.2 The day after:

When defeated the leader a new dawn begins. Gears need to be repaird or created again. Supplies restored. If to many Velocratus' did reach the supplies during the last night players need to gather and restore the supplies. As each day gets shorter players need to priorize what to gather, craft and stored before a new night starts.

3. Loot and Rewards

Each defeated Realmkeeper will give unique loots to every single player in the group, so no jinxing of others loot. Higher the tiers the higher value of loots gained by defeating the Realmkeeper.

Experiance rewards:
Each player of the group will gain x-amount of Survival experiance. 

Each player of the group will gain x-amount of that specific job experiance that they gained during the day and night (non- and combat skills). If they worked in the mine during the day and Guardian during the night thet will gain mining experiance and mainly defence/HP experiance.

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Survival Empty Re: Survival

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:27 pm

I like that idea.

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Survival Empty Re: Survival

Post by Zectiox on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:11 pm

Thanks Morb! Appreciate that. 

If anyone has an idea that could improve this, feel free to give and help me improve my idea. I will update the post above with concept arts, as I get them as I want, and fill out with more information.

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Survival Empty Re: Survival

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:27 am

I think Dungeoneering requires a big boost, to make it more interesting than just a skill which is restricted to one place.

I have tried suggesting a new form of Dungeoneering where it is used to reinvent skills to solve criminal investigations.

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Survival Empty Re: Survival

Post by Zectiox on Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:16 am

If you allow me too, I wish to read your ideas of improvement too Dungeoneering, just to see if anything of that works with my Survival. As Survival would work as Dungeoneering but more often outside a dungeon instead of inside it. There is though realms of an interior of a Dungeon that players need to survive a couple of nights in.. etc.

Trying to figure out if each realm is having an unique goal, as for example: The outside entrance of an Ancient Dungeon. A realmworld where players need to, during the night phase, protect the entrance from the spirits that spawns in the outskirts of the realm. Or vice versa, players takes on to defeat spirits that tries to leave the Ancient Dungeon?.. this is something that could switch randomly between groups, making it replayable.

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Survival Empty Re: Survival

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