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Thieves and Guards! Empty Thieves and Guards!

Post by TATORZ on Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:56 am

*Sigh* Another mediocre minigame by me. You can probobly tell they aren't my specialty. Tongue Note, experience and rewards have been changed to fit.

Hunting 5
Thieving 2
Agility 10
Cooking 5
Construction 10
Crafting 10
Fishing 5
Higher levels make it easier

Must have completed

This is a SAFE minigame; when you die you don’t lose any stuff. Besides logging out, there is no way to leave mid-game. Your teammates cannot attack you, even though it is multicombat through the entire minigame.

Go under West Ardougne using a new manhole.

The starting area resembles a large cage. When you enter, you are randomly places in on a team. A team of 50 goes into it and the game begins. Also, there is a time limit of 10 minutes until the game starts if there aren’t enough people. Each game lasts 20 minutes.

Note, like castle wars, you may not bring in a helmet or cape into this minigame. To distinguish teammates from opponents, each player would wear a cape and hood resembling the skill capes of hunter (for guards) and thieving (for thieves). Note, the capes and hoods have no bonuses.

Thieves start out in a cave where there is a table, a chest, and a leader. The leader is an NPC who tells you what to do.

Run down a long, wide hall, which is sandy and desert like, (there will be animals that attack you) to get to a large open area. This desert goes for quite a while. Everything on the path is dusty and yellow-brown. Several small plants may be growing, but otherwise this is a barren wasteland.

The outer ring of this area has nothing in it exept wildlife and plants, all found in the jungle. You have to maneuver your way past broken gates (using your agility) to get to the middle section.

The point of being a thief is to steal the most as possible without:
1. Being caught by a trap.
2. Get Killed.
3. Get found (a guard catches you not moving)
All of these make you lose all of your stuff. High agility makes it harder to get caught stealing and get caught by traps.

To steal from in section A of the middle you need 2 thieving and 10 agility. Note: Some levels have been raised. Note: Any people with combat levels will attack you if they catch you pickpocketing them.

In section A, there are:

Thieving - 2
Combat - 6
6 Coins and 10 Thieving Experience

Thieving - 2
Combat -6
6 Coins and 10 Thieving Experience

Bakery Stalls
Thieving - 10
Bread and 20 Thieving Experience

Tea Stalls
Thieving - 10
Tea and 23 Thieving Experience

Thieving - 20
Combat - 11
18 Coins and 15 Thieving Experience

Chest level 1
Thieving - 26
26 Coins and 8 Thieving Experience

There are level 20 guards protecting this area if you fail stealing.

In section B of the middle, you need 40 thieving and 20 agility. In this section, there are:

Silk Stalls
Thieving - 40
Silk and 25 Thieving Experience

Chest Level 2
Thieving - 40
52 Coins and 30 Thieving Experience

Wine Stalls
Thieving - 44
Wine and 30 Thieving Experience

Thieving - 50
Combat - 52
36 Coins and 30 Thieving Experience

Seed Stalls
Thieving - 54
Seeds and 10 Thieving Experience

Chest Level 3
Thieving - 56
70 Coins and 33 Thieving Experience

Thieving - 64
Combat - 19
50 Coins and 40 Thieving Experience

Level 26 guards protect this area if you fail stealing.

In section C of the middle, you need lvl 70 thieving and 50 agility. In this section, there are:

Fur Stalls
Thieving - 70
Furs and 40 Thieving Experience

Master Farmers
Thieving - 76
Seeds and 45 Thieving Experience

Thieving - 80
Combat - 44
160 Coins and 50 Thieving Experience

Chest level 4
Thieving - 86
100 Coins and 50 Thieving Experience

Silver Stalls
95 thieving
Silver Ore and 155 Thieving Experience

Chest Level 5
Thieving - 98
250 Coins and 150 Thieving Experience

Lvl 40 guards protect this area if you fail stealing. Master farmers won’t attack, but they stun twice as long and do twice as much damage.

If you get to the Guard Headquarters, you get 250 coins

Take the goods to the chest.

Guards are the second job. A guard’s job is to catch the thieves with traps or by catching them while they aren’t moving. To be a guard you need agility and hunting, but fishing, cooking, crafting, and construction makes your job easier.

Just to point out right away what cooking, fishing, crafting, and construction do, I will explain what guard HQ looks like. It is the most northern spot in the minigame and is a polar wasteland (complete with polar monsters) until you get to the jungle in the middle. There is a very long wide hallway (just like thieves) leading to the center. Everything is white and snow is blowing everywhere. There are no plants at all.

In the base are several tables, one supplying you with trap supplies (nooses, knives, logs, boxes, torches, imp boxes, butterfly net and jars, rabbit snares and chinampas).
Another table has lure food, put it above or under your trap and a thief might try to take it and get captured. The foods heal the same as in the game. The foods are:

Cooking and Fishing - 5

Redberry Pie
Cooking - 25

Rainbow Fish
Cooking and Fishing - 35

Cooking and fishing - 35

Cooking and Fishing - 50

Pineapple Pizza
Cooking - 69

Cooking and Fishing - 85

Manta Ray
Cooking and Fishing - 95

Near places where you use lures by your traps you can make hideouts by clicking on the wall. In a hideout, you can jump out and catch a thief. Thieves can’t see you in them.

There are no camouflages there, you must bring your own. When wearing camo, you can’t be seen on the minimap. You must change camos to remain hidden in different areas.

Using construction and crafting you can form a barricade at your HQ that only fellow guards know how to get past.

The point to be a guard is 1 of 2 things.
1: Build traps and capture foes
2: Find and kill thieves.

You can place traps anywhere (if there are walls needed you have to do it by a wall) except yours and the Thieves Headquarters. The traps you can use are:

Noose Wands
Hunter - 5
A noose sticks out of the wall and if someone runs under it they get caught.
Damage - 3
Stunned for 2 seconds
Hunter Experience - 15

Butterfly Net
Hunter - 20
A butterfly net falls on a foe
Stuns for 5 seconds
Hunter Experience - 20

Butterfly Jar Trap
A butterfly jar falls on a foe and the butterfly’s effect takes place
Dark Harvest butterfly – Hunter: 30 - lowers a foes attack and does up to 5 damage
Dark Glacialis butterfly - Hunter: 50 - lowers a foes defense and does up to 10 damage
Dark Knight butterfly – Hunter: 70 – Does 15 damage
Dark Warlock butterfly – Hunter: 90 - lowers a foes strength and does up to 12 damage
All butterflies give 29 Hunter Experience

Rabbit Snare
Hunter - 32
Traps a foe by the foot.
Damage - 7
Stops you from moving for 10 seconds
Hunter Experience - 30

Box Trap
Hunter - 35
When a foe steps on this; they are forced to walk
Walk for 5 seconds
Hunter Experience - 35

Teasing Trap
Hunter - 36
Teasing sticks poke from the wall and hit a foe
Stops them from moving for 15 seconds
Each poke does 3 damage
Hunter Exp - 40

Torch Trap
Hunter – 44
Firemaking - 30
Foe is unable to see the minimap until out of the area.
Firemaking and Hunter Experience - 41

Chinchompa Traps
Hunter – 55 and 45
Fire bursts from the wall.
15 damage (level 45) and 25 damage (level 55)
Hunter Experience - 50 for both Chinchompas

Imp Box Trap
Hunter - 75
Your foe stops moving for 25 seconds.
Does 25 damage.
Hunter Experience - 90


Hunter - 28
A large rock falls on your foe.
13 Damage
Can be baited
Hunter Experience - 28

Net Trapping
Hunter - 34
Traps your foe in a net
Stuck for 15 seconds unless you have a knife.
Can be baited
Hunter Experience - 35

Pit Trapping
Hunter - 36
A foe/foes fall into a pit
Stuck for 20 seconds.
Does 25 damage
Hunter Experience - 40

Box trapping
Hunter - 37
A foes foot gets caught in a box forcing them to walk.
5 damage
Hunter Experience - 42

To bring a camo into the minigame, you need 11 hunting for polar, 14 hunting for jungle, and 20 hunting for desert. For Laupra, Graahk, and Kyatt, you need the regular requirements (28 for laupra, 38 for graahk, and 52 for Kyatt). Remember that you need to switch camos when you change areas!

Note: Agility requirements for getting into the sections of the middle are still needed, but not the thieving levels. Higher agility will increase your chances of catching a thief and decrease the chance of a teammates trap catching you.

Several things decide the winner. The thieves have to put the treasure in the chest, it is counted up and the costs are added together. If the thieves get more than 100,000 coins in stuff they win, under 1 condition. When a person is caught/killed, their combat level is deducted from the thieves coins. Plus, for every 30 people who fail thieving or are caught by traps, 1 coin is deducted from thieves score.

Guards get 900 Hunter and 500 Agility experience as a reward each game. If you are above level 45 in both, you get an extra 100 in both for every level. You also get 250 coins for each thief
you catch/kill.

Thieves get 500 Agility and 900 Thieving experience as a reward. If you are above level 45 in both, you will get an extra 100 experience per level. You also get 250 coins for each two minutes you go without being captured/killed.

In addition to this, you get tokens. You get a token for each 1,000 gold worth of stuff you steal, or for every 5 thieves you trap. You would automatically get 1 token even it you don’t do the requirements for them. With these tokens, you have the option of buying hunter or thieving experience, thief (thieving) or guard (hunter) clothes. These clothes increase chances of success while using that skill. You could also buy charms with the tokens.


If you are a guard, it is possible to get caught by your own or your teammates traps, but it is more unlikely than if you were a thief. Nothing that comes from the minigame can come out of it.

There is a chance for traps and thieves to fail.
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Thieves and Guards! Empty Re: Thieves and Guards!

Post by blackcat on Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:31 pm

if this was already stated somewhere or if you have something strictly against it or w/e then... just say so
i think that the thieves....if are hidden and a guard comes by see the guard vulnerably the thief should be able to assassinate the guard or something like that

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Thieves and Guards! Empty Re: Thieves and Guards!

Post by TATORZ on Fri May 29, 2009 8:48 am

It's kind of like a cat and mouse game. The cats chase the mice to eat them, and the mice go for the cheese.

Your idea is good though. If a thief is in hiding, he should be able to jump a guard and take him/her out Grin

I have updated this several times, but I'd rather not change it.
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Thieves and Guards! Empty Re: Thieves and Guards!

Post by TATORZ on Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:16 pm

I want this thread to go to the top for further investigation Grin
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Thieves and Guards! Empty Re: Thieves and Guards!

Post by Dark Avorian on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:59 pm

Great ideas
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Thieves and Guards! Empty Re: Thieves and Guards!

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