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Post by Dragon78114 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:24 am

I listened to RATM again on my iPod and remembered that I started to make a RSMV (RuneScape Music Video), but never got around to it finishing it on the old computer that crashed and now I cannot find the software OR product code for my Sony video making program...but that's another story.

Well, I am thinking about remaking the footage and everything. I could use some help from you all. The song I was creating a video to was Killing in the Name Of, one of thier most popular songs.

Anyone want to join? I need at least 3 characters at the moment, but more will be awesome! Before, I had to play all three roles and it got tedious to record.

The three characters:

- An evil rich/government dude who hires an assassin or police to stop the rebelling teens
- A creepy criminal dude.
- A bunch of rebellious teenagers

(I'll discuss with you privately for your costume. Sorry, but I am picky with costumes. Tongue)

Unfortunately, I don't have my Sony program as discussed before, and all I have is WMM, sorry.

EDIT: It will be AWESOME; it will NOT be shitty.

EDIT 2: The video will be more of like a movie since the lyrics repeat so damn much.

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