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Poké Items

Post by invinible on Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:01 pm

Bicycles: Because of the size of the Jutonin region, transportation is almost a necessity to get around. You can easily get the first/second generation type of bike when you get far. But you will need to be using a Nintendo hand-held with the right Pokémon game in it as a controller with the bike want in the inventory of said game.

As bulbapedia is the type of site that tries to stay up to date on Pokémon and has the items pretty well organised and basically describes how they work, I'll link to that site whenever possible for items that will be coming along for the ride if PokéTrainer becomes a skill from now on in this thread. Especially since telling which are member only items and which are also free to play items should be easy to tell that way. And I will add complimentary where I think it would be appropriate.

Plates: The only ways to get 1 of these is to trade with/buy from some player that already has 1 in the game or be giving a pokémon that is holding 1 or trade for a pokémon that is holding 1.

Type-enchancing Items

Stat-enchancing Items

In-battle Effect Items

Evolution-inducing Held Items


Exp. Share: Shares experience gained from battle between pokémon that participate in battle and the holder.

Lucky Egg: Multiplies experience gained by the holder by 1.5×.

EV-enchancing Items

Mail: For when you want to send messages to others with pokémon.



Pokéjuice: Increases the contest stats like Pokéblocks from generation 3 and Poffin from generation 4. Requires beer glasses to be stored in. You put different berries with Blurite ore in a pokéblender to make. (Without the Blurite ore, it would make Pure Berry Juice.)

Soothe Bell: Boosts happiness gained by a pokémon. Works in and out of a Pokémon battle.

Various Types of Potions

Itemfinder: Causes any items you can pick up that couldn't be spotted looking at the mini-map to show on the mini-map.

Various Types of Pokéballs (note there is way more interesting on that page than is needed to see what I was trying to get at with these things coming along for the ride.)

Valuable Items: If you need quick Pokédollars, these are the best things to pick up to sell.

Other Drinks

Various Types of Ethers

Status Ailment Healing Items

Mulch: Leprechauns can store 255 of each of these in addition to what they were already to what they were able to store.

Revive: Restores a fainted Pokémon to half of its full HP.

Max Revive: Restores a fainted Pokémon, completely restoring its HP.


Battle Items


Repel: Prevents pokémon with a lower level than the first pokémon in the player's party from appearing for 100 steps.

Super Repel: Prevents pokémon with a lower level than the first pokémon in the player's party from appearing for 200 steps.

Max Repel: Prevents pokémon with a lower level than the first pokémon in the player's party from appearing for 250 steps.

Fossils: You are able to find those of new pokémon in the game but not the fossils found in console and/or handheld games.

Decorations: For those whom might want to personalised their Player Owned House.

Accessories (I think some of these might already be in RuneScape.)

Evolutionary Stones

Heal Powder: Heals all status problems on a Pokémon. Lowers happiness.

Energy Powder: Restores a Pokémon by 50 HP. Lowers happiness.

Energy Root: Restores a Pokémon by 200 HP. Lowers happiness.

Revival Herb: Revives a fainted pokémon and restores it to full HP. Lowers happiness.

Snag Machine: Allows for the stealing of others pokémon. Can't get another player below 1 pokémon with this machine. Must be pick-pocketed off of a Cipher or Team Snagem member to get.

Aura Reader: Simply reads the aura of things as well as shows what has been abused and neglected.

And add in 100 TMs and 8 HMs to teach pokémon moves.

And this is just what comes alone for the ride if PokéTrainer should be made into a RuneScape skill before taking into account area specific items and quest items that would end up being added because of the skill.

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Re: Poké Items

Post by Sir Kandarin on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:34 am

I'm not sure what to think of this...
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