What the f*** is going on?!

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What the f*** is going on?! Empty What the f*** is going on?!

Post by MorbiusMonster on Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:47 am

As of March 2013, I have felt that RuneScape's plot has become royally f***ed! With the amazing quest that was the World Wakes being released, you'd think that it'd come with some kind of requirements, particularly when the characters involved are either incarcerated or in a differing state without those requirements. However, Jagex's insistence of making a big event has been the first step on undermining a lot of story lore.

And the menace continues. Now the newest quests feature gods among us, regardless of whether you've completed the World Wakes or not. So now the gods are walking on Gielinor, whilst Guthix is supposedly alive to keep them, even though they say he's dead, but if you haven't done the World Wakes, Guthix should still be alive. It doesn't work!

And as for the latest event - Armadyl vs Bandos. I said fair enough, considering we're raping the original storyline, they might as well fight for another cheap excuse for an event...

But just when you thought they couldn't screw the pooch further, they just did! Now one of the participants dies! Seriously Jagex, are you f*cking losing your minds? This is a world event anyone can join, regardless of whether they've completed important quests like The World Wakes, The Chosen Commander or Missing, Presumed Death! So all of a sudden, a god is declared dead, but will still make an appearance in a quest that was made before the event, even if they're supposed to be dead! This is just disgusting!

Unless they plan to submit a "magic wand" approach, I fear the people in the writing department seriously need their heads, checked. Because unless you're wanting to go in the direction of Lost, events have to be canon!

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