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Post by Dragon78114 on Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:34 am


I'm sure all of you all are busy working on 3mpty's project. I've noticed that our wiki has been converted.

I just want to present the game I've been designing since the finish of Azzan series. It has been stewing and I guess it is at the point that I can release it to you all.

It might be different than 3mpty's project, but it is a single-player RPG set in the world of Junes on the continent of Arenti in the country of Aequalo.

The game's story is primarily focused on stopping one man from trying to achieve the impossible: change how people die in this world forever, and in the process, become a god. You will also play in the Aequalan government's role in either: ending their gold monopoly, ending their law that forces an entire race to go underground, or side with a terrorist organization that holds sway with some of the locals governments and provtize their economy and liberate the race forever.

It is a very provocative, sometimes scary, and thought-provoking game and I need as much help as possible.

I've enlisted the help of one friend to help me draw city maps but I need programmers and people with some character design skills.

I'll post more information later.

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My video game Empty Re: My video game

Post by 3mptylord on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:12 pm

Hey, long time. 

My project kinda stalled after the submission of the demo for marking purposes. I lost my drive... well, I lost my ability to self-motivate. And yes, the suggestionwiki has been converted (I backed it all up before hand, if you need anything)... although I hope it becomes a multi-game wiki at some point down the line.

Despite studying games development I didn't come out of university feeling skilled-to-the-task (which is perhaps why my own game stalled). That said, I would be happy to offer any assistance I can.

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My video game Empty Re: My video game

Post by Dragon78114 on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:40 pm

Sucks about your video game. I guess it really is a tough industry to get into.

That being said.... Then we need the best and brightest working.

I see that you are good at making character designs...and I have no designs for the three main races of Aequalo and the principal villain, Numen Aureus. I have yet to work out the details for the secondary plot line.

However, I would like to see you make a few designs for the three races of Aequalo (besides the Humans) to begin. Think of it like a test for Numen.

I've written a huge document detailing virtually everything about Aequalo. This is the section on Aequalo's races.


In Aequalo and Arenti as a whole there exists a plethora of humanoids from
various phylogenic backgrounds. There are two main races: Humans and Rendi. Rendi
are people who would earthlings call “elves.” It is known that Rendi are always viewed
lower than the human-dominated society. They are proud of being themselves and
preserving their rich culture, Rendi are seen as blight to the humans of Arenti. The Rendi
have been historically known to live throughout Arenti, but ever since humans arrived on
Junes, the Rendi have never been able to reclaim what was once their land.
The Rendi currently divide themselves into three sub-races.

The most common and least favored sub-race, Gretiani, have been subjugated under human supremacy for
thousands of years. They are the strongest and least magically talented. They have the
darkest skin of a deep violet/orange hue and have a tribal-like demeanor. Aequalo is not
the stronghold of Gretiani society since Aequalo stands among Arenti’s most prosperous
countries. In fact, most Gretiani in Aequalo are brought in as slaves from the southern
kingdom of Ruto. The citizens of Aequalo do not care about their condition; the Gretiani
have been enslaved for at least two thousand from the International Gretiani Slave trade.
The International Gretiani slave trade exists across Arenti and provides a
foundation for all international trade. During the previous thousand years of fighting, it
was cut off and the nations of Arenti suffered, allowing some to be conquered by lessaffected
foes. In PoL, only about 250 years have passed since the International Gretiani
Slave Trade has been reestablished and it continues stronger than ever before. The
Gretiani do not mind. Their people are proud of their Mustafi, the original Rendi race’s,
origins and slavery does not challenge their pride. They have been enslaved for nearly
two-thousand years and could not establish themselves in human society without the label
as slave.

The next sub-race of the Rendi is the Yuni and they occupy a much higher place
between human and Rendi society. They are weaker physically than their Gretiani
counterparts, but make up for the difference as talented mages. Their skin tends to be a
very pale cream to deep gold depending on how much the individual spends outside. The
human law, the Gretiani and Yuni Replacement Act of 425 B2E, requires them to live
underground to stay separate from human society. King Georges Ames II, after ascending
to the throne and Aequalo’s second king, established law to punish the Yuni and Gretiani
rioters who resisted Treppaneau’s and Woodsmia’s capture and incorporation to the
newly formed empire. As a result, government officials escorted the Yuni to the Disci
Mountains and established ghettos underneath Woodsmia and Treppaneau to build their
new homes. With each new city, ghettos were added for both the Gretiani and the Yuni.
Eventually, a few Yuni built their homes in the mountains in northern Esteria and in
Icengar through a huge underground network of tunnels that spans the entire empire.
During PoL, human society views them with great curiosity. They are a novel
humanoid who crafts them fine jewelry, plates, silverware, baskets, etc. To humans, they
are only known as crafters; no human other than government officials know of or have
seen a Yuni stronghold. In fact, most human marketplaces that sell Yuni merchandise are
protected sharply because of such high demand their products. This demand is artificial;
it is artificially high so no one will pay attention to their plight. As long as their goods are
in high demand, they must surely be living the life? No. Most merchants make great
profits selling their goods for inflated costs and simply lie to keep appearances of a
humble Yuni goods seller. Therefore, the Yuni become an expendable commodity that
needs no further attention to the common folk of Aequalo.

The final race of the Rendi is classified as the Rogni. They are smallest and most
powerful Rendi race. Rogni are tall, well built, and have light bluish skin. They are
fantastic mages who have no qualm using the sword. To humans, they are intelligent and
serve as role models for the other Rendi sub-races. If there is a Rendi in any sort of
position above artisan, it is expected that a Rogni occupy the position. Rogni serve as
diplomats for Rendi concerns to human lawmakers. However, since they favor decisions
that generally favor their own kind and/or humans, most Yuni have established their own
diplomacy system. Gretiani still follow Rogni to maintain trust, as the Rogni give the
Gretiani most support, even though secretly the Gretiani hate the Rogni.
Rogni have a fair distribution throughout the continent of Arenti, but there seems
to be more wherever there is a large concentration of free Gretiani. The country of Antiir
in southeastern Arenti is run by a Rogni oligarchy. In the countries Ruto and Khazir,
Ruto’s southern neighbor, another Rogni oligarchy controls whole Gretiani communes
and city-states. It is known that these Rogni are slavers and operate the continent’s
international slave trade.
Today, all four races exist in an uncomfortable stasis. The humans trust only the
Rogni. Humans make the Yuni an obscene spectacle, deny them freedom, and reduce
their culture and worth to the crafts they make. Gretiani feel the most connected to their
Mustafi origins, feel betrayed and as a result, humans make them powerless, and reduce
their sociopolitical status to dirt.

This gives you their context, in addition to their physical description.

Also, can you explain to me a little about the actual production process of this kind of video game?

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My video game Empty Re: My video game

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