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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

Post by 3mptylord on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:26 am

First topic message reminder :

Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

For the suggestion;
Arzonus, the City of Werewolves (original).

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Re: Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

Post by MorbiusMonster on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:08 am


"...There are reasons to believe that Giovanni might still be alive, despite evidence to the contrary. He has attempted to make contact, but because the Edicts have kept him out, there has been no attempt to retrieve him..."

"...I am not sure what it is, though it ties with our past, moreso than other artefacts of that era. It has a link to wolf kind, may even summon the strongest to bring about the end..."

"...Zaros created many artefacts in his time, seven of which were identical and are the reason why no empire since was as dominating. He sealed his Fear, Parting and Despair into identical containers to command his empire through ruthless, unemotive logic, and fashioned four more to contain the Hunger, Anger, Wrath and Deception of his enemies so as to control them. With all seven, one could bring about his empire once again..."


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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Re: Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

Post by MorbiusMonster on Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:51 am

During the God Wars, Zamorak had recruited an elder demon, K'ril, to the front lines of battle. K'ril was feared for his rage and strength, but also was renowned for how he revelled in his victory, submitting to vices such as gambling his reputation. On one campaign, he attempted to slaughter an entire village, both unarmed and without even delegation. When such a display of ruthlessness showed, Raizahka appeared before him.

K'ril commanded the wolf move, but Raizahka remained steadfast. Knowing how he couldn't resist a gamble, she made a bet - if she could defeat him in at least three of five challenges, he had to leave the village alone, however she would lay down her armour if he won. Seeing this as an easy challenge, K'ril accepted.

The first challenge was to run to the top of the mountain and back again. Obviously, Raizahka was small and could run circles around the demon, winning the challenge with ease. The second challenge, K'ril demanded a contest of strength and his larger form allowed him victory. He then demanded a test of intelligence, failing to realise that Raizahka could see all of history whenever she fancied and so he lost in disgrace.

However, Raizahka said she felt that she had been unfair in that previous victory and removed her divine instrument and instead offered a challenge that favoured K'ril - a drinking contest. She bet that she could drink the vat of burning hot Demon's Stout faster than he could, but few had the stomach for it and K'ril was one of them. Intoxicated, he felt that he could smell victory and asked Raizahka what the final challenge would be.

The final challenge was for her to save the village, without leaving the spot and without using the time turner she wielded. K'ril accepted knowing that it was impossible - but the moment Raizahka laid down the turner, she had already won.

Whilst she had been distracting the general with the silly challenges and intoxicating him, the village had already been evacuated and, without K'ril on the front line, her forces had defeated the demon's army. K'ril realised he had been bested - the original bargain was that he had to leave the village alone if he lost, but Raizahka never made winning a condition for saving it.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Re: Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

Post by MorbiusMonster on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:08 am

Giovanni Magnus – level 235
Examine: A powerful lycan who draws from fear.
Music: Whomever Brings the Fight
No specific weakness; uses Melee, Magic, Range, Prayer and Summoning.

The fight with Giovanni is notoriously hard. In addition to having very effective offenses, high life points, he uses adrenaline abilities, aura, summoning and ancient curses. His main strategy is to try to counteract your advantages by swapping type and using shield abilities, his defence is also low. The key to defeating him is trying to anticipate him best – try and keep his adrenaline down so he doesn’t build to ultimate abilities and, where necessary, try and block aura.

When using melee, Giovanni uses his right claw to attack and has an average attack speed; his hint for a melee abilities comes from him clicking his neck and shoulders. His melee abilities work as follows;

  • Remaining too close causes Giovanni to use Backhand to stun followed by Punish, the easiest way to overcome this is to move away from him every so often. If stuck, use Freedom quickly.
  • If Giovanni is a short distance away, he will use Barge to stun you.
  • If you use a hit-and-run strategy too often, he will try and use Slaughter if he builds to 50% adrenaline. This can be potentially deadly.
  • If you carry a shield, Giovanni may use Decimate.
  • Once accumulating 100%, he will use Overpower or Berserk at the first opportunity.
Giovanni uses his wand to attack and attacks slightly faster when using magic - he uses three kinds of spells;

  • A blood spell that appears a long beam of energy that will deal damage to all enemies within it's path.
  • A shadow spell that spreads outwards in the three directions. To escape it, you have to stand out of the way of the three channels.
  • A darkness spell that appears as a giant hand, once it has found a target it will grab onto them, making escape impossible unless it is forced.
  • In close range, a darkness spell that creates a shock wave, reducing the defence of anything within radius.
When he hisses and glows slightly, he’s preparing to use an ability. His magic abilities work as follows;

  • If you station yourself too close, he will use Dragon Breath.
  • He can use Impact and Wrack combo to deal increased damage and to stun you.·
  • If your familiars attack him, he will use Chain to hit you and your familiars.·
  • Giovanni will use Wild Magic and Detonate when he reaches 50%.·
  • At 100%, Giovanni will use Omnipower at the first opportunity, but he can also use Sunshine if you’re within range.
Lastly, Giovanni can use Ranged – this combat type is the same speed as his one handed melee, due to his choice of weapon, but is far more dangerous. When he cracks his knuckles, prepare yourself;·

  • As with all other combat types, Giovanni can use a stun followed by an attack that takes advantage of it. This time, it’s Binding Shot followed by Piercing Shot.·
  • If you use Melee, Giovanni may use Escape to deprive you of valuable seconds.·
  • Snipe is one of Giovanni’s favourite ranged abilities – time it so you can use Resonate or Reflect.
  • When familiars attack, he will use Ricochet to hit all your allies in the room.
  • Bombardment is an ability Giovanni may use when he is at 50% when familiars are present. Otherwise, he might just use Rapid-Fire on you.·
  • When Giovanni is at 100%, he will be far more deadly. He can use Deadshot if he is using a one handed weapon or Incendiary Shot when he uses a two handed weapon.

At the beginning of combat, Giovanni carries the Core of Fear which he uses as a shield, allowing him also to use shield abilities. However, he is forced to drop the Core if you use an Ultimate Ability, so it is advised to build adrenaline quickly to force him to drop the shield. After that, he is forced into using alternative weapons;

  • In melee, he uses both his claws – his defence reduces, but speed increases.
  • In magic, he will use a staff – his defences and speed reduce, but damage increases.
  • In range, he will switch to a two-handed crossbow – his defence and speed reduce, but damage increases.

If he is not disarmed, he will use shield abilities;

  • If you immunise yourself to stun, he will use Bash.
  • When stunned, he will try and use Freedom. Like players, it takes 30 seconds for him to cool down.
  • If you prepare an attack that takes time between activation and damage, he will use Resonance – this will cause the battle to take much longer if you don’t plan well.

At 50% life points, Giovanni will realise he is in trouble. At this stage, he will use aura to combine with his abilities, but this depletes if you try to drain his summoning points, deactivating it for some time when he declares that he needs to reinvigorate, when active, it appears as a dark cloud over his hands. His Shadow aura has the following affects;

  • In melee, his aura will cause his attacks to increase in strength gradually if he lands a combo move.·
  • In magic, it can weaken accuracy of the opponent.
  • In range, it can disable protection prayers.

At 25% life points, Giovanni will be more forced to use moves that reduce your offensive;

  • Balanced Strike may be used if he reaches 100% and has melee, try and be wary of this.
  • Natural Instinct may be used if you use a larger number of Threshold or Ultimate Abilities
  • If Giovanni still has a shield, he will use Barricade to protect him, but it will not trigger if he doesn’t wield one.
  • At 12% or less, Giovanni will use Guthix’s Blessing to heal, but if you destroy the butterfly, he cannot heal.
  • Dazing Shot is considered when using range, trying to reduce your accuracy.
  • When using Magic, Giovanni doesn’t use any specific ability, but is more likely to use Sunshine.
  • He will use Deflect and Sap curses from the Ancient Curses.

Throughout the fight, Giovanni will use familiars. If your own have Dark counterparts, he will use those, otherwise, he will use something similar to your own.

The key with defeating Giovanni is to try and do the

  • Disable his use of a shield with an Ultimate ability early on.
  • Incendiary Shot is an excellent way to knock down his life points early on.
  • Use Protect from Summoning or Deflect Summoning when he summons familiars.
  • When aura is activated, use an Ancient Curse or other move to reduce his Summoning points.
  • Past 25%, do not get cocky, he will still be very strong.

When finally beaten, Giovanni will call out the Core of Fear and fully rejuvenate his self and you. He concedes the battle, stating that you are a worthy opponent and that Guthix did indeed bestow you his blessing and with good reason.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Possible future quests for Arzonus

Post by MorbiusMonster on Thu May 02, 2013 6:28 pm

In my free time, I have been coming up with some more quests ideas, just plans but they are unstable.

Dawn of the Devil

In the wake of Guthix's demise, Azzanadra has been keeping Zaros informed of current events. The time for Zaros to return is now, but he is incorporeal and his body needs to reassert itself. Azzanadra tells the legend of Iblis, the remains of Zaros.

After Zamorak slain Zaros, he was split into multiple parts; mind, body and soul. The mind and soul were banished to other places, but the body remained and became Iblis. Undying because of its strength and mindless without the former intelligence of Zaros, Iblis ravaged the lands in an uncontrollable search for its missing parts. Constructed of Smoke, Shadow, Blood and Ice, the body couldn't be destroyed, only separated. The gods at the time, Saradomin, Seren, Armadyl and Zamorak co-operated and split Iblis apart and stored each part in a place inhospitable to it...

The Shadow part was sealed in the Temple of Light, the Ice fragment was sealed on Ape Atoll, the Smoke Fragment was sealed in the North and the Blood Fragment was sealed in Morytania and kept under control by Drakan.

The player decides whether to aid the Zarosians or prevent Zaros' return, but along the journey, they encounter a lycan calling himself Mesophiles. He appears to serve the Zarosians, but fights the player across the journey to prove themselves. The ritual of reassembly takes place once all the parts are found (regardless of the path the player takes), Giovanni appears before it happens to try and destroy Mesophiles, warning he is lying about his allegiance. At the ritual, Eblis from the Bandit camp reveals he is the soul of Zaros and offers himself into the pool to give Iblis a conscience so it can be controlled, but Mesophiles reveals he has a fragment containing what remains of the Nightmare's mind and soul and throws it into the pool and the Nightmare's mind overwhelms Iblis, taking control of Zaros' power. After a vicious fight, The Nightmare appears to be unbeatable, until someone unexpected shows up...

The Wise Old Man, who reveals to be part of the Crux Eqal, despite his zealous nature, arrives to aid the fight against the Nightmare in Saradomin's name. Once arrives at the kiln, as part of Giovanni's plan, the closeness to the body allows him to come to terms with who he really is - the mind of Zaros. Before now, he refused to accept his destiny, but now it has to be embraced.

With the Wise Old Man in the kiln, Zaros' mind returns to his body, driving out the Nightmare, forcing it to die without a body or physical vessel to contain it. Zaros thanks the player for helping restore him and rewards them, regardless of where their loyalties lie. Mesophiles, however, disappears.

Age of the Gods

Mesophiles, Paige Shadowplay and the Shadow Apprentices reform and return with a vengeance. With their roots everywhere within society, they quickly assume control of the strong Saradominist, Bandosian and Zamorakian regions and reveal that the player was given the task of keeping the gods away from Gielinor and they claim the player means to destroy them and all that get in their way, citing various events in the player's history as evidence.

With the threat of being hunted down, the player has to go into exile. The druids of Taverley, knowing the truth, take the player in and Arzonus, which is also deemed a threat by the Shadow Apprentices, goes into lock down and is unreachable due to invasion forces closing in regularly, but failing to enter. In order to stand a fighting chance against the growing evil, the player has to reach other neutrals in the hope of revealing the Shadow Apprentices for who they really are.

The player has to reach locations, such as Relekka to find Kharshai, Dorgesh Kaan and the Desert without taking major routes, teleports or other such means to avoid detection, but it is hard. Over the course of the adventure, the player experiences visions from Saradomin and an unknown individual. Saradomin doesn't trust Mesophiles, but asks that the player turn themselves in to spare themselves the punishment of death, inadvertently revealing the next move of the Saradominists. The other visions come from an individual who wishes not to be identified, but tells that it'll soon be coming together and reveals that there is and elder artefact hidden somewhere that can hopefully defeat the gods once and for all.

As the struggle continues, the player finds themselves allies in the most unlikely of circumstances - Ariane, the Raptor, Linza, Sir Owen, Ozan, Xenia, Kharshai, Zanik, Sir Tiffy and several others. Whilst some still have their fealty to their gods, they all agree that their purpose has become warped by the manhunt and fear the Shadow Apprentices have all but won. When they collaborate what they know of the Elder Artefacts, Kharshai provides the final clue - the Horn of Fenrir. The horn is linked to the beast known as Fenrir, who will rise and consume the gods at the end of days. It appears the Horn also summons Hati and Skoll when the wind of the changing seasons blows through it by accident, but only the commitment brings Fenrir.

The final plan is to retrieve the Horn of Fenrir, but Kharshai reveals that it lies in Acheron, the Fremmeniks secured it there during the God Wars to keep it safe. As the player and resistance travel through Acheron, the player is shown a memory of the past, a memory of Saradomin. During his earlier days when Saradomin began to rise to godhood, he had an army of his own. He discovered the existence of a demon house on his own world, where thousands of demons lived. He sent an army to destroy it, but when it arrived they found it was not a fortress, but a nursery containing thousands of demon children. Despite the army asking that the children be spared whilst still innocent and raised differently, Saradomin refused and in a fit of rage slew every last child to make an example. The memory comes with a comment from the unknown voice - "He knows of this, he always remembers this, but has tried to wipe it from the history books. When the time comes, the world will know."

Eventually arriving at the resting place of the Horn, it appears the Gods also knew of what was transpiring and have attempted to get there first. The player is cornered by Saradomin, Bandos and Zamorak and their generals. However, the resistance provides enough of a distraction to allow the player to blow the horn. Upon doing so a rip appears in time, opening up to Singularity. There, Giovanni appears and invites them in for the final battle. Each will fight the other within and when the victor arises, they will challenge Fenrir.

The player joins the fighting, fighting the likes of Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth and eventually Zamorak himself. Within the realm of Singularity, the gods power is limited and they have to fight as mortals. Upon reaching the final chamber, Giovanni is there and reveals that he is the final challenge. Fenrir is the wolf with the power to slay the gods and Giovanni has the ability to absorb fear as his power, the polar opposite to what the gods can do, making him the only antithesis.

After a fight with Giovanni, the wounded Gods all attempt to gang up on him and finish him off. However, Giovanni is not without a plan. Using the technology of Singularity, he throws himself, the player, Zamorak, Saradomin and Bandos into a point in the far off future.

Gielinor is dead - the earth is scorched and lifeless and nothing remains. Giovanni tells them that this is the world the gods will create by being there. Without Guthix to keep the balance, they will invite others and be unstoppable, causing the destruction of everything. He also explains why Fenrir comes when the horn is blown - the horn causes catastrophe when it is blown and the wolves were charged by Guthix to protect it and to slay the user.

Giovanni abandons everyone else in this ruined world, hopefully giving them time to contemplate the consequences of their actions. The gods then are forced to work with each other to try and work out how to return. As they try to, they are pursued by strange mutilated and warped creatures. Eventually, they find the ruins of Arzonus, long since abandoned. The technology within still works and they plan to build a working time machine from pieces of the time space co-ordinator within the vault. As they plan to reach Acheron and return, they finally come into conflict with the husk creatures. Under close examination, each sees what they are - these are what became of the gods once the world died.

After the gods slew each other's armies, there were none left to praise them. As they continued to exhaust their power, they slowly lost themselves and they became vicious, degenerate creatures, trying to force whatever living thing they could find to praise them to restore them to strength. Trapped on the dying world forever, doomed to become hungered beasts, the gods come to realise their errors. Giovanni retrieves them and returns them to Gielinor in the present day. In fear of what they will become if they force a war, they realise the real enemy is Mesophiles and so they order their forces to force him out. Mesophiles, Paige and Shadow Apprentices are hunted down and most of them are removed, but Mesophiles and Paige still escape.

With their final command, the gods leave, still worried that remaining in Gielinor will seal their fate as the hungered beasts they saw in the future. Giovanni tells the player there is still work to be done to protect Gielinor from the gods, but at least those that have already caused much devastation have been shown what will become of them. With the Shadow Apprentices still around, Gielinor still has much to worry about.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Encountering Giovanni Before Combat

Post by MorbiusMonster on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:53 am

???: Your path has led you here.

Player: ...

???: You defeated Zilyana, were victorious over Zamorak and Sliske forfeited before fighting you.

Player: Yes, why was that?

???: I can only imagine Sliske couldn't bring himself to harm an ally in direct combat.

Player: An ally? From the way he has betrayed me in the past, he's hardly an ally.

???: Not to you, to me.

Player: Just who are you anyway?

???: I am Fenrir...

*reveals to be Giovanni*

Giovanni: Epithetically speaking of course.

Player: You're Fenrir?

Giovanni: As Valluta is to anyone that protects this world against the Void, Fenrir is to anyone with the capability to slay a god for the right reasons.

Though it only seems a fitting title for a wolf.

Player: I need to find Fenrir.

Giovanni: To fight?

Player: To recruit. I was assigned by Guthix to banish the gods from Gielinor for good, but I will Fenrir's help to do so. I have seen first hand what they can do and I want to see no more.

Giovanni: Whether to prove your superiority or simply to enlist, you will need to fight for the ability to command Fenrir.

Player: I've had enough of fighting.

Giovanni: In the legend of Fenrir, the wolf was nurtured by the gods with tremendous power, such that they feared what they had created. They chained up Fenrir with unbreakable chains.

However, one cannot simply force Fenrir into command with threats or idle fear. Fenrir only will yield when he has met someone who can demonstrate that they have the capability to control him.

Player: I am a Guardian of Guthix.

Giovanni: Allow me to see if Guthix was wise in his decision of choosing you to be the protectorate of the Edicts he set out. My power is drawn from fear, making me the perfect antithesis to the nature of a god, you will find no power stronger than mine that will serve you.

"Fight Now?"

(Yes) Player: Then let us fight!

Giovanni: I'll show restraint if you so request it, but don't expect it immediately.

(No) Player: Allow me to prepare better.

Giovanni: I'll wait.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Origins of Lycans - First Age

Post by MorbiusMonster on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:00 am

The lycans are a powerful species in the modern age, but were not always the creatures they currently are. All lycans can be traced back to ordinary wolves, packs of which were introduced to Gielinor by Guthix in the First Age. When first introduced, the wolves were all adapted to the forestry regions, but soon divided and prospered in the snow, in the deserts and the tropical jungles.

It was at this point that Raizahka emerged, born of Fenrir and was sister to Hati and Skoll. Seeing Guthix, she followed him to his temple, looking for someone to play with. When she entered, she uncovered the Elder Stone, at this time, a complete sphere. Whilst playing with it alone, the Stone struck a crackling blade and a hemisphere shattered on impact. Fearing the rage of the giant, she took twelve of the shards and hid them across the world.

Upon Guthix discovering what had happened, Raizakha admitted to what she had done, but Guthix saw no ill in what she had done. The world was brimming with life already, but the magical energies of the stone's shell had permeated the new world and had diversified the life within it and the surroundings of the buried shards. Guthix had admitted that in his haste to build a new world, he'd failed to check on some of the smaller things within it. A smaller shard, remaining from the cracked shell, emanated a combination of all the elements to create a greater one - time.

The shard was imbued with the power of time and Guthix knew that this single piece would potentially stir more disaster if left idle and so entrusted the shard to Raizahka, fashioning it into an hourglass, entrusting Raizahka with it. In that decision, Raizahka was made the first Guardian of Guthix - the Guardian of Time. Using parts kindly given to her by Guthix, she founded singularity and made her home there, watching the world to keep it safe from anyone who would do harm to it.

Through the travels of this new world, Guthix had found another elder creation, similar to the Stone and Staff - a horn. The horn had the power to strengthen who ever used it. Fearing it to be unsafe if left with the mortals, Guthix sought out a means of protecting it. When attempting to hide it, Guthix had trespassed in the territory of the fearsome Fenrir, the strongest of all wolves. Fenrir was displeased and attacked the young god, demanding a means of appeasing the dishonour. Guthix gave Fenrir the horn and asked that he protect it with his life and that if someone should try to blow into it, he would evaluate them at his own discretion.

Fenrir agreed to the transaction, becoming the guardian of the horn. As the First Age drew to a close, Guthix retired into meditation, observing much of the world from his dreams.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Origins of Lycans - Second Age

Post by MorbiusMonster on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:23 am

The majority of the time that passed between Guthix's sleep and Zaros' arrival was quiet, with humans building settlements and being at the mercy of the wild animals outside them. Many of the packs had since migrated, travelling the land and becoming thinner spread - only those closest to what is now the Fremennik Province remained more in tact, protected under the strength of the now immortal Fenrir.

With the rise of the God of Conquest, territories expanded and shaped to his liking, causing many of the wolves to disappear and change places. The conflicts of the Eastern Side of White Wolf Mountain had caused concern for Armadyl, who had begun to operate with the Western territories. In a bid to protect his interests, Amradyl approached Zaros with an offer of a species he could use, provided his lands were spared from the conquest.

Using the Staff, Armadyl had created many beasts by elevating them from their simple routes. It is from simple animals that he had made the mystical tanuki, the aviansie, jackalopes, satyrs and kitsune, but none of these interested Zaros and he was more keen on the means of which they were created. To protect the staff falling into Zaros' hands, Armadyl worked hard to make the perfect creature for the trade.

Whilst pondering, he noticed a small village on the border of the land and rested there briefly. One evening, the villagers were in alarm and Armadyl took it upon himself to investigate the means of this warning. Recently, the village had expanded beyond its borders and found a nest of great creatures, for which their warriors would slay to prove their manhood. But in crossing into that strange cavern, they had upset Fenrir who had become unsettled and aggressive. In watching the beast from a distance, Armadyl saw the strength he wielded, the intelligence it showed and, whilst watching a she-wolf rescue her lost pup and saving a child from a falling tree, the compassion they bared. The creature was all strong in all ways, enough for the God of Conquest to be sated.

Further tactical planning to procure some willing for the task of joining the other side was needed. During this time, Armadyl's forces had happened upon a remarkable discovery; the Stone. With the Stone and Staff, Armadyl had the power to impress Zaros enough to make a suitable treaty. Armadyl travelled back to Fenrir's territory and recruited three wolves from the pack; Maelstrom, Magnus and Mesophiles.

These three were elevated with both staff and stone and were the first lycans to come into being. They were taught to write, to speak and to dress accordingly and were presented to Zaros. Suitably impressed, Zaros requested more and Armadyl delivered, but only enhanced the further lycans using the staff alone. The power the lycans had was beyond that of what many mortals possessed, even the Mahjarrat had proven envious of such a proud people. As a new rule, one clan of lycans would be posted at each major city and would be amongst their most privileged citizens.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Origins of Lycans - Third Age

Post by MorbiusMonster on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:51 am

The betrayal of Zaros had shocked the world and much of the core of his former dominion was shaken. The  banishment of the lord of conquest had led to many attempting to secure the territories that were his own as the spoils of war. The lycans remained steadfast and held back many attempts to take the capitals. Zamorak's forces alone were formidable, as were Saradomin's, but the lycans held out until the Battle of Senntisten.

The holy capital of Senntisten was the last remaining religious stronghold to the Empty Lord, all others having been reformed to better fortify their defences. It was here that the Mahjarrat made their allegiances known for all. Azzanadra, Sliske, Wahisietel, Jhallan, Akthanakos and others were adamant to protect Zaros' legacy, whilst Zemouregal, Bilrach, Lucien and others sought only to dismantle it in favour of Zamorak's new order. The battle was intense, but eventually, the lycans were staring defeat in the face. To spare themselves an inevitable fate, they had a plan. A member of the Mesophiles family lured the Zamorakian Mahjarrat to the central tower, whilst a Maelstrom cleverly hatched an escape for the lycans and humans living within the city's walls. Once at the top of the tower, the Zarosian Mahjarrat deployed the trap and a member of the Magnus family detonated a bomb at the uppermost floor. The structure was destroyed, the tower flattened and the city ruined by the force at which the collapse occurred. It was within that fight that three Zamorakian Mahjarrat were killed and many more were greivously wounded. With this attack being so close to another Ritual, the Zarosians had the upper hand at the Ritual.

The activity at Senntisten had caused action in the other lycan clans across much of Gielinor. Others evacuated and sought new territories in the west, hoping the alliance was still strong and they could seek refuge. Within Morytania, Zamorak had become intrigued by the lycans he'd some carelessly dismissed previously. In an attempt to secure young ones he could convert, he was largely unsuccessful. A victory on the border of Armadyl's kingdom saw the Chaos god acquire the Elder Stone. With it to hand, he tried to create his own imitation of the lycans. Instead of elevating wolves, for which he lacked, he took some lycan DNA and fused it to imprisoned humans. The creatures he designed were more at conflict than the lycans were; two entities fused together that entirely clashed. His creations, were the werewolves.

As conflicts continued, the lycans managed to find shelter in a newly found city of Arzonus, far beyond the reach of many of the wars. Their engagement gradually became more and more limited and sought instead not to pursue the conquering interests of Zaros any further; they would only represent him in politics and law. Their final pursuit led them to acquire the Stone from Morytania, as Saradomin and Zamorak fought over it. With it carefully recovered, the lycans studied it and one of their ancestors visited the city.

Raizahka had sensed the stone had been used by her own kind, suggesting something was very wrong. After many attempts to study the stone, it gave the lycans knowledge of far greater things - spatial rendering, dimensional theorems and even the possibility to understand time travel. Once they had finished their work, the lycans handed over the stone to Raizahka, with the sworn oath of never using time travel and only to develop the use of spatial rendering to protect the world from further threat from beyond.

Their alliance with Raizahka founded within in them a new quest, a means of fighting back against an ever more dangerous foe; the likes of other worlders. Their mission saw them frequently clash with the Mahjarrat, but the real battles were only beginning. It was at this time that Raizahka had defeated a demon that tried to take the world for its own as it descended into bloodshed. After defeating it and five of the six monsters it created, Raizahka searched endlessly for the last, but was unable to find it. In her attempt to bring the creature down, she allied herself with her people, enraging the last creature, believing that it had been cheated from a fair fight. The creature, now known as the Nightmare similarly founded its own armies, on the promise of glory or ending the war if they succeeded.

Of the many lycans that lived during this time, the three original families were still more the powerful, Maelstrom, Magnus and Mesophiles. At some point within the fight, Mesophiles had grown increasingly despairing and convinced Death was trying to follow him. He was approached by the Nightmare and saw all that he was fighting for slowly being robbed for him in a vain bid to protect himself from Death. The last descendent of Mesophiles was of this era.

As the fight grew more intense, Arzonus had turned to using new means of combat, the ways of Summoning. As the animals they could summon were in surplus due to connections with the spirit world, they proved to be a formidable force for good, helping repel the armies of the Nightmare. The conflict grew until the Coming of Blood Red Moon where the Nightmare had excelled in its strength. At the crucial moment, the Nightmare was defeated and banished into a pocket dimension, cut off from fear and loathing and such that it would lose all corporeal state.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty How the Mark of Magnus will be changed

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Originally, the Mark of Magnus was an unstructured quest built around several combat sessions working towards a final boss battle. I'm going to change that slighty.

In the present day, a pilgrimage to assist the Arzonus Asylum is set to take place, 100 years after a massacre took place there and exposed an enormous mountain of evils within its walls. A group of several dozen persons are attacked on their way to being given time outside for good behaviour, a number escape to Fugitive Island out of fear or for a quick route away. The player is sent after them to assist their recapture.

A fair few are found, but others start going missing out of thin air, until the player sees an abduction take place. The abduction is reminiscent of the old fashioned teleport system of the old asylum, indicating it may have been turned on again. This account is confirmed when one of the asylum inmates speaks of a lycan who took him, held his hand and in that one moment suppressed his otherwise unruly aura. The mark on his hand is that of Magnus, indicating he is involved.

Another inmate that narrowly escaped death speaks of a hunter calling himself Lifesnatcher, who also has been trying to abduct inmates for his own ends, many of which were already poisoned and drugged into mental neuroses months before the date. This now becomes a rescue mission and an attempt to find the old asylum.

After finding it "sheared off", the player must work out what is transpiring. They enter and are attacked by Lifesnatcher who injects them with lethal chemicals. Upon entering the "Red Level", they are unable to control their aggression and find themselves ambushed by others who have been poisoned the same way. The "Orange Level" causes them to become irrational, paranoid and must work out who is real amongst the inmates there and those who would only cause harm. By "Yellow Level", the player becomes too frightened and their life signs begin to wear away - such that they have a near death experience The continuing experience within the Yellow level causes them to face the trials of Theta Magnus, who will offer a cure if the trials are completed.

"Blue Level" allows them to find something of an antidote, giving some sense of hope, however limited. At the "Indigo Level", the player uncovers more of the original massacre and works out what is going on, having heard from Labori Rattigan, the governor of the asylum who was also abducted, despite being sane. "Violet Level" sees the effects of the antidote begin to wear off and a permanent cure must be established, but Labori insists the player focuses on the positive emotions in his body to have the will to carry on for the final fight.

Entering the "Black Level", Labori Rattigan is attacked by Theta Magnus, who painfully tortures and kills the governor, telling the player that the evil in this asylum was because of him - identifying that Labori was Lifesnatcher all along, who would poison and kill inmates to his liking, a fate Theta saw too many times before at the asylum. Contaminated himself, Theta loses control when you try to ask him to see sense and attacks you.

The fight wears you out and the antidote has stopped working, causing the player to almost die again. That is, until a person reaches out to you saying that "the darkest part is over, you will see the light now". For whatever reason, the inmates are safely returned and the case of the asylum massacre is finally laid to rest. Remarkably, the poisons in your system, thanks to Lifesnatcher are gone, despite there being no known cure. As it finishes, the player notices the mark of Magnus on their hand, but it slowly vanishes.

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Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves - Page 4 Empty Re: Re: Arzonus, the City of Werewolves

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