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Post by MorbiusMonster on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:19 pm

This was some speculation I came up with regarding Elder Artefacts. Some are naturally created by the Elder Gods, whilst others possess powers that control the anima directly, due to accidents of nature. Here are some ideas;

The Harp of Seasons
The Harp of Seasons can be found on New Domina, the homeworld of the icyene. When the original icyene emerged from the gene pool, they found the elder harp and through playing a melody on it, it turned a bitter winter into a long lasting summer. As such, it created a vast culture on their world based around music and art - stemming from an ancient belief that music was the most powerful magic, hence why the icyene can use their songs to heal or hinder (St. Elspeth being a notable example). The harp creates a change in the currents of the air and water, using sound waves, allowing the seasons to change depending on the melody played. Since Saradomin's arrival, it has since been hidden to prevent him abusing it.

The Quiver of Blight
This weapon was forged in wars between the Chthonians and the Infernals on the demon world of Infernus. A soldier of the Infernals, the most powerful demons, ruling on a tide of bloodshed, used to dip the arrows from his bow in the blood of every beast he killed, creating a poison so potent and toxic, one arrow could spoil an oasis. After slaying beasts that had ties to anima, the arrows of this quiver can pollute the anima of the area, leaving it damaged and unhealthy.

The Moonstone of Abbinah
A tool of unity created by the Elder Gods before they created the perfect world. Concerned over their dwindling numbers, they created a stone to unite all the remaining Elder Gods to save their kind from Extinction. The project didn't quite unify as they had thought, instead, it merely could manipulate gravity to help put worlds together with minimal effort. It was left aside for a long time, until it drew some debris to it and created Abbinah, a world where the land masses orbited around the core. When the older races of Abbinah realised what it was, they set up traps and measures to protect it, trying to divine a ritual of keeping the land above with plenty of water. Unfortunately, the channels broke down and thus created the need for hazardous pilgrimages to the core for water by the aviansie.

The Monolith of Evolution
Designed by the Elders, this tool could manipulate life at the base level to improve upon it. Ful originally made this to differentiate the TokHaar, to define them as Hur, Mej, Xil and Ket, when they created the worlds of the universe. When a species comes into contact with it, it can manipulate their anima to improve them as needed - for example curing disease, increasing metabolism and even providing aid for infertility. It's location is unknown, but it must be in a corner of the universe where even Zaros couldn't find it.

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